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Gallery: Omar

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

Name: Omar
Location: Unknown

Omar is a meankitty

*I* am the king of the castle...get down, you dirty rascal.

What makes Omar so mean?

This picture was taken about two seconds before Omar had enough of photo time and attacked the camera, subsequently wrapping his claws around my head in fury. See, Omar is a very temperamental cat, and not just when he is being photographed.

We had him shipped in from Texas because my mother wanted a Turkish Angora. She even gave him a Turkish name, Omar. Well, at least she told us it was Turkish.

Anyway, Omar is the king of the castle. He weighs as much as a large turkey, and god forbid you cut back on his food, the incessant meowing and howling will drive you to drink. And then, the howls only get louder.

We can’t clip his nails and have not been able to in about 3 years. Even with two people restraining him there is blood drawn, and it’s never his. I have no idea how he keeps them from getting too bad, probably by sharpening them on the bones of kitties he has met in a dark alley.

I used to work at a pet groomer’s and when he was brought in for a bath, they asked me not to bring him back. We now have to take him to the vet when he needs cleaning so they can tranquilize him and do it there. He has been asked not to return to a few vets as well.

Omar is also on Prozac, but this does not seem to help besides keeping him from peeing on my mom’s favorite carpet. This is a small consolation for her. She no longer calls him Omar, just “cat,” and has on more than one occasion said “We should have picked the orange kitten.”

There is no chance of seeing him interact with another cat because I would not want to see a dead cat. I can’t even bring friends over because he hisses at the sight of them.

Submitted by: Jill


Gallery: Oliver LaPaws

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Name: Oliver LaPaws
Location: Alabama

Oliver LaPaws is a meankitty

Shew, I'm tired after all that boxing.

What makes Oliver so mean?

My best friend and I really, really wanted a cat when we got our first apartment, so we got Oliver. A man who owned a mechanic shop found Oliver one day outside his business’ door and kept him there until he could find him a new home with some very forgiving and tolerant owners…us.

When we picked him up, he had very little hair and was in really bad shape, but one thing that he didn’t lack was an attitude. He would be so sweet and crawl up in your lap and purr and love on you, but heaven forbid you get up before he wanted to or he would turn into “boxing kitty”!!! He would stand up on his hind legs, meow really loudly and just start boxing at your face with both paws…not just once, but over and over until you lay back down.

We are honestly always scared to get up if he’s laying on us. And, if he’s hungry and you get up and walk to the kitchen, he slaps at your legs and bites your ankles until you feed him. My life would definitely be more boring without Mr. Oliver LaPaws. I am happy to say that after 3 years of living with me, he is now fat, furry, and happy…that is, if you DON’T get up!

Submitted by: Valerie


Gallery: Onxy

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Name: Onyx
Location: S Florida

Onyx is a meankitty

In a houseful of cats, I am the Meanest! And Thor is the wussiest.

What makes Onyx so mean?

My name is Onyx. Mom and Dad came to get my adopted brother, Horus, from a website they saw. They were told that if they paid for one cat, that they could get another. So I went home with Mom and Dad and realized that along with Horus, I would have three other brothers, Odin, Loki and Thor.

Dad considered me to be a foo foo cat, as I have long hair and everyone kept calling me “her” including the vet that Mom and Dad took me to. They thought I was a girl. I wanted to play with everyone after the first week, but I knew that Mom was my property. I don’t pay much attention to Dad. But to Mom, I would crawl up her leg meowing like a kitten and act sweet and purr and nuzzle her ears. But that darn Thor always wanted to be with Mom too and was always trying to be sweet. When Mom isn’t looking, I chase Thor around, batting at him and upsetting him, until he bats back and becomes nervous, hiding in corners like some kind of freak. Yeah–not too sweet then, is he?

When Mom DOES catch me being mean to Thor, she squirts me with the squirt bottle. Dad calls me a bully.

Submitted by: Tamara


Gallery: Occhi

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Name: Occhi
Location: Australia

Occhi is a Meankitty

This is stage zero, the Lazy Cat.

What makes Occhi so mean?

My cat’s name is Occhi. The photo shows him in his favourite position – just waiting to bite the hand that pats the belly. He loves getting into the kitchen cupboards, and sliding doors present no barrier to his progress. However, his really mean nature is to make sure no human can sleep for more than two hours. At the two hour mark, he will use whatever means available to wake them.

Stage one is a gentle cry, stage two is sitting next to their heads, stage three is gently touching their faces or hair with his claws. Sometimes in summer when he really feels needy, he develops a stage four — a full assault on your feet while you try to sleep.

Photo submitted by: Andrew


Gallery: Ogre

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Name: Ogre
Location: Washington

Ogre is mean

Freight training is exhausting work.

What makes Ogre so mean?

This meankitty’s name is Ogre. Need I say more? Ogre and his brother Beast are terrors. During the one hour they are awake every day, they tear my house to pieces chasing each other. It sounds like a freight train coming through. DO NOT GET IN THEIR WAY!!

Ogre also feels the need to go in and out of the house at least six times a night!! I have now kicked all cats out of my room because of this, but he has learned that if they scratch my door and make noise by sticking his paws under the door and ripping at my rug I will let him out just to shut him up. Bad kitty!

Photo submitted by: Shannon


Gallery: Obadiah

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Name: Obadiah
Location: NM

Obadiah the Meankitty

When they call me "Goody" instead of "Baddy", that's when I know I've got to ramp it up a bit.

What makes Obadiah so mean?

