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Gallery: Miss Treat

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Name: Miss Treat
Location: Bremerton, WA

Miss Treat Scares Burglars

One can only IMAGINE what Miss Treat is saying here, but it's not very nice.

What makes Miss Treat so mean?

We call her that because that’s what she does to everybody. Her people. The other cats. The very air vibrating across the air and into your ear.

Treat is one rotten screaming bitch cat. Pick her up, and she tears window-glass apart with her howling. Leave her alone, and she tears into the other cats. Don’t give her her way — to be let out of the house, to be fed, to get her place on the rug — and the air-raid siren starts. She could scare Stukas away. Pray she won’t decide that the Mean Screaming isn’t working and try the Seductive Screaming. Artificial sweetness was never meant to be at this volume.

Miss Treat is mean

In the door...out the the door...out the door...etc.

She is a big fake, or so she would have you believe. Pick her up and ignore the screaming, and she gets all sweet and gooey, all purry and kissy. But let your fingers get near her mouth — and you’ll have a reason for screaming.

This cat can scare burglars.

Photos submitted by: Donna B.

Name: Morris (2)

Friday, November 20th, 2015

Name: Morris (2)
Location: San Antonio, TX. Maybe.

Morris is a meankitty

Oh, Meankitty...gaze into my eyes of gold. I am handsome and you should love me instead of Tom. See how mean I am to my staff? You can respect a hunky man like me.

What makes Morris so mean?

This is Morris, my meankitty. He first arrived at my door in the flood of 1998. He knocked on the door with his front paws, and when I opened the door he strolled in like he owned the place. He never left.

He’s not the smartest cat in the world, but he makes up for it by being extra mean. He only lets you pet him if he knows you are going to give him food, otherwise he is likely to bite you. He has sent me to the emergency room on at least one occasion with deep puncture wounds! We have seen him stare down a German Shepherd and win. He terrorizes the other cats in the house, and the only cat he is friendly with is the cat who can smack him down. His generally sour disposition extends to children. The only person in the house he tolerates is my husband, whose disposition often matches Morris’s.

Photo submitted by: Tina

Meankitty’s Note: We aren’t sure if this is “the” Morris who’s been writing letters or not. What do you think?

Gallery: Morris

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Name: Morris
Location: Superstardom

Morris is mean and hoggy.

I should really order a wider bed.

What makes Morris so mean?

Morris is not a cat, he’s a big ole pig. Not only has he got a big head from all the money he gets from the TV commercials, but he thinks he’s the boss of the world and everything is his. Anytime we give the other kitties (Fluffy and Booboo) toys or scratching posts, he won’t let them use them. He hogs them for himself. This kind of cat scratcher where you put it on the ground, he didn’t even want to scratch it anymore, but he didn’t want Fluffy and Booboo to have it, either. So he just went to sleep on it. That’s one mean kitty!

Photo submitted by: Toby

Meankitty’s Note: Could this be the Morris who’s been writing letters to Meankitty…Morris, friend of Tom?

Gallery: Minu

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

Name: Minu
Location: Upstairs


Don't look! I'm ripping up an item at the bottom of the laundry.

What makes Minu so mean?

Hello, my name is Minu. I know I look angelic in these pictures, but I assure you this is all an act I put on to make my slaves love me!

One of my favourite things to do is to rip up toilet paper on the roll and scatter it all around the house. I then sit and watch (with my angelic face on) while my slave picks it up! Generally, I think ripping things is great all round fun. I have ripped lots of things in the house including sheets, blankets, couches, carpet rugs, and my favourite, my human’s legs.


You know, "Don't look," also means go away. You'll pay for this nosy outrage!

I live in a 2nd floor unit and the other night (in the middle of the night) I decided I wanted to escape! I leapt nearly two stories down and then freaked out and ran across a car park and under a car. My slave was trying to get me out from under the car, so I climbed into the engine. Eventually, she got me out, and when back in the unit I acted like nothing had happened. Good times, good times.

Photo submitted by: Zara

Gallery: Mackenzie

Friday, October 31st, 2014
Name: Mackenzie
Location: Unknown


See my spotty belly? Doncha wanna just brush it?

What makes Mackenzie so mean?

Mackenzie is very finicky. You never know what kind of food she wants to eat (Meankitty’s note: obviously, your flesh) One day she’ll eat dry, the next she insists on moist. If it isn’t what she wants, she will turn the bowl over and play in the food.


Humans are so funny, thinking they can jump high...

She also insists on regular brushings. She doesn’t care how busy you are, she will drive you crazy until you brush her. She even bites you to get the attention she feels she deserves.

Photo submitted by: Mary

Gallery: Mischa

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Name: Mischa
Location: Perth, W. AU

I'm in therapy for those embarrassing timid phases. My goal is to be a meankitty 100%!

I’m in therapy for those embarrassing timid phases. My goal is to be a meankitty 100%!

What makes Mischa so mean?

Mischa is schizophrenic. She is either totally timid, afraid of noises, other cats, dogs, the vacuum cleaner, lawn mower etc, or the complete opposite.

One thing she is never afraid of is the cat brush or whoever is using it on her. Show her the brush and she goes into immediate attack mode, taking flesh with her.

When she’s in her tigress mode, she arches her back, moving sideways like a crab, and dares you to move. If you do, she attacks ankles, calves, knees, and enjoys pouncing from nowhere and kicking me in the legs before running off and hiding, ready to pounce once more. She has a scratching post which has not been touched because she prefers to shred the couches and dining chairs.

