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Gallery: Sweepy

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Name: Sweepy
Location: UK

Sweepy is mean

Miaow? Time for food? Miaow? Why not? Miaow? How about some food? Miaow? Miaow? MIAOW!

What makes Sweepy so mean?

Sweepy is a permanently hungry and very noisy kitty who likes nothing better than to stand outside the bedroom door from about 5am miaowing until you wake up and feed him. Actually, he miaows all day for food! It’s very annoying.

What makes it worse is when the other cat, Venus, torments Sweepy by trying to do things he’s just been told off for – sort of like “Ha ha, I can do what I want and they won’t shout at me cos I’m cuter than you”. That never goes over well.

Submitted by: Susan


Gallery: Sage

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Name: Sage
Location: Oregon

Sage is a meankitty

Don’t you know? We ding people who dislike cats. And they totally deserve it!

What makes Sage so mean?

Sage was a stray kitten that got into our house under false pretences. Our then 14 year old daughter made up a sob story so we would adopt her.

Unfortunately, Sage has bonded with my wife…who doesn’t really like her that much!! Sage is a needy little brat of a cat that isn’t happy unless she is sitting on my wife’s chest, with her head buried in her reluctant momma’s long hair.

Submitted by: John


Gallery: Spoink

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Name: Spoink
Location: Unknown

Spoink the meankitty

I growl at cameras, too. Can you tell I'm growling?

What makes Spoink so mean?

This meankitty’s name is Spoink, after the pokemon, because of his short curly tail. He hates everyone except for me. He will growl at all the kids, every stranger who attempts to pet him, and every animal who is not eatable. Though since I feed him, he gives me uber rubs and will ride on my shoulder and swat anyone who comes near. >:D Best cat EVER!

Photo Submitted By: Michelle


Gallery: Sweet P

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Name: Sweet P
Location: Ohio

Sweet P is a meankitty

It's all guerilla warfare practice for La Revolucion!

What makes Sweet P so mean?

It’s her cute look and her endearing personality when near our other kitty, Pepper. She’ll lick Pepper and nuzzle up to her and then just POUNCE on her and chase her all over the house. And yet…..3 years later, Pepper is still falling for it!

Submitted by: Rachel and Tom


Gallery: Sylvester

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Name: Sylvester
Location: LA

Sylvester is a meankitty

You rude human! Point at me, will you?

What makes Sylvester so mean?

Sylvester has a tendency to bite anything that’s shoved in his face so if you poke a finger in his direction you shouldn’t be surprised that he bites it.

Sylvester bites

Though I don’t care for the taste of human flesh, I will now teach you what happens when you dare point at me.

We have a pair of cat wrangling gloves, purchased at a hardware store (okay, they’re supposed to be work gloves) and putting them on when dealing with Sly results in him redoubling his efforts such that your skin would be ripped off if you didn’t have those gloves on. He’s now learned that if he goes for the arm just above the glove he gets better results (ie loud shouts of pain).

Sylvester has big teeth

Gloves will not save you.

For all that he’s really a very loving and friendly cat who came to me when some folks moved out of town, back to England, almost 5 years ago.

Photos submitted by: Pam


Gallery: Sadie (3)

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Name: Sadie (3)
Location: Kansas City, MO

Sadie is a meankitty

Yeah, I like a rockin’ 2 am – 5 am pee party…what of it?

What makes Sadie so mean?

She looks pretty adorable. But she’s evil.

Sadie is a small kitty, about 6 lbs. She’s stumpy and adorable, her cuteness masks the inner-meanie. Don’t think about approaching her, she will run. Sadie is very particular about her litter box, and if it’s not up to her standards, she pees on my things. When I go out of town, upon returning she immediately pees on my things. If I have company, or if my other cat upsets her, she pees on my things. Those things include, but not limited to – my bed, rugs, laundry, sofa, shoes, etc.

Sadie likes to party between the hours of 2am-5am. She’s very vocal about the good time she’s having. She particularly enjoys meowing as loud as she can while standing on my chest as I sleep. I wake to overturned trash cans with the contents tossed about.

Today I turned my back for 3 minutes to cut up some food, I turned back around to find Sadie and my other cat eating my bowl of steamed peas. A couple months ago, Sadie stole all the meat off my sandwich while I was in the bathroom, leaving the rest on the floor.

As I sit here typing this, she’s sitting next to me with one paw on my leg. That’s about as friendly as she gets. She sure is cute though.

Submitted by: Kelley A.


Gallery: Synapse

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Name: Synapse
Location: Unknown

Synapse the Meankitty

The many mean faces of Synapse

What makes Synapse so mean?

This is my mean kitty, Synapse. She’s not the brightest kitty in the world, and some believe she is possessed by Satan himself. Let’s just say that she has sent me to the emergency room on two separate occasions.

Photo submitted by: Unknown


Gallery: Skippy

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

Name: Skippy the Holiday Menace
Location: NC

Skippy is a menace

Next barf stop — the floor vents! I love barfin’ in the floor vents, man.

What makes Skippy so mean?

This is Skippy. He is a little Grinch spreading holiday mayhem throughout the house – namely in the form of barf. The darn cat eats the plastic Christmas tree branches and then proceeds to puke all over the place. He purposely seeks out the most obnoxious and hard to clean spots to leave his not-so-tidy tidings.

To make matters worse, the little hairball will go from barfing to meowing at the top of his lungs for food. We don’t give it to him right away because we don’t want to clean up more barf. Of course that makes him get even more in-your-face loud.

Photo submitted by: Sandi

PS Skippy lives with Winston (3)


Gallery: Leo and Sammie

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Name: Leo (tabby) and Sammie (black)
Location: Georgia

Leo and Sammie are meankitties.

Quick...let's share the cat tree peacefully for a minute so it ruins the picture she's trying to take for Meankitty!

What makes Leo and Sammie so mean?

From rescue cats to cat-divas! Leo and Sammie don’t like each other one bit and fight over who gets to be the “top cat” on the cat condo. Sammie in particular has had a rough life. He is a tripod and thinks he can use that to his advantage. He loves to bite my head and ears and bat at my nose at 4am because HE WANTS TO EAT. When they get the “midnight crazies” there is no stopping them. And at Christmas time, guess who tries to eat the little decorative tree? Leo! And of course he does it in the middle of the night.

Leo and Sammie are meankitties

Humans are so judgy! Artificial trees TASTE better as an after-midnight snack.

Submitted by: Rachel Kall (author at


Gallery: Spike

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Name: Spike
Location: The North Pole

Spike is a meankitty

Christmas Christmas time is here....time to trash and time to sneer!

What makes Spike so mean?

Not only does Spike look a bit like the Grinch, he plays the Grinch as well. For the past three years Spike has taken down the family tree. We’ve tried everything, fishing wire from the tree to various “secure areas” on the wall to constant Spike monitoring. All to no avail. Spike always wins and takes it down. The best part, he struts away after each take down showing absolutely no remorse.

Photo submitted by: John