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Gallery: Nell

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Name: Nell
Location: House of Antique Video Games

Nell is mean

I hate that stupid dog on there! He's such a norp.

What makes Nell so mean?

Nell isn’t mean so much as she is feisty. She likes to be in the middle of anything I am doing even when it really messes up what I am doing. Here I am in my room trying to play old-style Nintendo — does anybody remember Duck Hunt? — and Nell is blocking my view. But I think she’s having more fun than I am. Stupid game.

Photo submitted by: Oliver


Gallery: Nanna

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Name: Nanna
Location: Kansas City

Nanna is mean

I'm in here because it's protected from the radiation poisoning, and you think *I* am weird!

What makes Nanna so mean?

This is my kitty, Nanna. She’s only truly happy in her Kitty Condo. And with catnip. She’ll attack anything that comes near her condo. Unless she has catnip.

Nanna is mean

Offer me catnip and I'll come out long enough to claw your arm for it!

She also likes to torment our other kitty, Rasputin. She will gladly give him a whack every now and then just in case. She also demands to be petted hourly and will come and grasp your arm with her claws until you comply.

Photo submitted by: Barbara


Gallery: Numnum

Saturday, December 28th, 2013

Name: Numnum
Location: Leicester, UK

NumNum the Meankitty

I'm actually a Chihuahua dog in disguise. Si! Es verdad! I have snucked onto Meankitty!

What makes Numnum so mean?

My brothers have cats. My sister has cats. I didn’t until one night when I discovered him hanging out alone since his mate had disappeared in the dryer. I luckily had a digital camera available to catch his wooly visage before he left, seldom to be seen again. How was he mean? He made me eat dust bunnies, taught me bad words, and smelled awful…like a cross between well-aged cheese and dank fen scum. I am sure he is still somewhere in the neighborhood, though I never see him, exactly.

Photo submitted by: Weird Rory


Gallery: Neji

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Name: Neji Hyuuga (Neji)
Location: Yulee, FL

Neji the meankitty

You lied! This doesn't taste at all like hair.

What makes Neji so mean?

It’s a little creepy cat if you wish. But I think he’s just my little ninja. Sometimes hhe looks so cute on the carpet, staring at you like a little angel. Yet at at bathtime he seems as if he is saying, “HEY! WHAT THE HECK! I DID NOT TELL YOU TO PUT ME IN THE DANG SINK!”

Then other times, when you least expect it, he sits under the rocking chair, waiting quietly until you come by. Out he comes, crashing into your leg and snapping up your hopeless feet until you go screaming into the bathroom to get a bandaid. Lastly, he LOVES to eat hair and especially scratch your eyes.

Photo submitted by: Kate


Gallery: Jasmine aka Nub

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Name: Jasmine aka Nub
Location: Uncasville, CT

Jasmine is a meankitty

A Boy Named Sue? Whoever heard of such a thing? He gets what he deserves.

What makes Jasmine, aka “the Nub”, so mean?

You may think she’s so innocent and sweet, but she isn’t. Why? This Evil Kitty likes to spend hours in the early morning attacking that ever present threat looming in the kitchen……..the refrigerator!!! The Nub has made it her mission to rip every paper and photo off the fridge and send magnets flying across the house. She won’t stop until she can jump clear to the top of Mt. Fridgerest and every slave and dog in the house is awake!

In the daylight hours when the fridge is safe, she likes to stealthily climb on top of sleeping sweet Sue Kitty and sink her fangs into his plump little neck. Sweet Sue (the boy) can’t get any rest. The Nub has NO FEAR. She even rubs under the chin of our 70 lb. cat-hating dogs and drinks from their water dish.

Submitted by: Nub Slave


Gallery: Neko (2)

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Name: Neko (2)
Location: Glendive, MT

Neko is a meankitty

Don’t play on the computer…play with me!

What makes Neko so mean?

Neko likes beating up the puppy, biting Daddy, and running around the house making demonic kitty-calls. But so far she’s only half mean, as she also still likes sleeping and cuddling with Mommy (me). She also enjoys “helping” while I’m at the computer. She definitely does not like being petted while she’s grumpy or being woken up from a nap. Two landmark evils have included hunting my salamander, which I later found dried up under my bed, and peeing on my pillow while I slept, her first week home. We rescued her from a dumpster, and this is the thanks we get!

neko beats up dogs

If you won’t play with me, I’ll beat up the dog.

Neko follows in the footsteps of my dearly departed meankitty, Tess, whom we had to trade in for a set of matched silverware of because of her newfound hobby of bringing in mangled mice, birds, and bunnies. Let’s hope Neko will not repopulate our home with disease carrying rodents.