My name is Obadiah. I’m Master-in-Waiting to my older brother, Sampson. I chose my slaves one cold day when they were coming home from shopping and looked to have lots of good treats for me to eat. When they opened the door, I just walked right in and haven’t looked back since (except once to check out the neat white stuff that fell from the sky).

Sometimes I get called Baddy because I enjoy mischief, especially when it involves my brother. We love to make more noise than you could imagine thumping and jumping around in front of the TV all evening.

Our favorite things to do as a pair are lying at the end of the couch, climbing the walls to drive our slaves into madness, begging for appetizers while our slaves are cooking, climbing on the piano and peering out as those huge, loud things scream by our castle, and cuddling with our youngest slave at night.

Obadiah the Meankitty

Sometimes I thump in front of the TV, sometimes I just thump the TV.

Personally I enjoy getting on the kitchen cabinets (which defies the one request my slaves have made of me….but I don’t care) and kneading any place I plan to set my royal duff. I also enjoy scratching the couch, even though I have a perfectly good scratching post in the room I share with my brother, and eating cardboard, paper, and plastic bags. Yummy!

Photo submitted by: KM


Gallery: Big Orange

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Name: Big Orange
Location: Unknown

Big Orange is meankitty

6…7…8….9….10….The Winnah! Big O is the Kittyweight World Champion!

What makes Big Orange so mean?

The first thing Big Orange touched the first moment he born was me. His mother, Boiled Egg (deceased), trusted me enough to sneaked upon me in the middle of a December night and delivered him directly on my tummy (Yep Boiled Egg was also a Super Mean Kitty.)

Big Orange is a very energetic kitty. He has everything it takes to fit the description of a playful kitty too. He plays with plastic bags, TV cable, empty bottles, my sister’s skirt, geckoes, roaches and anything that moves in my house. But for me that isn’t what makes him mean. He has other traits that push him into the mean category.

1. Big Orange loves to sleep on humans.

In the night when everybody is sleeping innocently, Big Orange will search the room for his prey. When he find his favorite pose, he will jump mercilessly on his prey’s tummy, usually me (Arrrrggghhhh!!!) After that he spins around, yes on my tummy, to ‘make his bed’ and sleep. That wakes his prey for sure and I have learned that if I put him down, he will just do it again in a few minutes.

2. Big Orange won’t eat without his personal waiter.

For some very strange reason, Big Orange won’t eat unless ‘I’ stay to serve him. He won’t eat if I just put all his food into his bowl at once. He will just leave the food until I get back from work and tend to him by hand.

So I have to wake up earlier (to feed him) in order to be able go to work in time after serving his breakfast.

Submitted by: Charlie


Gallery: Admiral Oreo

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Name: Admiral Oreo
Location: Indiana

Admiral Oreo is a meankitty

And I'll have fun, fun, fun till the humans take the TP away.....

What makes Oreo so mean?

Admiral Oreo is so mean because any chance he gets, he runs into the bathroom and unrolls the toilet paper for fun. He also hides in the shower EVERY MORNING and waits for me to come and use the restroom, at which point he jumps through the shower curtain and attacks me while I am half asleep just trying to pee. He steals all the food from the other cats and is constantly attacking them to the point where they will sit on my lap just so he will leave them alone. Also when you play with him and then quit but he’s not ready to be done, he chases you down and tackles your legs, biting and clawing before he runs away again.

Submitted by: Judy


Gallery: Oliver

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Name: Oliver
Location: Unknown

Oliver is a meankitty

No, no, no, anything but the kitty restraining device!

What makes Oliver so mean?

Oliver is such a mean kitty that when I take him to the vet (where they have him filed as “cranky”), the doctor jumps back in horror when she sees him (and not in a joking manner). An assistant has to come in and put him in a restraining device (please keep in mind he was just 5 months at the time and quite small) during his examination.

In addition to his behavior at the vet, he is quite a bully at home. A friend compared Oliver’s behavior towards me to an abusive relationship. He bites my ankles, arms and nose and slaps my glasses off my face and then, when its time to go to sleep, he curls up around my head, purrs and tries to groom my hair.

In order to calm him down, I got him a pet–his twin brother from the same litter, named Beanie. Beanie is sweet and cuddly. On two occasions Oliver saw Beanie sitting on the side of the tub while I was taking a bath, shoved him in, and ran off.

Submitted by: Sherri


Gallery: Isis and Osiris

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Names: Isis and Osiris
Location: Unknown

Isis and Osiris are meankitties

Who the heck is the human calling stupid? Look what she considers graphic "art"!

What makes these cats so mean?

I apologize for the format and this not being an actual photo of my cats. You see, the little twerps crashed my boyfriend’s hard drive surfing the net for the best prices on catnip and expensive jungle gyms for cats, and all the graphics programs were lost. How they got my credit card number is unknown.

Why are they meankitties?

Psycho Isis seems quiet until flea bath time. Then she sees fit to try to remove your jugular with her razor sharp claws. She will curl up on your warm lap pretending to love you, and as you pet her she sinks her sharp fangs into your hapless flesh. She growls at other cats, a low, infernal, vicious growl that makes your blood run cold.

Stupid Osiris is in fierce competition with Psycho Isis for the world championship title of “stupidest cat alive”, and he has a mean streak a mile long. Too much petting and you’re apt to become his next meal (or so he thinks). He prostrates himself under your feet so you’ll fall flat on your face. When he’s not doing this, he and Isis party it up… in your bed.

Submitted by: Connie