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Gallery: Soeren

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Name: Soeren
Location: Scandinavia

Soeren is a meankitty

Dress me in a stupid hat and take my picture, will you? You shall pay, human. You shall pay.

What makes Soeren so mean?

Soeren is a Scandinavian Zombie cat who bites on everyone and everything. On this picture he has just finished off Santa Claus (wearing his cap as evidence). What can we do about him?

Meankitty says: I think he would not be so mad if you didn’t put hats on him. Also, if you gave him his own can of sardines every day…that might help.

Submitted by: Bjorn and Therese


Gallery: David Bowie

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Name: David Bowie
Location: Kansas City

David Bowie is a meankitty.

Step away from the cupboards. In fact, get outta my kitchen!

What makes DB so mean?

My name is David Bowie, and I’m the Meanest Kitty in Kansas City. When I’m not barfing in the hallway, lacerating the curtains or gnawing on my sister’s ears, I spend my spare time guarding the kitchen cupboards and hissing at anyone who dares try enter my kitchen.

David Bowie is murderous

Ceiling fans fall and kill humans in their sleep allllllllllll the time...

My hobbies are eating plants, shredding books, and eating and then pooing out everything from shoestrings to Christmas tree garland. My ‘slave’ Sarah for some reason thinks that I like dancing, but when she insists, I plan all the different ways I can kill her in her sleep and make it look like an accident. I’m 19 pounds of PURE MEAN. Mess with the cat, and you’ll get the claws.

Submitted by: Sarah


Letters: Santa for Kitties?

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Dear Meankitty,

Have you or Big D ever seen Santa Claws?

Curious Fan


Dear Curious,

Sort of. He doesn’t come around here any more for reasons that are a bit delicate.



Kenny vs Santa

This year...that fat man is going down!


Gallery: Belle

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Name: Belle
Location: Under the Tree

Belle is a meankitty

Oh, you want to open THIS gift? What's the password?

What makes Belle so mean?

Belle is one mean kitty! Maybe mean is not the right word…I like to call her Hateful. She is not a lap cat, she doesn’t meow, kinda makes a cooing sound. You can pet her once or twice and STAND Back! she’s gonna swat you and hiss. When she gets pissed off, I have seen her jump my Jack Russell Terrier and whup its scrawny little bottom. Belle doesn’t like kids either, has no time for little ones. Luckily so far she’s never whupped the scrawny little bottom of a human child, just the canine.

Submitted by: Rose