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Gallery: Weechin

Monday, May 25th, 2015

Name: Weechin
Location: Under the beds, spitting out meds

Swee aka Weechin is a meankitty

Do not pose the S'wee in tawdry photos or the Swee will shred you later.

What makes Weechin so mean?

Her name is because when she was a kitten she had a small (wee) chin. Her current nickname is S’wee which stands for Sweet Wee. She just turned one year old and to celebrate her “coming out” she decided to Belly Up to the Bar at our house. She is so temperamental and touchy that we developed a top-ten list of “Things Not to do to the S’wee”.

1. Do not kiss the S’wee
2. Do not pickup/hold the S’wee
3. Do not approach the S’wee
4. Do not taunt the S’wee
5. Do not look at the S’wee
6. Do not roughhouse with the S’wee
7. Do not make loud noises around the S’wee
8. Do not keep old food in bowl of the S’wee (if it’s more than an hour old she will not eat it)
9. Do not talk to the S’wee
10. Do not ignore the S’wee

All of the above are from true experiences that either my wife or I have encountered.

Submitted by: Steve


Gallery: Wahoo

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Name: Wahoo
Location: Unknown

Wahoo is a meankitty

Where to bite...where to many prominent human features that need to be scaled down to cat size!

What makes Wahoo so mean?

We found Wahoo when he was approximately 8 weeks old on a walk. It was early morning and still dark outside. We heard him cry and he came running up to my boyfriend Randy. He followed us as we walked around a track and when we were done, it started to rain and we felt it was destiny that brought him to us.

In reality it was some family that couldn’t care for him and dumped him in the park.

Anyway, Wahoo can bark like a dog and play hide and seek. He is a terrific pouncer and can rip anyone a new (you know what) in a millisecond. He loves Randy but has a problem with me. I find it hard to set boundaries and I end up laughing when he attacks me. He is a gorgeous cat with a horrible disposition.

Photo submitted by: Anne


Gallery: Willow

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Name: Willow
Location: NL

Willow is a dutch kitty

Come on, gimme the booklet...I gotta use the bathroom, anyway.

What makes Willow so mean?

This is a photo of our cat Willow. Willow doesn’t like people who deliver commercial booklets or sponsored newspapers. He guards our door from those evil paper enemies. If the delivery guy doesn’t get the meaning of the ‘NEE/NEE sticker’ he’ll explain it to him. Beware…

Submitted by: Irene


Gallery: Widget

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Name: Widget
Location: Freeport, IL

Widget is a meankitty

And I could rule the world, too, if it weren't for you meddling humans.

What makes Widget so mean?

Widget looks pretty and has very soft fur. Don’t let it deceive you. She is an extremely territorial witch to my 2 other kitties. She has never adjusted to life with other cats after her life as a stray. She mercilessly pursues them into hiding places to instigate. One cat screams upon seeing her, and another lies down and curls herself into a ball, knowing she can’t beat Widget’s mean butt.

Widget isn’t just being defensive, but OFFENSIVE as she growls, hisses, jumps on them and proceeds to try and shred their skin. My other cats have become terrified of her. I see them creeping around furniture, fearful of her ambushing them. Our eldest cat, Princess, has become so afraid she will growl and hiss at anything that comes near her after a confrontation with Widget.

Widget is such a nasty housemate to the others that we have had to do a “kitty exchange” and keep her in a bedroom 12 hours a day, while our other cats roam free, and let her out alone to be the night cat, while they stay separated.

Widget has totally massacred our carpet at the bedroom doors because she is trying (in vain) to get out of her confinement. We keep everything she needs in there and still give her attention as our night cat…honestly, I think her intent is to rule the WORLD!

Submitted by: Nancy


Gallery: Whiskers

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Name: Whiskers
Location: Cincinnati, OH

Whiskers is a meankitty

This picture was taken when I was an only cat. See how much happier and relaxed I am??

What makes Whiskers so mean?

Whiskers is a black and white cat. She is an 11 year old female.

Whiskers has been our only cat since she was a kitten, and she has always had a bad attitude. She only wants to be petted when she decides it is ok. You can pet her and she will bite you or scratch you if you don’t do it the way she wants you to. She is also unfriendly to strangers. Very unfriendly. Particularly feline strangers.

Whiskers 2

We're like....evil mirror twins, black and gold. Let's fight!

The younger yellow and white cat is also a female. She is new to the house and seems to be trying to get to know Whiskers. We haven’t decided on a name for the brown and white cat yet so for now we call her Kitty. Kitty is about 9 months old. Kitty is very sweet and likes to be petted. We think this is probably why Whiskers hates her.

Submitted by: Martin


Gallery: Wennie

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Name: Wennie
Location: Southern PA

Wennie thinks she's not a meankitty

Oh, that's not healthy for you, slave...better let me take care of that for you. Nice of me!

What makes Wennie so mean?

I cry foul! My conniving, disloyal typing slave (I mean, my poor, misguided mistress) has expressed her intention of entering me for the Meankitty Gallery! I’m not a Meankitty! I am a very Nice kitty!

I come when I’m called (sometimes). I let myself be picked up any which way. I help keep my mistress warm at night and I wake her up in the morning by knocking everything off the nightstand or emptying out her jewelry chest. Saves the trouble of having an alarm clock. I have even refrained from tearing the nostrils out of that stupid, interloping dog my typing slave insisted on bringing into the house last spring–I mean, I play ever so nicely with my canine brother!

Wennie is a meankitty

This is my Nicekitty expression. I'm not at ALL thinking about chewing off the canine's ear.

