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Letters: While They Were Out

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Dear Meankitty:

Did you and D enjoy yourself when your humans were away? What do you like to do for fun when alone?



Dear J-Fan,

We did enjoy ourselves immensely when our primary human staff went to Yellowstone, but we certainly weren’t alone. They assigned Nanny Slave the task of caring for us and the small humans, which is what made the week so exciting and special for us.

For starters, Nanny Slave is a LOT more fun to harass than Food Slave and Typing Slave. She is so much more reactionary and inclined to use naughty human words, which the small things then repeat. It’s a simple matter to get under her skin and she also bruises easier when she trips and falls. She can only take about 10 seconds of the ONE PAW before she’s trying to chase us around, and because she sleeps lightly, a couple strategic meowls in the dark will jolt her right out of a sound sleep. It’s like taking candy from a stupid dog and batting it under the couch! Good times, good times.

Our favorite thing to do while Nanny Slave was “in charge” was keep the small things up too late meowing and carrying on so they would be all cranky and ill-behaved the next day. We also got mileage out of the piercing stare, the chase of the invisible bug, the sproing from under the bed and the favorite small toy of the child knocked under the couch maneuvers.

Here is a picture the slaves took in the Tetons, just to brighten things up. The gnome apparently accompanied them on the trip. I was not at all jealous because I hate cars.

Gnome in Tetons

Who's bigger, the gnome or the mountain?


Meankitty & Big D