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Gallery: Skittles

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

Name: Skittles
Location: Boston

Skittles is a meankitty

Don't creep up behind me like that! It makes me feel paranoid.

What makes Skittles so mean?

This is Skittles, named as such because the moment we brought him home as a tiny kitten about seven years ago, he immediately ran to the couch, plopped onto his side, sunk his claws into the material and yanked himself along as though he were on a pulley. We called it “skittering.” (You thought he was named for the candy, huh?)

Skittles is mean

I'll give you five, all right...five sharp ones!

Skittles (a.k.a. Bubba and Sugar Butt) is a total Mama’s Boy and has to be where I am at all times. He sleeps with me, follows me from room to room, and throws a tantrum (by screaming at the top of his lungs, in his high-pitched baby-meow, non-stop) when he’s been shut out of a room into which I’ve gone. But Skittles isn’t all fat, blubbery love…oh, no. He’s a biter. I’m told (over and over again) that this is because I’ve spoiled him so much without discipline, but I know in my heart that, although his preternaturally large size speaks otherwise, Skittles still thinks he’s a kitten and doesn’t realize or understand that when he bites us playfully, it hurts!

Skittles is a meankitty

Going in for the big biteowski...

My boyfriend, Steve (with whom Skittles is quite competitive for my attentions), is learning just who’s the Alpha-male around here. You’d think after all this time, my two boys would get along, but the sad truth of the matter is that Skittles doesn’t appreciate this extended intrusion of such an interloper in his life.

Photo submitted by: Heather


Gallery: Sir Oliver

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

Name: Sir Oliver
Location: Unknown

Sir Oliver is a Meankitty

WHAP! Teach you to touch my abcess.

What makes Sir Oliver so mean?

This is my cat, Sir Oliver. When he goes to the vet, he has to anesthetized to have anything (even vaccines) done to him. I work in a vet clinic; he’s by far one of the worst behaved cats I’ve ever seen. This picture is from when he was under house arrest b/c he had an abscess from a cat fight I was treating. He’s an outdoor cat and gets 3-5 abscesses a year from cat fights.

Photo submitted by: Miranda


Gallery: Screecher

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Name: Screecher
Location: Stockton, CA

Screecher wants a drink

Feelin peckish. Think I'll have a little snack.

What makes Screecher so mean?

Here’s a meankitty for you. This is Screecher. This cat is a wild barn kitty from the tough town of Stockton, CA. Stockton is to California like the Bronx is to N.Y.

Screecher bites

The fish wasn't enough...think I'll have a bigger snack.

Screecher has lots of pent-up anger. She tries to eat bicycle tires and anything you put in front of her. If you accidentally leave the food out, she’ll eat it all! She’ll drink your coffee if you’re not looking, eat your pantyhose and socks, and swipe at your every foot step!

Screecher’s nick-name is “Aqua Kitty” because she likes water…especially the shower and the bath tub!

Screecher in the bath

Fact...or faked? Perhaps we need the SyFy channel to figure that out.

This cat even has a rap song written about her. (My name is Screecha…and I’m going to eatcha…)

Photo submitted by: Guy


Gallery: Soeren

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Name: Soeren
Location: Scandinavia

Soeren is a meankitty

Dress me in a stupid hat and take my picture, will you? You shall pay, human. You shall pay.

What makes Soeren so mean?

Soeren is a Scandinavian Zombie cat who bites on everyone and everything. On this picture he has just finished off Santa Claus (wearing his cap as evidence). What can we do about him?

Meankitty says: I think he would not be so mad if you didn’t put hats on him. Also, if you gave him his own can of sardines every day…that might help.

Submitted by: Bjorn and Therese


Gallery: Sweepy

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Name: Sweepy
Location: UK

Sweepy is mean

Miaow? Time for food? Miaow? Why not? Miaow? How about some food? Miaow? Miaow? MIAOW!

What makes Sweepy so mean?

Sweepy is a permanently hungry and very noisy kitty who likes nothing better than to stand outside the bedroom door from about 5am miaowing until you wake up and feed him. Actually, he miaows all day for food! It’s very annoying.

