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Gallery: Kahlua (2)

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Name: Kahlua
Location: Smyrna, GA

Kahlua the meankitty

Who, me mean? Nahhhhhh!

What makes Kahlua so mean?

By: Kahlua

I had my humans under my spell the second I saw the male one. I was captured as a stray by animal control and taken to the shelter where the male works and buttered him up right away. When he would hold me upside down in his arms, I would just lay there and act calm and mellow. Tricky, huh? Sure enough a few days later I was taken home to the House of Cats (more to come on the house of cats in future posts).

I run after and chase ALL the other cats, I don’t care who they say they are. I will jump on their backs and bite their necks until they scream for mercy. Only Spike can handle it so we train together. I hate it when another cat hisses so I pounce on them the second I hear a noise like it.

Kahlua is annoyed

Do I hear hissing? That hated sound can pull me away from anywhere, even the food bowl.

My humans thought I wasn’t a meankitty until one day they opened the door and I ran out, straight across the hall to the neighbor’s door just as their dog came out, and I jumped right on his head! HA HA HA! Normally we don’t get to go outside–we have a big sunroom with sliding glass doors and windows so that we can make sure all is right in the world. The humans got a harness and a leash for me, but that’s not gonna happen. I’m not a DOG.

A few weeks ago I started using some of the tactics Ipo taught me. I have been attacking the females head of fur when she is asleep. I jump on it and attempt to shred it as if it were a nest of birds.

Photo submitted by: Kiva