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Advice: Mystery Eater

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Dear Meankitty,

I really need your help. About 2 months ago I adopted a VERY SHY male cat. He’s has gotten pretty used to us in that time. The other night, though, he snuck out on the balcony and decided to jump off. We’ve seen him in the brush behind our house, but when we call him, he backs away. He’s never been outside before, so I know he is scared, but I would think that maybe he would recognize us and come to us. Could you give me some advice on how to get him back? Also, there are a few stray cats around, so when we give our cat food, we’re not sure if he’s eating it or if the other cats are. We just want him home! Please help?

Lonely Jenni


Dear Jenni,

One option would be to put kitty tranqs in the catfood and see just who’s noshing on the stash. If your runaway is one of them, you can just scoop him up when he’s laying about in a drunken stupor. This is what my Typing Slave advises. I, however, recommend that you get a female cat in heat, put her on the balcony, and see if your shy little buddy comes when you call him THEN!