What makes it worse is when the other cat, Venus, torments Sweepy by trying to do things he’s just been told off for – sort of like “Ha ha, I can do what I want and they won’t shout at me cos I’m cuter than you”. That never goes over well.

Submitted by: Susan


Gallery: Sage

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Name: Sage
Location: Oregon

Sage is a meankitty

Don’t you know? We ding people who dislike cats. And they totally deserve it!

What makes Sage so mean?

Sage was a stray kitten that got into our house under false pretences. Our then 14 year old daughter made up a sob story so we would adopt her.

Unfortunately, Sage has bonded with my wife…who doesn’t really like her that much!! Sage is a needy little brat of a cat that isn’t happy unless she is sitting on my wife’s chest, with her head buried in her reluctant momma’s long hair.

Submitted by: John


Gallery: Spoink

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Name: Spoink
Location: Unknown

Spoink the meankitty

I growl at cameras, too. Can you tell I'm growling?

What makes Spoink so mean?

This meankitty’s name is Spoink, after the pokemon, because of his short curly tail. He hates everyone except for me. He will growl at all the kids, every stranger who attempts to pet him, and every animal who is not eatable. Though since I feed him, he gives me uber rubs and will ride on my shoulder and swat anyone who comes near. >:D Best cat EVER!

Photo Submitted By: Michelle


Gallery: Sweet P

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Name: Sweet P
Location: Ohio

Sweet P is a meankitty

It's all guerilla warfare practice for La Revolucion!

What makes Sweet P so mean?

It’s her cute look and her endearing personality when near our other kitty, Pepper. She’ll lick Pepper and nuzzle up to her and then just POUNCE on her and chase her all over the house. And yet…..3 years later, Pepper is still falling for it!

Submitted by: Rachel and Tom


Gallery: Sylvester

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Name: Sylvester
Location: LA

Sylvester is a meankitty

You rude human! Point at me, will you?

What makes Sylvester so mean?

Sylvester has a tendency to bite anything that’s shoved in his face so if you poke a finger in his direction you shouldn’t be surprised that he bites it.

Sylvester bites

Though I don’t care for the taste of human flesh, I will now teach you what happens when you dare point at me.

We have a pair of cat wrangling gloves, purchased at a hardware store (okay, they’re supposed to be work gloves) and putting them on when dealing with Sly results in him redoubling his efforts such that your skin would be ripped off if you didn’t have those gloves on. He’s now learned that if he goes for the arm just above the glove he gets better results (ie loud shouts of pain).

Sylvester has big teeth

Gloves will not save you.

For all that he’s really a very loving and friendly cat who came to me when some folks moved out of town, back to England, almost 5 years ago.

Photos submitted by: Pam


Gallery: Sadie (3)

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Name: Sadie (3)
Location: Kansas City, MO

Sadie is a meankitty

Yeah, I like a rockin’ 2 am – 5 am pee party…what of it?

What makes Sadie so mean?

She looks pretty adorable. But she’s evil.

Sadie is a small kitty, about 6 lbs. She’s stumpy and adorable, her cuteness masks the inner-meanie. Don’t think about approaching her, she will run. Sadie is very particular about her litter box, and if it’s not up to her standards, she pees on my things. When I go out of town, upon returning she immediately pees on my things. If I have company, or if my other cat upsets her, she pees on my things. Those things include, but not limited to – my bed, rugs, laundry, sofa, shoes, etc.

Sadie likes to party between the hours of 2am-5am. She’s very vocal about the good time she’s having. She particularly enjoys meowing as loud as she can while standing on my chest as I sleep. I wake to overturned trash cans with the contents tossed about.

Today I turned my back for 3 minutes to cut up some food, I turned back around to find Sadie and my other cat eating my bowl of steamed peas. A couple months ago, Sadie stole all the meat off my sandwich while I was in the bathroom, leaving the rest on the floor.

As I sit here typing this, she’s sitting next to me with one paw on my leg. That’s about as friendly as she gets. She sure is cute though.

Submitted by: Kelley A.