Submitted by: Anissa


Gallery: Noodles

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Name: Noodles
Location: Unknown

Noodles is a meankitty

Actually, I swish these around in my catbox and then the stupid humans smoke them anyway! Heh heh heh! Poosticks!

What makes Noodles so mean?

I found Noodles trapped under a gate in an alley while I was doing outreach work with heroin addicts. She began purring loudly the moment I got near her, and I was in instantly in love. She was rail thin, with a wild look in her eye. I should have read the signs.

We gave her our hearts, trust, and a stable home, but as the evidence shows, she never could kick the habit. She’s always chasing the dragon — she’d take the butts out of the ashtray if she couldn’t steal a whole smoke of her own. When we quit, we tried to put her on the patch with us, but she never could handle the adhesive.

Photo submitted by: Jennifer


Gallery: Nanashi

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Name: Nanashi
Location: Utah

Nanashi the Meankitty

I've been poisoning Dusti with dog food so she'll puke on everything, but don't tell Sarah!

What makes Nanashi so mean?

Dusti, the one on the right, has mostly been a sweet angel till recently she was possessed by evil demons that forced her into puking all over all my stuff.

Nanashi, the little one on the left, however, has always been hell spawn. After all I’ve done for her, saved her from the terrors of being left behind by mommy. I bottle fed her till she was big enough to eat solid food. How does she repay me? Waking me every morning by biting me on the head or my favorite, biting me on the butt. You can not touch her with out being chewed on. However, she can’t sleep unless she is touching a part of my bare skin. Her favorite place is my arm pit. Then in the mornings she wakes me with a nibble to the arm or the arm pit. A really hard nibble!

UPDATE February 2005: Dusti eventually picked up on Nanashi’s habit of biting people. She snuck up on her victims and pounced when least expected. Keep in mind she’ wasn’t the smallest of cats and in fact was a bit overweight. She had this tendency to land right on the soft spot in your belly–if you had to pee when she did this, you were in trouble! RIP, sweet, fat Dusti, who passed away in 2004 in a terrible accident.

Dusti was not a meankitty.

RIP Dusti. You were fine and fat and good at barfing.

Nanashi is still wreaking much havoc on all, which she is good at. She fights with other cats under the door at all hours of the night, then keep me awake with her toys. Then of course she cuddles with me at night and insists on licking one part of my body till it’s raw and I can’t take it anymore.

The smart thing will not play if you have your hands covered with cloth–she goes for the skin and bites hard! Luckily she hasn’t pulled the bum biting again yet.

Photo submitted by: Sarah


Gallery: Nala the Dragon

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Name: Nala the Dragon
Location: Seattle, WA

Nala is a meankitty

It’s not for me, it’s for Baby Kitty! Do you want to starve Baby Kitty?

What makes Nala so mean?

Let me tell you about Dragon (ahem, Nala) and how mean she is. She is 18 years old and is in LOVE with food. I’m talking wake me up at 5AM for food every single day. She has gained a 1 1/2 lbs in one year! She now positions herself underneath the bed so at first stir, like just turning over in bed starts an unrelenting string of croaks from her until you A: Get your butt out of bed and give her canned food, B: Scream at her to shut up and kick her out of the room, by which you now are fully awake anyway, or C: Try to coerce your significant other to do the dirty work for you. She is a big ol’ meany. Pun intended.

Please note her baby kitty, which she insists on bringing everywhere.

Submitted by: Amelia


Gallery: Neko

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Name: Neko
Location: Mao’s House

Neko is a meankitty.

See these ears? Useless. Mao busted my eardrums. That deserves a good beat-down, right?

What makes Neko so mean?

Thinking that Mao would settle down and stop crying with a companion, his pal Neko was adopted more than a year ago. Now Neko is all of five pounds and appears to be such a tiny, sweet kitty. Looks are deceiving. She is fascinated with anything cardboard which she tears apart with her nails and mouth, and she is confused between her litter box and down comforters (two down and none in the house).

Neko prefers to sleep under the covers like a person instead of in a kitty bed. That probably sounds like a kind and gentle kitty. Well, Neko lacks the gentle touch to indicate she wants under the covers. She will hit me so hard in the face that she will draw blood. There have been too many mornings that I have gone to work with a cut lip or a cheek abrasion. Cover stick is my friend.

Past her desire to abuse me, she abuses poor Mao. She runs around and bites his rear end. She now runs the place. Mao hasn’t stopped crying and Neko is here to stay. Oh and yes, Mao taught Neko to scream as well. Thank goodness she’s only in the 60 decibel range.

Meet Mao.

Submitted by: Rebecca