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Gallery: Yin

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Name: Yin
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Yin the Impaler Meankitty

Heeeeeeeeey, sit on it!

What makes Yin so mean?

This is Yin, the Impaler. Yin is the despot in a house of many cats. He stays combat-ready by daily bouts with his “enforcer,” Yang. Those are Yang’s actual claws embedded in Yin’s nose—not some Photoshop baloney.

Yin doesn’t ask for attention, he demands it. If you’re not giving him enough, he puts his lower fangs inside your nose and chomps down in a split-second. But there is a softer side to Yin-o. When stray cats or kittens are brought inside, he is the one cat who will play with them and show them attention—after eating their food, of course. Kittens can immediately see that Yin is The Fonz.

Older cats fear him, young cats want to be him.

Photo submitted by: Eric