When just a kitten, her favourite pastime was to climb the feature brick walls to the ceiling. She will drink from nothing but the birdbath in the yard, which she has to stretch from rocks to reach.

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2014: Now that Mischa is older and in ill health, she still fits the mean kitty bill and hasn’t lost the ability to draw blood from my legs, particularly when another cat is around. However, the brush she fought so hard against back in the day is something she demands many times a day as her medium hair is now very long hair. In fact the vet had to shave her chest today because of fur matting.

Photo submitted by: Reg

Gallery: Musspuss

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Name: MussPuss
Location: New Zealand

Musspuss is a meankitty

Mmmmm, I love snacking on humans! High in fiber, low in hairballs, and the screaming is music to my ears.

What makes MussPuss so mean?

She’s one of those cats who looks all fluffy and cuddly but is really Satan on four legs. No ankle is safe when she is around. She’s especially bad when she’s been given fresh red meat for dinner.

As you can see by the picture she is in the middle of making a meal out of my hand.

Submitted by: Christy W.

Gallery: Mollie

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

Name: Mollie
Location: TX

Mollie is a meankitty

Dog hairdressing is only my side business. I make most of my mad money as the SOHC area secretary.

What makes Mollie so mean?

This is Mollie at 12 yrs old. (Doesn’t she look sweet? She really is not.) Mollie is a mean cat because:
#1: She doesn’t like any other cats. The ONLY animal she likes is HER dog. And she only likes him if he lays very still and lets her groom his head, which by the way is very hard for him to be still while she is doing this. He wants to PLAY! She doesn’t.

#2: Mollie thinks it’s time to get up the minute the sun comes up and meows loudly to say so. Pillows (or insults) thrown in her direction are of no use.

#3: Mollie has always marked the corners in the house when there is carpet with pee and will probably always do so.

#4: Mollie is an excellent mouser. This is a good trait, and she can catch and eat a mouse in record time, but then you’ve got a dead mouse to deal with.

#5: Mollie gets very upset when someone new moves in OR visits too long. She has been known to pee in a visitor’s drawer and pooped in my shoes one time to tell me how much displeasure she had at the new guest.

#6: Mollie complains loudly if you pick her up, she only wants you pet her when she wants to be petted, and you must pet her in the manner she dictates or she might bite you. Which happens sometimes in the middle of the night! She always wants to sleep with me and demands I pet her by shoving her head in my hand. If I don’t obey she bites me and I have slowly extract my hand or she bites down hard! I’ve never quite figured out if this is ecstasy from the petting or pure meanness.

She rules this house and I won’t get another cat until she’s gone. God forbid if I upset her again!! (the shoe thing)

Submitted by: Ileene

Gallery: Meatball Alexander

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Name: Meatball Alexander
Location: Ohio

Meatball is a meankitty

You're off schedule, human! It's time for my daily tuna snack!

What makes Meatball so mean?

Meatball Alexander is a one of a kind cat. He thinks everything is all about him and insists that he sticks to the time schedule he made, of course. He wants his can food at eight am. If you are not awake he will sink his teeth and front and back claws in the bottom of your feet until he draws blood and you wake up. If he thinks you’re not moving fast enough he will cut you off and then sit right in your path. If you stumble into him, he wraps around your leg and bites as if it were your fault you tripped over him.

He doesn’t like his belly fat touched. He will act all loveable so you think he wants petted, but that is just his trickery. WHen you get close, he will meow and attack like a lion going for a kill. If he is sleeping, beware you don’t disturb him! He will glare at you, and if looks could kill, you would be dead. He takes everything over. If something is in his way, he will knock it off with his paw or lay on it until it falls or he breaks it.

Meatball is a meankitty, and fat too

Loooooooook at the belly fat. You know you want to touch it.

Meatball may purr, but that is nothing to go awwwww about! If you’re on the couch, bed or floor he will lay on your face to get you to move…and purr while doing it. He is also a snoop. He will tear the grocery bags up, and he doesn’t care if the bags are empty or not. I can’t do laundry without him climbing into the dryer. Another thing about Meatball is that if the litter box is not halfway full of litter, he will take his paw and fling it all out of the pan. Meatball is unique, but a mean kitty.

Submitted by: Theresa

Gallery: Mimi

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Name: Mimi
Location: Chesterfield, UK

Mimi is a meankitty

Grooming is for DOGS and will not be tolerated!

What makes Mimi so mean?

I would like to introduce Mimi, our beloved yet fearsome tortoiseshell cat. Mimi had a hard start in life. She was rescued by my partner when she was only a kitten. Her original owner was one of those types who think pets are a great idea but when they get them home and the responsibility kicks in, they get bored. Our Mims and her sister cat Amy (who my partner also ended up adopting) were very neglected – fed and watered but unloved. It was love at first sight when Mimi first set eyes on my partner. She was so grateful for a bit of affection that she moved in with him and a much happier life started for her.

I came along a couple of years later and also fell head over heels for her. I tried everything to get her to bond with me but she only had eyes for my partner for several years. I was bit, scratched, terrorised into not using the stairs (her favourite spot) and generally bullied to bits by a ball of fluff who can’t weigh more than a large bag of sugar. Eventually we bonded and now I am permitted to tickle the sacred tummy, scratch behind the sacrosanct ears and I’m even privileged enough to have my lap sat on occasionally.

Mimi rules our house with her moods and whims and although she has settled down a lot, she still has the occasional tantrum. She slashed my partner’s arm open wrist to elbow as he had the temerity to attempt a grooming.

Submitted by: Roanna