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Gallery: Azmodeus Rex

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Name: Azmodeus Rex
Location: Unknown

Azmodeus Rex the Meankitty

Dude, I'm in the Catness Protection Program and every time you force me out of doors, I'm vulnerable!

What makes Azmodeus so mean?

My darling little Azmodeus Rex is one naughty Devon Rex kitty! He is generally good natured (if not a bit needy) until he crosses the threshold to leave our home.

Then…WATCH OUT! He spits and hisses and gives you the “if you come near me you will surely die” look (see photo). His chart at the Vet has a black star on it, and it takes 4 of us to hold him down just to get his shots. I have a huge scar on my belly from last time.

Photo submitted by: Kerry


Gallery: Badger

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Name: Badger
Location: Maine

Badger is a meankitty

Little do they know I use my secret cat-bat sonar to track them down. Who needs eyes?

What makes Badger so mean?

The picture is of Badger, an “office cat” at my work place – The Cat Doctor of Maine. (It’s a vet, but as the name specifies, we only care for cats.)

Badger was brought into The Cat Doctor at the age of apx. 6 months old with two major problems:

1. A stray kitten, his fur was falling out from a staph infection he had picked up on the streets.

2. Well meaning people who caught him and tried to treat him for the above had put a homeopathic solution on his head, which in turn got into his eyes, blinding him.

Since the people who had initially caught and tried to treat him didn’t want to deal with a blind cat, they signed him over to The Cat Doctor. I’ve been told (as I wasn’t here at the time) that, over the next 6 months, Badger ended up losing ALL his fur and getting painful boils all over his body.

With daily treatments, he grew all his fur back and his eyes were eventually removed for his comfort, but he has never forgiven the humans who hurt him. Employees and customers alike get treated to his nasty attitude, especially those who make the mistake of petting him without “asking” first! Since he’s never been declawed and has all his teeth, he can be a formidable beast even if he has to hunt you down by smell.

And Badger WILL hunt you down – especially when we have to knock him out to clean wax out of his ears or give him his annual exam. Anyone foolish enough to speak, even while he’s fully asleep, will suffer his wrath as soon as he’s awake again and mobile!

Blind or sighted, Badger is one of the meanest meankitties I’ve ever met.

Submitted by: Debi


PS: Just because it can never be said enough, badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom!


Gallery: Patrick

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Note: In honor of St Patrick’s Day, 2011, we have…

Name: Patrick
Location: Philly

Patrick is a meankitty

Personally, I think her arm looked more like a balloon animal than a grapefruit.

What makes Patrick so mean?

Well just ask the v*t. He once almost took out one of the technician’s eyes during a routine exam–they now all wear protective eye gear (in addition to the thick suede gloves, towel and of course the ever-present dog catcher net).

Or you can ask his worker-human whom he has sent to the emergency room not once, not twice, but three times for intravenous antibiotics after scratching her so bad her arm blew up like a grapefruit.

You could also ask his former cat-sister Gigi (who sadly now lives at the Rainbow Bridge). He used to stalk her whenever she tried to …you know…in the litter box. It got to the point where she stopped using it.

Then there is the kitty shrink (who said that Patrick was an “attention seeking” cat) and his worker-human’s friend Barbara (who described him as a “lawsuit waiting to happen”).

Photo submitted by: Anon