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Gallery: Rafikki

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Name: Rafikki
Location: Dunno

Rafikki the Meankitty

Secretly, at night, the dog and I are BFF but I maintain my ferocity to stay in the SOHC.

What makes Raf so mean?

I have a cat. His name is Rafikki, He is fine with other animals EXCEPT THE DOG!!!

Rafikki does not back down. He will run up to the dog and attack him for no reason. He gets the dog good because the dog is now afraid of the cat. This is no joke. The cat will not back down–he has even got me a couple times, and I have the battle scars to prove it The scars are usually from when I try to get him away from the dog so I can take the dog out!

Photo submitted by: Jessica


Gallery: Roland

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Name: Roland
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Roland is a Meankitty

Don't be touchin my fry.

What makes Roland so mean?

Roland is for the most part nice. Except when the world doesn’t revolve around him in which case he turns into a little bastid. Examples of evilness:

1. He hides when I’m walking down the hallway and at the last second attacks my legs, biting and scratching me.

2. He jumps on the table and attacks my fork when I have food on it.

3. He knocks over the garbage can when there is something good and drags everything around the house.

4. He sweats brown gunk all over my bed (yes, sweats because he has no fur).

5. He loves French Fries and will do anything, and I mean anything, to get his teeth on them.

Photo submitted by: Stephanie


Gallery: Rusty Rex

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Name: Rusty Rex
Location: Oklahoma City

Rusty is a meankitty

Ohhh, it's worth being locked in the bathroom every time. You should see the slaves come running! Now if only I could convince the other cats to work in tandem with me...but no, they're sissies. So I eat their food.

What makes Rusty so mean?

Now Rusty is one “MEAN” kitty! He is the orange headed step child. We got him from a neighbor. Little did we know he was a meankitty until later.

He loves to attack or bother flea lions, and he will not leave the birds alone. We have several cages of parakeets and he just loves to hear them scream for help at 3:00 AM so the whole household wakes up.

Just as I lie back down after calming the birds, he runs down the stairs and gets on the cages again, making sure I get no sleep. At that point he gets locked in the bathroom for the rest of the night and the next day he always takes his frustrations out on the other cats, right up to the point of taking their food right out of their mouths.

Photo submitted by: Sleepless in Oklahoma


Gallery: Ragamuffin

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Name: Ragamuffin
Location: The Roost

Ragamuffin the Maine Coone

Rescue me from the gunk in my eye!

What makes Ragamuffin so mean?

This is Ragamuffin, AKA Rags. She’s a 1 yr. old rescued Maine Coon cat that rules the roost. When I got her at two months she was sick and weighed just over a pound. She is quite an attention hog. When I’m reading she eats the pages.

Ragamuffin grown up

If you want to know what cats think of David Baldacci...

Now that she’s older and bigger (10) pounds, she’s taken on hardbacks. When I’m at the computer, her bid for attention is running down the hall, climbing the back of my chair and sitting on my shoulders. The bad part of this exercise is when she misses the chair and gets me instead. Maybe she’s trying to tell me it’s her bedtime because that’s where she sleeps.

Photo submitted by: Anon


Gallery: Rainey

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Name: Rainey
Location: Unknown

Rainey is mean

I'm doing kitty yoga, stretching myself out like spaghetti, the better to reach your flesh!

What makes Rainey so mean?

I have to tell you about Rainey. I adopted her from the Humane Society. She seemed so sweet and lovable until I got her home. It’s like she was a con artist.

As soon as we got home, her second personality emerged. She will not let you pet her. She bullies my other cat and puppy, biting them every chance she gets. She randomly attacks me when I walk by as well!

Photo submitted by: Candy


Gallery: Rabbit

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

Name: Rabbit
Location: England

Rabbit is a Meankitty

You do realize the vacuum houses evil spirits, right? Right? Stupid humans.

What makes Rabbit so mean?

Rabbit is a 4 year old Devon Rex cat who likes to attack bare feet, especially as they climb out of bed in the morning. He runs up curtains, sharpens his claws on every single piece of furniture we own, and steals food from our plates at every opportunity he gets. He has 3 brothers whom he frequently beats up, and if we dare to get the vacuum out he runs hissing and spitting straight at it. He also insists on sitting on the computer monitor and batting the cursor with his paw. He does not agree with any of the other cats sitting on his mum’s knee and promptly pushes them off.

Photo submitted by: Karen


Gallery: Robin

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Name: Robin
Location: Norway

Robin is a meankitty

Yeah, I’m a peeping tom. I’m a peeing tom, too. What of it?

What makes Robin so mean?

