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Gallery: Frijole

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

Name: Scary Frijole
Location: Cambria, NY


Do you think this pumpkin makes me look like a cat?

What makes Frijole so mean?

Frijole instructed me to put his likeness into the pumpkin or suffer the consequences!! To threaten me he ate the pumpkin’s guts! He never lets me watch television either.

Photos submitted by: Lisa B.


Gallery: Felonious

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

Name: Felonious
Location: CA


Racing across the prairie, the rare albino panther see his human prey and...

What makes Felonious so mean?

Here is our meankitty. His name is Felonious. He’s always on the move. A loner. We were lucky to get a snapshot of him this clear, since he will not stand still. Here, you can barely see the damage he did to the water hose he just thrashed and is now walking away from.

Also, he is always filthy! He rolls around in dirt so his white fur does not stand out so much. This is a BAD CAT. Still, we love him.

Photo submitted by: Craig


Gallery: Spike (2)

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Name: Spike
Location: Smyrna, GA. Also, the Buffyverse.


Spike as a youngster just developing his taste for blood.

What makes Spike so mean?

My name is Spike, the Vampire Kitty, frequently called Monster. It is an appropriate nick-name, so do not think that I am offended in any way. My human workers rescued me and my brother Spot from the shelter. I easily put them under my spell and have them wrapped around my tail. HA HA!

But let me get back to explaining my mean kitty ways. As a young vampire I would claw and bite my humans any chance I could get. I love the taste of blood and so I would bite them hard! As I got older I started to show them my other talents. I attack their fingers when they are sleeping–they are vulnerable then and I can really sink my teeth in to their soft fleshy digits. I now know, as an older kitty, that I must give some love and attention to truly hold them under my spell. Little do the foolish humans know, it is all a ploy! I do not speak unless they are taking too long with my wet food, and then I must scold them. I attack all food left unattended…well it really doesn’t have to be unattended, because I will take it right from under their noses.


Spike as an adult sleeping off a wild binge of running, jumping and bloodletting.

I love to tackle my housemates to establish my command. However, there are some other mean kitties that have been here longer than me and so there is competition amongst us. There are three in particular that have special mean kitty powers. Ipo is the King; he is a very large Maine Coon who has lived with the humans the longest. He allows me to train with him. I attack his head and pounce on his back. Kahlua has a wild streak in him that matches my own. He and I race through the house and over everyone and everything tackling each other like linebackers. Tissy is the evil little female cat. She will attack me for no reason. I have scratches on my head almost every day from Tissy and her mean little self, but I do have to say, that as one mean kitty to another, I secretly admire her spiteful ways.

Photo submitted by: Kiva


Gallery: Casper

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Name: Casper
Location: Munson, OH


I think there's a bunny under here. And you're next.

What makes Casper so mean?

She is an extremely bossy meankitty. Whether it’s destroying our wood paneling to ripping every stuffed catnip toy to eat the goods inside, she’s nuts! Also, Casper needs to have the faucet dripping at a certain rate to drink from my bathroom sink.


I can't miss a single episode of my shows, dude.

She even knows how to turn the channel to the Animal Planet due to her bad intentions of jumping at the screen at the cats on the TV (SEE PIC).


Dancin, dancin, dancin....she's a dancin machine!

What even makes her a MEANKITTY with a vengeance is, my brother, whom she does not like at all, was walking past the porch doorway one day. He noticed this innocent white mean kitty sitting happily beside a rabbit’s head–yes, just the head, no body. If that wasn’t mean enough, the cat moved the rabbit’s head so its eyes pointed towards him to suggest perhaps that he will be next. He’s taken to wearing body armor at my house.

Photo submitted by: Jeremy


Gallery: Princess (6)

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Name: Princess (6)
Location: Rock Island, IL

Princess is a meankitty.

I’ll give you three more seconds to snap the photo, human, and then it’s kitty whirlwind time.

What makes Princess so mean?

