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Gallery: Wahoo

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Name: Wahoo
Location: Unknown

Wahoo is a meankitty

Where to bite...where to many prominent human features that need to be scaled down to cat size!

What makes Wahoo so mean?

We found Wahoo when he was approximately 8 weeks old on a walk. It was early morning and still dark outside. We heard him cry and he came running up to my boyfriend Randy. He followed us as we walked around a track and when we were done, it started to rain and we felt it was destiny that brought him to us.

In reality it was some family that couldn’t care for him and dumped him in the park.

Anyway, Wahoo can bark like a dog and play hide and seek. He is a terrific pouncer and can rip anyone a new (you know what) in a millisecond. He loves Randy but has a problem with me. I find it hard to set boundaries and I end up laughing when he attacks me. He is a gorgeous cat with a horrible disposition.

Photo submitted by: Anne