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Gallery: Picasso

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Name: Picasso
Location: NC

Picasso is mean

You're looking at me...and I don't LIKE it!

What makes Picasso so mean?

Here is a list of Picasso’s likes and dislikes:

Likes: Howling all night to keep her mom and dad slaves awake, slamming the cabinet doors, standing under your feet so you trip, fighting with her sister under the bed in the middle of the night, meowing in your face and then running away, spilling paint on the floor than walking through it, playing in the fireplace, hiding in the shower in the guest bathroom and scaring people while they use the toilet and the idea of the world blowing up and only her and a few cockroaches being left.

Picasso in cave

Ursula likes undies....I like my little cave!

Dislikes: Being looked at, talked to, breathed on, basically EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING.

Picasso lives with Ursula.

Photo submitted by: Chris and Callie

Gallery: Portia

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Name: Portia
Location: Dad’s House

Portia is a meankitty

Aw, I didn't scratch the kitten on purpose. There was a bee on it, cat's honor!

What makes Portia so mean?

My father’s cat is so mean she circles the neighborhood looking for cats to beat up. She used to know exactly where to wait before the neighbor’s cat got let out for the day so she could leap on it. She even scratched a kitten in the eye once! Don’t be fooled by the cute white nose and paws…she’s a meany!

Photo submitted by: Anon

Gallery: Petey

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Name: Petey
Location: Levering, MI

Petey is mean

It's true, I hate men. They smell like dogs.

What makes Petey so mean?

This lovely big ball of fur is Petey. Petey has a sister who is on this site, and that would be Lucy. Petey is Lucy’s unfortunate little brother. He is about four years old and is my very first cat of my own. He was given to me after our other male cat, Bo-bo, died. Petey isn’t a mean kitty to me or my mother, but to any bed spread, book, or make up brush he is. He also doesn’t like men. He especially hates my twin brother Cory. Cory likes to play helicopter with poor Petey and Petey has recently drawn blood from Cory’s cheek.

Petey is mean

We don't need no....EDUCATION! We don't need no books, neither.

Anywho, Petey has a tendency to lay on my books while I’m trying to do my homework. If I attempt to move the books he will sink his teeth into any part of the book he can and proceed to kick it furiously with his hind legs. Once I get the book out of his grasp he will attack my bed spread, violently.

Petey is mean

Hey, can you pour me some more Fruit Loops? I got no thumbs.

Petey is also in love with human food. He would much rather eat our food than his own. Whenever someone has lunch meat or cream cheese, he will stalk you from the kitchen to where ever you are going to enjoy your food. He will then jump on the table, bed, counter, etc. to get in your face and loudly meow at you until you cave. He is the light of my life and I love him so much, but he tends to be a brat and really, really mean to my brother and my boyfriend. Or any other male, for that matter.

Photo submitted by: Caitie

Gallery: Princess (6)

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Name: Princess (6)
Location: Rock Island, IL

Princess is a meankitty.

I’ll give you three more seconds to snap the photo, human, and then it’s kitty whirlwind time.

What makes Princess so mean?

Princess is a mean kitty because she’s wearing a leopard costume, and leopards are mean. Actually, she’s angry because she’s wearing a costume. At the time, she had one other furry feline friend who was seriously scared because of the costume: she thought Princess was another cat! However, Princess just came up to her like normal, really freaking out the other cat. We laughed SOOO hard!!!

Photo submitted by: Rose

Gallery: Patch

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Name: Patch
Location: Nottingham, UK

Patch is a meankitty and Minky is not

I am going to leave something very mean in the laundry basket, ha ha!

What makes Patch so mean?

Patch who is 5 months old in these photos is an extremely active cat. His favorite thing is attacking people’s hands. You can’t rub his belly without him gifting you with a scar.

He also likes bringing in live frogs and torturing them to death. He isn’t like Minky (the other cat pictured above), who sleeps all day. Patch only sleeps half the day and leaves something very mean in the litter tray.

Patch is a meankitty

I actually prefer to torture fairies, but frogs are easier to catch.

Patch nibbles at people’s faces during the night, pulls their hair with his claws, and deliberately runs around in wet mud and then jumps on their clothes.

His favorite drink is blood.

Submitted by: John

Gallery: Paris

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Name: Paris
Location: The bathroom

Paris is mean

Go outside and bathe in the hose, human. I'm busy in here.

What makes Paris so mean?

I got Paris an an animal shelter when she was three years old. When I took her home the first thing she did was crawl into the tub. Now it is her home, and she doesn’t like home invasions. You have to call her into the kitchen and ply her with treats in order to take a shower, but you’d better be quick!

Photo submitted by: April

Gallery: Princess Ladybug

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Name: Princess Ladybug
Location: Unknown

Princess Ladybug was very mean.

RIP Princess Ladybug. Gone but not forgotten, leaving many humans in need of counselling.

What makes Princess so mean?

