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Advice: Flop’s House

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Dear Meankitty,

I need some advice! My cat, Flop, refuses to adjust to living with our puppy. We have had our dog, Sensi, for over two months now, and there has been NO change in how the two interact. When Sensi is in the house she is looking for the Flop, when she finds the cat she gestures to play, but the cat freaks out every time and hisses, spits and starts slamming his paws around in the air, claws bared. He is a huge cat and would do damage, but Sensi is a big puppy who is only going to get bigger as she grows up. Winter is approaching and the dog will be in the house more and more. What is the best way to force *some* level of tolerance? It’s exhausting.

Any suggestions?

Helpless and Exhausted in Edmonton


Dear Helpless,

It’s a cat’s world, and dogs are just mouth breathing in it. Humans, too. My advice is to get Flop a bunch of cat trees, maybe build him some expensive, custom-made, carpeted railings and perches all over the walls high up, and he’ll always have somewhere to go to get away from the smelly dog. You should also be sure and give Flop tuna any time he wants it and let him eat it without giving the dog anything so the dog always knows that you love the cat best.

That’s what I would do, if I were a human.