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Gallery: Twinkie

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Name: Twinkie
Location: NC


Actually I've been practicing to audition for Kitty Prison Break.

What makes Twinkie so mean?

Twinkie looks really sweet and while she lives with Pumpkin (aka Garfield’s evil twin), she doesn’t have Pumpkin’s bad habits such as pooping in retribution; she has even more insidious foul habits.

Twinkie eats cords. She constantly disconnects the phone, eats through cable wires, and causes much havoc and consternation at the computer desk. She is a menace. This tiny, eight pound cat can stuff herself into the tiniest of spaces to work her evil deeds. Apparently, she is so starved from Pumpkin eating all of her food, that she must rely on the high fiber of coaxial cable and electrical wiring to maintain her energy.

We suspect she is also protesting her feeding slave’s computer chat addiction.

Photo submitted by: Sandi


Gallery: Tiger & Luna

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Name: Tiger & Luna
Location: Unknown

Tiger & Luna are mean

In between attacking the TV and the humans, we like to get our beauty rest.

What makes Tiger and Luna so mean?

Tiger and Luna both came to us via Petco when other awful humans would just ditch the kittens there and expect the Petco people to figure out what to do with them. Luckily the Petco people also know which of their customers are suckers so Tiger and then Luna came to rule our roost.

What is mean about them? They like each other better than people and love to attack the TV. Sometimes they like to pretend we’re akin to the awful humans who abandoned them and seek their revenge for the mistreatment.

Photo submitted by: XML


Gallery: Turnip

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Name: Turnip
Location: Facebook

Turnip in Ohio

One tree left and I can qualify for Erosion Cat of the Year!

What makes Turnip so mean?

Turnip recently, um, turned up at our house in Athens, Ohio, and he’s been terrorizing us for a month now. Though he is not quite 4 months old, he has left our lives in a shambles. He calls long distance and orders live mice by the dozen; he has felled all the trees in our yard with his terrible claws; most terrifyingly, sometimes head of staff David wakes up at night with Turnip cowering over him, making odd purring noises. David doesn’t know what this means, but he figures his time is limited on this earth. Please keep David in your thoughts, and also his soon-to-be widow, Christine. I’ve seen the way Turnip looks at her – she’s next.

If anyone wants to check on Turnip’s reign of terror, look for his chief of staff on Facebook – David Roche in Athens, Ohio.

Photo submitted by: David


Gallery: Tazmania

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Name: Tazmania
Location: Dubai

Tazmania the meankitty

I've got two colored eyes to match my two sides: mean... and evil!

What makes Tazmania so mean?

Meet Taz(maniac). He decided to come live with us, take over our lives and destroy our home when he was only 7 weeks. I am convinced he is schizzo – if he is picked up and loved he will hug and kiss you back, purring madly. Back on the ground, you are barely allowed one stroke before he is on you with all four feet, claws fully extended + a mouth full of teeth. He is afraid of NOTHING, but he does dislike bum baths in the extreme.

To name the best example of his fearlessness, I can run a vacuum cleaner up and down his body and he just lies there; he will even give it a slap when I take it away! This has made deterring him from using our Persian rug as a scratching base harder, since a spray from the water bottle only stops him at the time. Almost immediately he will come back again and rip up the rug.

Tazmania is mean look like you want to give me a bum bath!

Taz is also harness-trained and loves walks and car rides. He is put out at the moment because it is 50 degrees centigrade + in Dubai at the moment so walks are out of the question and he is stuck in the apartment — reduced to chattering his teeth at the local pigeons (I put bread out to attract them for him).

He follows me around the house all day but his real adoration is reserved for my husband. (Little b@$t@rd! Who feeds you, hey?)

Photo submitted by: Nicole


Gallery: T (Ms. not Mr.)

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Name: T
Location: Philly

T is a meankitty

Actually I quit peeing on the rugs, walls and radiators when those jerks were no longer around to blame it on.

What makes T so mean?

T doesn’t pee on the rugs, walls, radiators and, occasionally, me – that was the two boys who now live outside. She doesn’t lurk in the closet to leap out on the other cat and any misplaced humans who might want to go from their bedroom to the bathroom. Instead, she howls at night from the top of the stairs hoping we’ll encourage her to run past the closet door in which the *other* cat (my partner’s) might be lurking.

