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Gallery: Felonious

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

Name: Felonious
Location: CA


Racing across the prairie, the rare albino panther see his human prey and...

What makes Felonious so mean?

Here is our meankitty. His name is Felonious. He’s always on the move. A loner. We were lucky to get a snapshot of him this clear, since he will not stand still. Here, you can barely see the damage he did to the water hose he just thrashed and is now walking away from.

Also, he is always filthy! He rolls around in dirt so his white fur does not stand out so much. This is a BAD CAT. Still, we love him.

Photo submitted by: Craig


Gallery: Miles (2)

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Name: Miles (2)
Location: Milwaukee, WI

Miles is a meankitty

I wrote the book on bad cats. Well, co-authored the book. Along with all the other cats on this site.

What makes Miles so mean?

This is Miles and he is 3 years old. He was the very last kitten of his litter, and I was quick to find out why. Despite being silent the whole car ride home, Miles almost immediately revealed his true colors. He does everything a bad cat does. Bites, scratches, meows loudly, detests being held (except by Anna, his long-suffering roommate), knocks over things, chews cords and important papers…basically, if it’s “bad”, he’s done it at least once.

Miles is mean from on high

Warning: Not Feeling V. Tolerant!

Sometimes he tolerates being petted, but it’s a risk. He will lure you in with his soft fur, cute big paws, and orange underbelly, but no matter how cute he looks, he does NOT want you to touch him and may bite your feet just for walking too close. Seems to hate men more than women, but is really only pleasant to his housemate.

Submitted by: Anna