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Gallery: Rabbit

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

Name: Rabbit
Location: England

Rabbit is a Meankitty

You do realize the vacuum houses evil spirits, right? Right? Stupid humans.

What makes Rabbit so mean?

Rabbit is a 4 year old Devon Rex cat who likes to attack bare feet, especially as they climb out of bed in the morning. He runs up curtains, sharpens his claws on every single piece of furniture we own, and steals food from our plates at every opportunity he gets. He has 3 brothers whom he frequently beats up, and if we dare to get the vacuum out he runs hissing and spitting straight at it. He also insists on sitting on the computer monitor and batting the cursor with his paw. He does not agree with any of the other cats sitting on his mum’s knee and promptly pushes them off.

Photo submitted by: Karen