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Gallery: Rusty Rex

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Name: Rusty Rex
Location: Oklahoma City

Rusty is a meankitty

Ohhh, it's worth being locked in the bathroom every time. You should see the slaves come running! Now if only I could convince the other cats to work in tandem with me...but no, they're sissies. So I eat their food.

What makes Rusty so mean?

Now Rusty is one “MEAN” kitty! He is the orange headed step child. We got him from a neighbor. Little did we know he was a meankitty until later.

He loves to attack or bother flea lions, and he will not leave the birds alone. We have several cages of parakeets and he just loves to hear them scream for help at 3:00 AM so the whole household wakes up.

Just as I lie back down after calming the birds, he runs down the stairs and gets on the cages again, making sure I get no sleep. At that point he gets locked in the bathroom for the rest of the night and the next day he always takes his frustrations out on the other cats, right up to the point of taking their food right out of their mouths.

Photo submitted by: Sleepless in Oklahoma