Princess is a mean kitty because she’s wearing a leopard costume, and leopards are mean. Actually, she’s angry because she’s wearing a costume. At the time, she had one other furry feline friend who was seriously scared because of the costume: she thought Princess was another cat! However, Princess just came up to her like normal, really freaking out the other cat. We laughed SOOO hard!!!

Photo submitted by: Rose


Gallery: Cujo

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Name: Cujo
Location: Alberta, Canada

Cujo is mean

I am feeling the sudden onset of general emotional numbing and chronic pain, simultaneously! Go away, Cujo, and leave me alone!

What makes Cujo so mean?

Long-term effects of domestic violence on kittens who have been abused by Cujo may include:

* anxiety
* chronic depression
* chronic pain
* drug and alcohol dependence
* eating disorders
* emotional “over-reactions” to stimuli
* general emotional numbing
* health problems
* panic attacks
* poor adherence to medical recommendations
* poverty
* repeated self-injury
* self neglect
* sleep disorders
* strained family relationships

The mission of Young Kittens Working Together is to recognize and free the potential of mistreated kitties everywhere.

Photo submitted by: The Storms


Gallery: Ghost (2)

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Name: Ghost (2)
Location: Casper, WY (No joke!)


What am I supposed to do when they put in a bird vending machine on the back porch? Ignore it?

What makes Ghost so mean?

Do not let his cute expression fool you. He is truly a meankitty! Why? Various reasons.

1. He beats up on poor Ollie, a nervous orange cat that came to us before Ghost. Ghost used to try and snuggle with Ollie. Ollie would hiss and not let Ghost near him. Pay back time! He now runs Ollie off his favorite sleeping place just for fun. I swear I can hear him laughing, an evil little laugh it is too.

2. He hogs all the canned food. I feed him first and he gets the lion’s share. He eats really fast and then runs the bigger cats off of the food they haven’t finished. Even if he has food left, he runs over eats the other cats’ food, then goes back to his.

3. Super bird killer. One day before leaving for work he came in the house with a small dead bird. I took it away., 5 minutes later he comes in with a live robin, a full grown one. Got that away too. Right before I leave, here he comes with another dead one. All this in the space of about 20 minutes. I come home for lunch and there are bird feathers every where and what my husband described as a “shredded bird, nothing left but some feathers and guts.”

4. He is trying to kill us. His nickname is Trip, because he will walk right in front of you or sit beside your feet so you will trip over him. Hence: Trip for a nickname. He also goes by CatPig, Ghostie Post Toastie, and Bird Death.

5. For breakfast he wakes you up by shoving his face in yours and breathing on you. He will purr extra loud like he really loves you. Then when you get up, he’ll snag you with a claw. So, if you see a cute little guy that was dumped at your house with another nicer cat, keep the nicer one, the cute shy one is pure cat evil.

PS: Lives with Baggy.

ETA, from the humans: “Ghostie had to be euthanized on 12/15/11. Alas, he was not as mean as inoperable cancer in the corner of his right eye. Knowing Ghostie would not want to live with half a face he went over the bridge. We miss you Ghost! 🙁 Even the other cats seem to miss him.”

Photo submitted by: Sue & Ollie


Gallery: Knickknack

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Name: Knickknack
Location: San Francisco, CA


Whew, it takes forever to get off the slime in my fur from carving this thing!

What makes Knickknack so mean?

Be on the lookout for Knickknack, shown here in a rare innocent moment. In actuality, she is a cold-blooded hunter, often caught red-pawed. Stalks hapless prey outdoors and brings them inside for the kill. Known victims include a dozen birds, four mice, a slug, a tiny snake and countless dragonflies. Eats evidence, except feathers and miscellaneous body parts, including one (?) foot from a dove. Should be considered clawed and dangerous.

Photo submitted by: Jim


Gallery: No Kitty Ow Kitty

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Name: No Kitty Ow Kitty
Location: House of M

No Kitty

There are reflections of my beautiful face in your eyeball. I think I'll attack it!

