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Gallery: Zea

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Name: Zea
Location: Unknown

zea the Meankitty

I want in your lap. NOW!!!!!

What makes Zea so mean?

Zea’s favorite sport is to get my attention. I cannot type without her on my lap, I cannot go to the bathroom alone, and my sleeping nights are now her on my pillow and me without it. Jealousy is also part of the game…my hubby cannot kiss me without her hissing between us. A constant loud purring is now part of any of our discussions.

The funny part is, besides that, people don’t believe me when I tell them there is a cat in the house. She hates people so much she hides until they leave, so she doesn’t have to deal with them. Few people actually meet my cat. Hopefully this page will prove to them I am owned by one.

Zea the Meankitty with flowers

Flowers destroyed shortly after photo. Also, human.

About the pictures. The pic with the flowers was a deal a made with her. If I took the pic, she could destroy the flowers after, which is exactly what she did 5 seconds after the flash. After I took the pic on the desk (below), I got claws in my face.

Zea in a Santa Hat

You are so dead...again, as I already killed you once.

You would think I would have learned my lesson after that, but no, I had to try a pic with that santa hat. Boy I really made a mistake with that one. Let’s just say it’s a good thing the sight of blood doesn’t make me faint

Photo submitted by: Jewel


Gallery: Cali (3)

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Name: Cali (3)
Location: Los Angeles

Santa Cali is meankitty

Santa baby. I'm gonna bite your nose off tonight...that's right. And we will get in a fight, Santa Baby. So hurry up and turn out the light!

What makes Cali so mean?

Cali is a complete schitzo! She has multiple personalities. Some things Cali hates the most: Being held. She cries like a little baby if you hold her even for one second. Being pat on the behind. She crouches down and starts to meow wildly and when she gets the chance goes on attack. My other cat, a real angel kitty. OOOO Cali hates this cat! She is constantly fighting with her.

Her schitzo side: She will come up and cuddle with you and purr and start to lick your hand. When she finds the most tender spot on your hand she goes for a huge bite! Then she runs. She runs through the house and expects us to chase her. She gets all excited and her tail poofs up and you often see her running sideways.

Something she has gotten quite good at: waking the masters up. She used to always pounce on one of us and run away. If we didn’t wake up that time she will come back a few minutes later and try it again until she succeeds.

Something she is still doing horribly wrong: ruining our furniture! Grrr, she hasn’t learned her lesson on that one yet.

One more fun fact: she can’t stand my singing, especially the high notes. When I practice she will try and match the pitch and then eventually attack my feet. It’s hard to stand and sing while she is around; I have to sit with my legs high in the air.

Submitted by: Anon Claus