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Advice: Sock It To ‘Em

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Dear Meankitty,

Ever since my cat shattered a patio door with his head 4 years ago, he’s been carrying around socks and talking to them. Why is that? Also, is it possible for Stuffy to take out MY meanness on other people? Like, whenever I’m angry at my fiance, my kitty always attacks him in the most mean and delightful way. Is he so in tune with his pet human?

Stuffy’s Honey


Dear Honey,

Socks: perfectly normal. D has never broken a patio door with his head and he carries socks all over the crappin’ house, often while yowling through the socky fabric.

Channeling your meanness: sounds like you’ve got a good cat and a bad fiance!