Me and my cat, which now is 2 years old, lives in Norway, cold but lots of countryside nature, where my cat loves sneaking around scaring people or make them wow cuz he looks like a little leopard and has a beautiful silk Bengal coat.

Robin is a horrid kitty

Do I wow you or what?

His name is Rampete Robin which translated means horrid Henry as in the children’s books, and he really lives up to his name. He can scare a big dog with his mrrr sound when his angry, or bite you if you don’t rub his cheek and chin as long as he wants. He loves drinking from the sink or bathtub but hates the toilet after he fell into it. He bounced up pretty fast and smelled like a toilet.

Once he got home all smelly and stinky, so my mother had to shower him and I had to hold him. If looks could kill, we’d be dead. He meowed, scratched and tried to flee all the time.

Robin is a mad kitty

This isn’t the look that can kill. That comes later, when you least expect it. Have a nice day…

We have a little Chihuahua puppy who adores the cat, and the cat loves to boss him around like making the dog lick him clean, teasing the dog when the dog is asleep, waking him or scaring him, stalking him when he’s walking to make sure he can sneak attack the dog, making sure the dog doesn’t eat poo or doesn’t get bothered by other pets. If he feels really mean he throws things on the floor so the dog can chew on it.

He loves to stick his paw in cold tea or water and splash it around or tip the cup. He also licks bread slices he thinks look yummy, begs for wet food and attacks if he can’t play “game for cats” on the ipod. It makes him mad if he doesn’t allowed to out, doesn’t get to sniff on menthol or catnip or if he’s just bored.

Robin is a meankitty

This scratching post is SO low tech. Where’s the iPood?

He loves to hide in the old birdcage and try too get the bird, play fetch, makeup brushes, knit dolls, yarnballs, and other exciting things. He jumps on doornobs to open them and throws litter sand around the house. He will pee in the neighbour’s flowerbed, walk around the house with dirty paws and knock his head in your nose to say he’s happy to see you.

Submitted by: Connie


Gallery: Ree Roo

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Name: Ree Roo
Location: Planet of Inconsistency

Ree Roo is a meankitty

I didn’t make the human crazy. She was that way when I got her!

What makes Ree Roo so mean?

This is no ordinary mean kitty. He attacks on two fronts. You have the physical attacks, where he rubs up against your legs, purring. Then, CHOMP! Love bites is what my husband calls them, because he only bites me and our other cat, Orson. He treats me like a human lollipop…if he’s not biting, I am never safe from the sandpaper tongue.

Then comes the psychological attacks He will sit and stare at me until I get the heebies. I wake up in the middle of the night to find him sitting on end table, STARING. I ask him ,”What?!?”. The constant staring drives me mad, and he knows it!

He bangs the blinds, then tries to bury my food. He has even developed a tolerance to water by hanging out in shower so the water bottle is no longer a threat. He is unable to drink out of a bowl; he prefers a people cup, and if its not to his liking, he will knock it over. At bed time, you must rub his belly till he goes to sleep. If you do not, you will know no peace.

Submitted by: Stacey


Gallery: Reba

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Name: Reba
Location: KY

Reba is a meankitty

Why are you using your foot to open the case? Do you think it won’t hurt as much when I eat your toe as when I eat your hand?

What makes Reba so mean?

Reba is named after Reba McIntyre, the country singer. I am in a band where I play the bass fiddle and most of the times the band comes to my house to practice. Reba likes to lay in wait for the guitar player. I don’t know why she hates him so much.

Submitted by: Louise


Gallery: Rascal

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Name: Rascal
Location: Eternal Infamy

Rascal was a meankitty

I liked to post sexy ab shots of myself on my blog to get more comments from the LADEEZ!

What makes Rascal so mean?

I am so cool that I have my own blog (see below)! However, I have a high standard for my humans, and they are required to adhere to it. I find I must constantly remind them as to their duties, which include but are not limited to:

* keeping my food bowl full at all times. If I see crumbs or the bottom of the bowl, then I have the right to demand attention to it.

* feeding me kitty treats. They know when I want them, as I sit up to let them know.

* keeping my water cup full of fresh water. I do not drink out of a bowl. I have my own cup. If it isn’t kept up to standards then I have the right to jump up on the bathroom vanity and drink out or Dad’s cup.

* letting me in and out on demand. I have a kitty door but humans should show proper respect and open the big door for me.

* petting on demand. They usually do this quite well but haven’t learned to read my mind in regards to when I’ve had enough.

* playing with me. I like to play chase the string or stick. I like to play catch with one of my toys. However, I reserve the right to be entertained by watching rather than participating.

If these standards are not kept then I have the right to use loud vocalizations (at 3 am if necessary), claws, and teeth to keep my humans in line.

Photo submitted by: Leigh
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