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Gallery: Indie

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Name: Indie
Location: Charleston, SC

Indie is mean

I'll let you brush me if you let me "brush" you first.

What makes Indie so mean?

This is my mean kitty, Indie. She likes to bite; if you are petting her the wrong way or at the wrong time, beware, and she is especially unfond of being brushed. She gets in this sink (my husband’s, of course) and growls if you try to get her to move.

Photo submitted by: Jane


Gallery: Ipo

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Name: Ipo
Location: Smyrna, GA

Ipo bites

You look good enough to eat!

What makes Ipo so mean?

By: Ipo.

My Monster in training Spike wrote in and told me about the site, so I had to submit some information about myself. I am the eldest in my house of cats at 7 years old, and the largest, at over 20 lbs because I am a Maine Coon. I started with my female human as a kitten and terrorized her and any one she brought over with scratches and bites until it drove them away. I was a monstrous kitten as all mean kitties should be. Funny that my name is Hawaiian for sweetheart, humans can be so foolish, ha ha ha (and it is pronounced Ee-p-oh!). As I got older I could not fit into the small corners and places that I used to, but that has never stopped me from going where I want. If there is something in my way, like books or glasses of water, I just push it to the floor.

King Ipo

I hate it when blood mars the beauty of my fur.

My female human brought a male human into the house about 4 years ago. Now he is my punching bag too! At night, I wait until they are almost asleep, jump on the bed as hard as I can, meow once to announce my arrival and stand and stare at them (this is a part of the power all mean kitties possess to psych their humans out). After the staring, I walk up the blankets and proceed to pull them away from their necks and arm pits. I then flop back and forth getting the right spot, which is on top of their bodies, and stick my head on their chest so my drool will wet them just right and punch them in the arm pit for as long as I feel is appropriate. They may try to dissuade me but I have already stared them down (as mentioned before) and they always give in. Eventually the humans brought home a female Maine Coon kitty for me, and she was a mean kitty right from the moment we met. She would hiss, spit and scratch at me; needless to say I fell in love with her instantly.

When they started bringing all these other rescue cats home (Spike told you my humans are animal rescuers that foster animals until they are adopted), I have accepted my role as the King of the House of Cats and see it as my duty to train them. My permanent cat household consists of 7 cats so far, including myself, not including all the fosters that come and go out of the other rooms. I have quite a Kingdom here, as I should!

Photo submitted by: Kiva


Gallery: Imelza

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Name: Imelza
Location: Australia


Luckily I see humans about to come into the house. No need to terrorise the nearest inanimate object.

What makes Imelza so mean?

This is our cat, Imelza. Looks sweet, doesn’t she? Don’t be fooled. We were. We got her from the RSPCA when she was a tiny, cute little hairball with huge ears. Now, she’s in charge of the house, or at least that’s what she thinks. When she’s not asleep in the most obstructive spot she can possibly find, she’s keeping up a non-stop whine for someone to feed her. But I think she still whines even when she’s not hungry. Sometimes, when she’s bored, she terrorises the nearest cat/leg/chicken/bit of furniture. I still have the scars from the last time she went after me.

Imelza the mean

Jerk? Me? Now you've gone and made me cranky. You aren't going to like it when I'm cranky.

She’s got such a nice name (I suggested it), but no-one in the house ever uses it. Instead, they call her ‘Jerk’ or ‘Arrgh’, or just ‘the cat’.

Photo submitted by: Katie Taylor


Gallery: Idgie

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Name: Idgie
Location: San Fran

Idgie the Meankitty

Back off, human, I’m about to activate the time travel button and you do NOT want to be caught in the backlash.

What makes Idgie so mean?

This is Idgie. He loves his mamma (note the crazy smile/”wah?” as she snaps his picture). But he hates everyone else – unless they’re feeding him, of course. When it’s time for food, Idgie assumes you will forget what you’re doing until the food is in front of his face. Thus he will SCREAM (not even close to a simple ole’ meow; we’re talking SHRIEKING here) from the moment he thinks anyone is awake until the food bowl is in front of his face. You’d think he’d learn by now we’re NOT going to forget!!

My poor roommate suffers the most. I always thought they’d learn to get along, but over the past few years, I’ve lost all such innocence. Idgie refuses to like her. A simple movement on the couch will elicit hissing, growling, the occasional spitting. Any attempt at discipline is an exercise in futility. The vet recommended water bottle spraying. Idgie just sat there and took it, getting wetter and wetter, glaring at me in that “You will SO pay for this” kinda way.

My roommate and Idgie share the love in those rare moments she has food in her hand, but that’s it. I’ve recommended she carry tuna in her pockets, but for some reason she hasn’t gone there yet.

Photo submitted by: Laura


Gallery: Icarus (Icky)

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Name: Icarus (Icky)
Location: Warrensburg, MO

Icarus aka Icky the Meankitty

You forgot to mention this other mean thing I like to do...sneak behind the curtains and barf!

What makes Icky so mean?