Her adoption papers said that she had problems “socializing” but there was more, much more to that. She truly hated people. In fact, she hated people, all other animals, newspapers, vets, bugs, plants, my robe, the weather, Christmas…shall I go on?

She tolerated me because I was very gentle with her, had rescued her from the pound, and besides, I fed her special yummies! I also cleared a nice spot for her on the bed… right next to my pillow… every night. She didn’t always sleep there, but she liked having the option.

After a few months she actually grew to like me too (I think). It is very flattering to have the WildCat From Hell curl up with you and lick your nose every once in a while.

However, I was the only one she could bring herself to love. No one else would ever see her being anything less than severely angry and threatening. Whenever someone would visit, she would stiffen up and just stare at them with these wide, wild eyes until they left. Motionless, she would make these very scary, foreboding noises, growls from very deep within. Some people tried to pet her. They were the bravest people I’ve ever known.

Once, when a friend stayed for dinner, Princess sat right up on the kitchen table – directly in front of my friend – and stared at her. In addition to making the deep growling noise she would also scream and hiss every time my friend moved. I tried several times to get Princess off the table. There was much screaming and hissing! She let us know she was NOT MOVING until my friend left the premises. It was an interesting meal. We still talk about that day. My cat is kind of a legend around here.

Photo submitted by: Carol Ann

Gallery: Pussy Galore

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

Name: Pussy Galore, formerly Mr. Hairy
Location: Unknown

PG is a meankitty

Is that the fridge door I hear? Mew, mew, mew. I'm so sweet!

What makes Pussy Galore so mean?

It’s not surprising that kitty has issues when she was called Mr Hairy for her first 6 months. That’s bound to get your goat, especially when your an arrogant prissy like Pussy Galore!

She’s totally bi-polar, really nice at times. Well, when the fridge door is open she switches to ‘lovely puss’, but as soon as there’s no food on the cards she’s an antisocial, scratchy, unaffectionate beast.

She doesn’t like giving out strokes and has a techniques of dodging and diving around your hand so there’s no way you can get a proper, satisfying one.

The worst thing is when she slips into ‘crazy eye’ mode. This normally involves waiting until I am trying to come down the stairs, blocking the route and jumping onto the bottom of my leg and attacking it with all her gusto!! There’s teeth latched on (normally to the bone at the front of the leg,) front legs wrapped around the calf in a bear-hug style, and pistoning her back legs (kinda like a rabbit) to get maximum scratchage on the ankle area. The thing is, if you spot her waiting to attack, and try to sweet talk her into being a good puss, it only gets her more excited and she’ll even start eyeing up as if to jump at your face.

Despite her sporadic attacks, she is so beautiful and has a massive bushy tail. She loves to talk and has a boyfriend (a big fat stray) she likes to go out with. She is also stupid (almost punch-drunk) at times, doing things like jumping onto something and falling immediately off again.

Submitted by: Fran

Gallery: Paul

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Name: Paul
Location: Unknown

Paul is a meankitty

Oh big stupid dooo-oooog...I'm coming to get ya!

What makes Paul so mean?

My cat Paul is the meanest cat ever! He is only a few months old, but he got in a fight with one of our other kitties, named Christine, and clawed Christine’s eye! To this day, Christine still can’t open her eye properly. He also clawed a hole completely through our futon.

Last but not least, he chases our 140 lb dog named David. Poor David has to hide under the porch.

Photo submitted by: Mr. Puss

Gallery: Peek-A-Boo

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Name: Peek-A-Boo
Location: Waynesboro, PA

Peekaboo is an old meankitty

As soon as they think I'm going to use the toilet full time and get rid of the cat box... heh heh heh!

What makes Peek-A-Boo so mean?

This wonderful darling our 12 year old pride and joy, Peek-A-Boo. Peek-A-Boo is a…well, she’s an interesting cat. Her hobbies include the following: sleeping in a cardboard box by the window, hacking up giant piles of puke, chewing on toes, climbing on the kitchen counter to drink the nasty mixture of milk and water out of the bowls in the sink, knocking anything and everything out of her way and onto the floor, leaving chunks of fur all over the house, and every so often leaving us a HUGE stool sample on the front mat, oh and we can’t forget her wonderful of habit of drinking out of the toilet.

Speaking of toilets, Peek-A-Boo has recently given our family a wonderful surprise. My older sister Beth was getting ready for our Sunday morning service at church. As she was doing her hair, she heard running water. She thought she had turned the sink off after brushing her teeth, but she went and checked anyway. Well, when she got to the bathroom, she saw WAY more than running sink water. Apparently, our precious Peek-A-Boo has learned to use the potty in the human way!

Peek-A-Boo has also gotten into the entertaining habit of chasing her sister, Kitty Guess, all around the house. Poor Kitty Guess never wins.

Peek-A-Boo has been classified as sckitsophrenic, spaztic, and all around NUTS!

Photo submitted by: Mary D.