What makes No Kitty Ow Kitty so mean?

Kitty is a mean kitty for so many reasons. We got Kitty to be a playmate for the 100 lb slobber machine that is our lab. He was lonely and the small children who live here off and on just weren’t cutting it. We figured if we got a kitten, then Kitty and dog could be great friends. WRONG. It took three whole days after we brought her home just to make her stop hissing and spitting and biting everyone. Within two weeks, (at 8 weeks old) she had fully taken control of our house. Kitty is four and a half months old now and here is her mean list.

1) She waits around the corner for the dog and when he passes by, she jumps on his face all claws and teeth.
2) Pursuant to the above, she makes the dog leave his food bowl whenever she desires to inspect it
3) When the dog wants to sleep somewhere that is not his crate, she creep s upon him and make mincemeat of his most tender places.
4) When he is frustrated with all the previously described behavior and resorts to chewing his rawhide or blankie, she torments him by biting and clawing at them as well until he gives up and goes after her…at which time he gets put into crate — “time out.”
5) This one is just strange. She will not drink from her own water bowl and will wait until AFTER the dog has thoroughly drooled up his own water before she will drink from his.

No Kitty OW!

Mmmmmm, tender loin.

And lest you believe we are dog loving fools…the human list.

1) She has discovered she can fly and will regularly propel herself from one chair back to the other, taking care to anchor herself to the skull of the second chair’s occupant. Screaming and cursing do not bother her.
2) Whenever long hair is presented to her, she will climb it, eat it, pull it. Once again, screaming, cursing, and violent jerking of the head do not disturb her in the least.
3) I don’t think I even need to go into detail about the requisite Meankitty biting, kicking, and scratching.
4) She has decided that she MUST be in whatever room I am in. If I do not allow her to follow me, she will stand and scream until I let her in (at which point I must dig her out of whatever hidey-hole she has found, at great peril to my flesh) or go back to where I was originally.
5) Last, but certainly not least, she has discovered her most emotionally scarring trick. She will lie in a seemingly docile pose upon your chest as you watch television, and when the reflection from the TV on your eyeball becomes too much for her, she will poke you directly ON THE EYE. You cannot blink or move your head fast enough. Trust me. She did it twice, in both eyes, in five minutes.

I used to read the kitty profiles on this website and think that these were strange and isolated cases. Now I know how very wrong I was.

P.S. Though there have been many suggestions for a proper name for Kitty. My favorite so far is “Darth Vicious.”

Photo submitted by: Danette


Gallery: Herby

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Name: Herby
Location: Atlanta, GA

Herby the meankitty

Who, me jump off balconies? Nevah!

What makes Herby so mean?

Where do I begin? Just to hit the high points… When Herby was a baby, he was more obnoxious than the 100 other cats I have had in my life. I would get home from work and he would leap at me and climb up my panty hose on my leg! He would also do this to any guest that walked in my house. Pants, panty hose… Whatever the wardrobe! People SERIOUSLY hated coming to my house because of him.

As he got older, he seemed like he would do things to spite me. After jumping off my 4th story balcony, he was not allowed out there any more. He was climbing the Christmas Tree and broke his leg! He would climb on the counters and tables, wherever there might be a drink sitting, and wait until I saw him next to it. Then he would paw it off the counter all over the floor.

Herby for Halloween

As soon as you turn your back, I'm dropping this pumpkin on the mailman.

Then he decided his toys were not amusing enough. So he began the great habit of climbing up the DOOR FRAMES! I literally have claw marks up and down my door frames. He would climb up then shriek his claws down the sides. After 2.5 years of this, I let him on my balcony again. (This time, 2nd story.) He would jump off and run away for days at a time. Finally I discovered he was going to my neighbor’s house. She claims he is the sweetest most gentle loving cat ever!

Photo submitted by: Shana