My kitty’s name is Icarus, better known as Icky. My kitty is very fat and pretty, and he looks really sweet, but he has one really mean thing he loves to do. Icky absolutely loves to knock over glasses. When someone comes into the living room to watch TV, they usually set their glass on either of the end tables or the coffee table. Icky sneaks up, curves his paw around the glass and watches it fall. Then he just walks off satisfied with himself. He never gets into anything else, he just likes to knock over glasses.

Photo submitted by: Adrienne


Gallery: Icky (Lucky)

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Name: Icky
Location: Unknown

Icky is lucky

I hate Christmas lights!

What makes Icky so mean?

This is Icky, (his real name is Lucky, but that didn’t last too long.) I got him when he was a few weeks old. He was a cute and sweet little kitten. . . then he grew up. Now he chases cats, dogs, mice, squirrels, and birds. He even beats the CRAP out of a wild coyote that lives in our neighborhood.

Icky scratches

Where’s the ugly human with the nice, scratchable legs? I feel the need to sharpen my claws.

His hobbies include hunting, climbing, jumping off the roof at night, tormenting others, biting, clawing, rolling around, cleaning himself on our expensive Oriental rug, and sleeping in our fountain. He screams and orders me around ALL THE TIME. But he LOVES sharpening his claws; lying in wait for my boyfriend to walk by in shorts. . .

Photo submitted by: Krista and Flint


Gallery: Ivory Jones

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Name: Ivory
Location: Anonville

Ivory is a meankitty and a biter

Bright colored? Don't you mean neon yellow? I'm just trying to curtail your bad fashion sense.

What makes Ivory so mean?

This is a picture of my pretty and tough cat Ivory Jones. She can be mean whenever she wants to be, especially if you push her. She hates it when anyone in the family messes with her paws; she’s very sensitive about them. She’ll give a low growl and start biting your fingers. She will attack your legs if you have on bright colored pants. We love her to death, but when it comes to fighting, she doesn’t mess around.

Submitted by: Anon


Gallery: Ivan

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Name: Ivan
Location: Unknown

Ivan is a meankitty

Hey... Keekee... Smell my butt.

What makes Ivan so mean?

Meet Ivan. Named after Pavlov but it should have been after ‘the Terrible’! Ivan was found at a local psychiatric hospital (don’t ask cuz I won’t tell), a skinny, pathetic wisp of a grey cat with mites in his ears and a nasty boil on his butt. His was indeed in a sad plight! And so the decision was made to take Ivan into our home, doctor him, feed him, love him….introduce him to our kitty KeeKee who was also once a stray.

Ivan responded oddly to all the love and attention. He grew healthy, chubby, and oh-so-mean and violent!!! Gratitude – ha! Respect- ha! Oh no….Ivan’s psych ward kittenhood has reared its head in full glory. Not only is everything a personal chew toy, but he has teamed up with the dog in making KeeKee’s life pure hell. In fact, KeeKee is beginning to be a mean kitty too (you can see her eyes starting to convert in the corner of the photo.)

Submitted by: Ali


Gallery: Isis and Osiris

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Names: Isis and Osiris
Location: Unknown

Isis and Osiris are meankitties

Who the heck is the human calling stupid? Look what she considers graphic "art"!

What makes these cats so mean?

I apologize for the format and this not being an actual photo of my cats. You see, the little twerps crashed my boyfriend’s hard drive surfing the net for the best prices on catnip and expensive jungle gyms for cats, and all the graphics programs were lost. How they got my credit card number is unknown.

Why are they meankitties?

Psycho Isis seems quiet until flea bath time. Then she sees fit to try to remove your jugular with her razor sharp claws. She will curl up on your warm lap pretending to love you, and as you pet her she sinks her sharp fangs into your hapless flesh. She growls at other cats, a low, infernal, vicious growl that makes your blood run cold.

Stupid Osiris is in fierce competition with Psycho Isis for the world championship title of “stupidest cat alive”, and he has a mean streak a mile long. Too much petting and you’re apt to become his next meal (or so he thinks). He prostrates himself under your feet so you’ll fall flat on your face. When he’s not doing this, he and Isis party it up… in your bed.

Submitted by: Connie


Gallery: Indy

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Name: Indy
Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Indy is a meankitty

I was NOT named after the dog, Mr. Jones.

What makes Indy so mean?

Indy is 7 years old and has never learned to play nicely with new friends. More than 2 weeks of being around is required before she will socialize.

In her infancy, Indy demanded to be fed from a bottle and rewarded the feeder with many scratches. As she matured, she became quite vocal, hissing and raising fur at any stranger unlucky enough to enter the room. So vociferous is she that everywhere she has lived, the maintenance crews have refused to enter the property unless she has been put up or taken elsewhere.

Indy is not out for blood (although she regularly draws it from strangers). Once she has attacked she runs away and scowls from afar. If she has seen a person or other animal regularly for a couple of weeks she becomes curious and somewhat friendly and later, quite lovable.

Anyone with a bit of determination can survive her attitude and become her friend, but due to her extreme territorialism, I think she qualifies as a mean kitty.

Submitted by: Sargent