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Gallery: Jupiter

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Name: Jupiter
Location: Unknown

Jupiter the Meankitty

I'm this black and shiny because I use Gee Your Tongue Smells Terrific.

What makes Jupiter so mean?

This is Jupiter. He may look like a sweet, fluffy, perfect specimen of felinity, but he is not. Jupiter is a mean kitty. Back in the heyday of his evil, he would jump up on the kitchen table as we were eating and lay down, flexing the claws in his right paw threateningly. In 1998, he attacked a door to door salesman, cornered a friend in the bathroom, and had a showdown with another friend on the kitchen table on a three day rampage. He was diagnosed by the veterinarian with “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” syndrome. The vet prescribed him Paxil, but it was to no avail.

Jupiter refused to take the medicine. If we hid it in a plate of tuna, he ate around the pill. If we tried to shove it down his throat, we ended up with scabs on our throats. When we did give him the medicine, he seemed calmer and sweet and stopped coming up to you purring, inviting you to pet him, then attacking when you let your guard down. But it was a thirty minute ordeal getting him his medicine every day. And I was losing a lot of blood. We took him back to the vet, who offered to put him to sleep. (Apparently during his last visit Jup had made an enemy of Dr. Stevens.) We said HELL NO — after all, we love our mean kitty.

Once after being at the vet, Jupiter would not come out of his cage. He stayed in the back and yowled like a lion, biting fiercely and kicking with his back legs against anyone or anything that came this way. Eventually my husband got him out of the cage but Jup tore through the leather gloves he was wearing, tearing a huge hole in my husband’s hands. And still, once a week or so, when the stars are misaligned, he goes on a rampage — may the other household cats and plants forgive him.

Photo submitted by: Mary


Gallery: Pesto

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Name: Pesto
Location: Belgium

Pesto is a meankitty

Don't move the map or you'll find the location of the temporal displacement I've been using to force George Lucas to keep tweaking Star Wars. Noooooooooooooo!

What makes Pesto so mean?

Here’s one of my meanest cats. His name is Pesto and we live in Belgium. Pesto is a pest. Oh! Get it? Never lets you have a peaceful moment. In this picture he’s looking very mad at something and is actually trying to tell us with his eyes: “Don’t take one of this maps or……”.

Submitted by: Britt


Gallery: Pepsi

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Name: Pepsi
Location: England

Pepsi is a meankitty.

Lean a little closer and I'll show you how I "only" injured my nose jumping out that window.

What makes Pepsi so mean?

When its cold and the fire ain’t on, Pepsi comes and sits on my lap (it’s cold in England) around November. He is fat and lazy, sleeps 23 hrs a day only to get up to eat and poop. He clawed a brand new sofa. He also got stuck in a newly tiled roof and all the roofing tiles had to taken off. Another thing he did was jump out of a second story window face first onto an old plastic digger. He only injured his nose. Not bad for an old fat cat (he’s 14 yrs old in human years).

Please put him on the web site cuz he’s wicked.

Submitted by: Hopper