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Gallery: Whiskas

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Name: Whiskas
Location: Australia

Whiskas the Meankitty

Directly after this photo, Whiska hunted down a jackaloo. If you don't know what a jackaloo is, that's because Whiskas killed them all.

What makes Whiskas so mean?

My mean kitty’s name is Whiskas and we got him when he was 2 months old from Animal Welfare Rescue for Cats. This nice lady who’s name was Leanne owned this small town house in Ballina NSW Australia and she was one of my dad’s customers because he’s a shed builder and she had HEAPS of cats and kittens. She works at Animal Welfare and chose to be the cat lady. Whiskas is a *not* so-sweet kitty because he’s both domestic and feral cat and ALWAYS comes home with 2 scabs or more. One time he got a Paralysis tick and got a huge hole in his chest and most of the time it was bleeding and had lots of pus in it. I’m surprised he even survived. Last night I was watching Coraline and he came in had a nap and then wanted to go outside again (he spends his time outside a lot).

He’s so funny when it comes to bringing the dogs to work! He’ll jump on the roof of mum’s Ute and tease the dogs by just sitting there and licking his paw like they’re not there. It’s HILARIOUS! He’s sometimes very playful and we have a cat tower and some toys but he uses the toys and only uses the tower to sharpen his claws on the twine scratching poles used as columns for the tower (and most importantly my cat’s extreme weight) and will go straight out again to play with my friend Cleo’s cat, Coda, and this morning we found Whiskas sitting down near the few trees beside our house and watched Coda chase butterflies and birds and we usually feed him when he comes home but most of the time he’s out hunting. I really wish he’d just be a home cat but oh no, that’s too interfering with his hunting (sarcasm). But anyway, I hope you love my submission and Bye!

Photo submitted by: Taylor (age 10)


Gallery: Viktoria

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Name: Viktoria
Location: London

Viktoria is a meankitty.

*crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch*

What makes Viktoria so mean?

Viktoria just loves the taste of flesh. She’ll maul your hand till it’s smeared with blood. When she isn’t biting she’ll roll around purring and cuddling you like any lovely kitty. But do not be fooled by this- this is just a trap to lure you into the biting zone. She’ll grab your hand and when she done kicking and biting and scratching your hand, she’ll move up to your arm and bite on it. Sometimes I’ve caught her biting my elbow. Then she leaves you to bleed to death and goes to find some poor defenseless bird to torture and bring home. *sigh*

Submitted by: Lauren


Gallery: Bandit (5)

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Name: Bandit (5)
Location: Canada BC

Bandit from Canada hates plants

I'm not a meankitty, I'm a gardener, and those plants needed pruning...out of this house!

What makes Bandit so mean?

I adopted this guy through Craig’s list and was happy to see he had a great temperament…until he decided that all window sills are to be completely clear of everything especially plants. Or else.

I had just gotten a few plants from my mother in law and was so horrified at the lengths Bandit would go after them. So many times, midnight to early mornings, I would wake up suddenly to crashes and bangs and a little mew. Every time I would put the plants back up and scold him, he would just glare and do it again every morning.

I soon gave up on having plants in the bedroom window because of this. But he soon found them in the kitchen window too. After about a dozen or so attempts to keep him out of the window, my husband and I got a bamboo rack and rigged it up in the window, only to find he would climb on top and break the rack while pushing my plants off the ledge anyway.

Our new attempt is we got a rack to fill the entire window. It was too long and he soon found a way to crawl UNDER it and get his back paws behind the plants. He shoved three of them right off onto the kitchen floor. it was once again a very early morning. Now I have a wooden board in there so there is no gap underneath. I still see him plotting how to win this next round with me.

Submitted by: Tara