What is this place?

July 16th, 2010  / Author: Meankitty

While simplicity and spelling errors have their place on the feline internet, if you long for something more substantial… If you know in your heart of hearts that kitties are not sweet or kind or cuddly…
This is the place for an in-depth revelation of kitty antics that are *not* so cute, the place where the real face of kitty is revealed. This is…
Meankitty.com. We’re happy to flea you. I mean, see you. Kitties do like their fresh meat.

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Advice: Fur Butt

January 24th, 2016  / Author: Meankitty

Dear Meankitty,

Every time we lay our yard mats or cushions out, the cat gets on them and sprawls all over them. Since she is truly a meankitty, we don’t dare force her off, so we end up sitting on a pile of cat fur. What shall we do about the mess she has caused?

Fur Butt


Dear Butt,

There are several steps you can take to defurr your most important asset, if you get my drift, without upsetting the most important member of your household — the cat. One, flip the cushions over before you sit on them so that they have a people side and a cat side. Two, toss a towel over the fur-coated cushion. Three, change pants.