So how could I be a Meankitty? That time I bit that lady from my mistress’s new job who came to the house with a check, I was just letting her know the check had better not bounce! And the time I scratched my mistress under the eye and turned it all black and blue? It was for her own good. She wouldn’t put me down so I could defend her against the evil kitties across the street! And the time I grabbed the pet sitter’s hand in my claws and bit her so hard she had to go to the emergency room? I was just putting her on notice that she’d better leave my mistress’s things alone while she was gone!

I do so much for that stupid, ungrateful typing slave– I mean, my beloved mistress! How could she say I’m a Meankitty? I’m a Nicekitty, do you hear, a Nicekitty!!

Wennie in a tree

Prithee hearken! Do I spy a stray! Let me just climb this tree and jump out onto your head and chase that nasty flea-bitten thing off our property, wot wot?

And I’ll scratch the eyes out of anyone who says otherwise!!!

Submitted by: Kathy (Wennie herself never submits)


Gallery: Willa

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Name: Willa
Location: Unknown

Willa is mean

It's MY bed! Sheesh! She tries to steal it from me.

What makes Willa so mean?

This is the lovely Willa. She looks really sweet, but it’s all a sham. She acts all cute and rolls over on her belly and you can’t resist, you have to rub her tummy and WAMMO! She bites off a finger! Sometimes she even pretends she likes the petting at first; that’s what makes it an especially nasty trick.

And forget about her having any friends. She don’t need ’em. If she doesn’t know you, (basically, if you happen to not be me) she’ll hiss at you, growl at you and there’s a good chance she’ll bite you too. She likes to inflict pain on others, especially if it draws blood.

She is also one of those pillow stealing kitties. I wake up in the middle of the night to discover she’s stolen my pillow and is hogging most of the bed, purring the whole time. No matter how many times I push her off, she keeps coming back, keeps stealing my pillow and hogging the bed in that passive aggressive kind of way. I end up not sleeping very well. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention her evil trick of hiding under the bed at bedtime and then BAM! She leaps out and bites your toes! Ahhhhh!

Submitted by: Katherine


Gallery: Woozles

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Name: Woozles
Location: Unknown

Woozles is a meankitty

Hey…you gonna eat that or can I have it?

What makes Woozles so mean?

This is Woozles….alias ‘The Scourge of Shelley’, ‘Big Fat’ or just plain ‘Big Puss’ He was a stray who attached himself to us because we offered him a morsel of cheese. He is the scourge of the neighborhood – even grabbing us with his paw as we walk past him (now we know why he was dumped!) but as the picture shows he does a good job on the rat front.

Despite us finding the tattoo in his ear that indicates he is neutered, he has been spotted mounting poor innocent female cats and is extremely territorial…which is why our other cat spends most of her time up on the roof of our house, out of reach of the jumping capabilities of ‘Big Fat’. He is one big nasty cat!

Photo submitted by: Xavier


Gallery: Waldo

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Name: Waldo
Location: His Department

Waldo is right here

Whaddya mean, where's Waldo? I'm right here, ya ijjit!

What makes Waldo so mean?

Waldo is a mean kitty because he knocks stuff down, wakes me up too early, chews his sister’s whiskers, howls all the time, and just wrecks everything.

Photo submitted by: Elizabeth


Gallery: Wally Moto

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Name: Wally Moto
Location: Texas

Wally is mean

This is me at 3 days, after clawing through the siding. Man, that was hard work.

What makes Wally so mean?

My name is Wally Moto and I am the meanest kitty in the State/Republic of Texas. When I was two days old my Biological Mom dropped me between the walls of my Dad’s shop (something about my constant whining). I meowed for a day and a half until my dad heard me and removed the siding from the outside of the building. Yeah, that siding and insulation would have been history if I’d stayed in there any longer. He dubbed me Wally and mom added the Moto because she said I looked Siamese.

He SHOULD have pulled me out sooner–I’ve been retaliating ever since. My favorite target is my slave Mom. I let her know in no uncertain terms where she may go in the house and yard. She sure looks silly with all those band-aids on her legs and arms. If Dad catches me, he makes me leave Mom alone. I usually just freeze on her leg and hope he won’t notice me.

Wallly is mean

This is me laughing at Mom running from the possibly rabid chipmunk I loosed in her vicinity.

I demand daily treats and yowl constantly (when I’m not hissing). I take daily inventory of the house, garage, and yard to see if anything has changed. When I’m patrolling Dad calls me the “Little General”. I love to shower daily affection on my dad. He rules! I let my Mom hold me for a few minutes each morning–I HAVE to do this because she buys my food, feeds me, opens the door when I want in or out, de-fleas me, takes me to the vet, pays my vet bills and defends me when Dad says I’m worthless. So I figure I can tolerate fifteen minutes a week from her. Besides, she trainable.

I enjoy killing birds, mice/rats, and lizards. I leave them on the back step so Dad can see them and Mom can dispose of them. I attack dogs if they come in the front yard, cats if they even look in my yard, and the mailman and I have had a few rounds. At just under twenty pounds, it’s my way or blood will be let. Go ahead and squirt me with the water hose–I love water.

Wally is mean

This is me about to pounce Mom's face. That camera is NO protection!

Mom wrote this ballad for me when she realized my biological Mom dropped me down the wall on purpose. If you hum “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” in your head, you’ll be able to sing the ballad.

The Ballad of Wally Moto

My name is Wally Moto and I’m a little cat!
My mama she was Siamese and my daddy he was black.
I am an evil kitty,
I have been since my spawn.
My mama didn’t want me so she dropped me down the wall!
But I don’t look back,
I’m a cat.
I like to claw and I like to scratch.
I don’t look back,
I’m just a cat.
I like to paw and I like to claw.

Photo submitted by: Wally’s humans