She doesn’t drink from our water glasses, nor does she attack human toes – see “cat, other” above

She does flinch and run when my partner tries to pick her up, which happens eleventy times a day because my partner forgets T is not to be picked up – and also bounces down the stairs, jumps around and is generally scary. [Meankitty’s note: I am unsure if Cheryl is referencing T or her partner with the stair bouncing and general scariness. Probably T but it’s more amusing to think it’s her partner.] T isn’t being mean; we suspect she has an abuse history before she adopted me.

T’s primary claim to meankittiness is this: she has learned the one paw from the official mean kitty. And she uses it … continuously … when we’re in bed … sleeping … or otherwise occupied.

Photo submitted by: Cheryl


Gallery: Tango (2)

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Name: Tango
Location: UK

Tango is mean

There's nothing like the smell of fresh napalm in the morning. Except maybe a field of burning catnip.

What makes Tango so mean?

I am writing this letter as Tango (my cat who is brother to satan) would love to be on your website. Tango is 5 years old and throughout those 5 years it has felt like I have lived in hell! He has a whole grave yard to his name, he has killed that many animals. I’ve had rats, many birds and even my next door neighbour’s pet. He doesn’t back down at animals his own size; he has attacked me a countless amount of times. The worst was one night when I shut him in the bathroom by accident. When I finally came to his rescue, he sprang out at me, scratching my face numerous times and leaving numerous scars.

Photo submitted by: Matt


Gallery: Tango

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Name: Tango
Location: England

Tango is awesome

Go Tango! Go Tango! Beat the dog up! Go Tango!

What makes Tango so mean?

I am sending this e-mail to see if you will put my evil cat Tango on your website. I’m sure you agree for the picture he is a very mean kitty. Tango is 5 years old and has done many evil deeds. Once he ripped off the skin off one of my toes, he has killed thousands of moles, chipmunks, birds, and so on. As you can see in the picture he is attacking my dog Bruno. Bruno is the most docile dog you will meet, and then Tango will attack him anyway. Tango has ripped Bruno’s ear off and bit the end of his tail off. Sometimes I feel this cat doesn’t come from this planet.

Photo submitted by: Matthew


Gallery: Tommie Cranks

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Name: Tommie Cranks
Location: Unknown

Tommie Cranks is mean

Who are you callin' Siamese? Sheesh, do I look like a crook tailed, masked, hypochondriac whiner to you?

What makes Tommie so mean?

While Tommie has his loving moments, he more often has mean ones. He attacks, bites and goes into kitty hissy fits when he doesn’t get his way. At 6 months old, he weighed in at 12 lbs with big shovel like paws, thick legs and a big bush of a tail. We think it may belong to a fox, which makes me wonder who his mother was messing with when he was conceived. Besides that, Tommie seems to have both Maine Coon and Siamese characteristics. The vet says he is a big boy and he will be a “bigger boy” when he grows up. His best friends in the world is a neurotic toy poodle named Charlie and a small stuffed, haggard hippopotamus named Auggie the Hippo. His favorite foods besides human flesh are broccoli, baked beans, oatmeal, celery, stringbeans, corn and nuts.

Photo submitted by: Eta

Meankitty’s Note: This is our third choice for the author of the Tom Letters. Which one do you think it is?


Gallery: Tangerine

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Name: Tangerine
Location: Unknown

Tangerine is mean

I’m not a tangerine dream…I’m a tangerine nightmare!

What makes Tangerine so mean?

Our cat Tangerine takes pissed-off to the root of the term. When she wants something, she wants it now, and she wants it her way. I bought a rustic carved wood bowl and put it on the table as she watched. She must have been thinking the whole time, “Humm, let’s see what I can do to that bowl!” The next morning she wanted outside at about 5AM, but I wouldn’t let her out. When I left the room and she peed in my new bowl.

One time my husband was playing with her too rough on our bed she ran off. He left the room and she came back in and carefully peed on his side of the bed. She does many things that we swear she thought out. [[Meankitty’s note: she totally does think it out.]] Even so, we wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Photo submitted by: Sherri


Gallery: Tinky Bum

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Name: Tinky Bum
Location: Unknown

Tinky Bum Eats Anything

Your bum would stink, too, if you had to digest *burrp!* human flesh, wires, wood…

What makes Tinky Bum so mean?

Meet Tinky Bum. He is a mean kitty. When he isn’t trying to nibble on a piece of human flesh like a bare toe, foot or hand, he chews on wires, metal and plastic parts. His favorite is wood. He even eats those chewy bone treats you give to dogs.

The worst part is we have to wash his bum every day because it stinks!

Photo submitted by: Eta