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Gallery: Kilborne

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Name: Kilborne
Location: SC


Treat her right or you'll end up hospitalized. You betcha.

What makes Kilborne so mean?

Kilborne was named after a street in my town. I call him “Killer” for short, and he’s about 8 years old now.

He has only bitten a few select people. Mostly he just stays in his own space lest he find you deserving enough to stroke him and scratch him behind the ears.

His victims:

  • A guy I was dating had to stay in the hospital for three days after receiving a bite. Maybe not the fella for me?
  • My husband’s ex wife. (This was his very first female victim) Need I say more?
  • My nephew who was much younger and quite the spaz (he still has scars on his arms).

Submitted by: Leah