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Gallery: Tank

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Name: Tank
Location: Somewhere Wonderful

Tank is a meankitty

My father was a bulldog? A DOG??? Mother, how could you!

What makes Tank so mean?

This is Tank, named by my children for the surviving brother who wouldn’t die, got back up and kicked evil butt on The Matrix. Our Tank was the only survivor of his 5 littermates, who all succumbed to birth defects of the head and mouth.

Tank is awesome

The reason I don't bite people is because I could lose a tooth that way. Imagine how funny I'd look THEN!

Tank’s amazing teeth appeared at about 2 months. Tank is mean because he and his mother, Precious, will come up to you all cute-like, stopping just out of your reach. When you reach out to pet them, they allow about 3 pets (if that), then they strut off like they’ve barely tolerated you and you should be honored. Tank especially loves to approach you as if you’re his destination and just as you see him, he’ll sidestep, drop into a playful head-roll, and stare at you upside-down, purring loudly, as he affectionately reaches for you with his paws. When you are convinced that he really does want your attention and rise to go to him, he bolts away, and you’ve fallen for it again. I guess it would be worse if he bit and scratched, so we’re lucky he’s just a tease.

Photo submitted by: LConklin