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Gallery: Loxley

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Name: Loxley
Location: Perth, W. Australia

Loxley is about to fong.

Stop or I'll fong you! Real bad, too.

What makes Loxley so mean?

This is Loxley, named after Robin of Loxley (Robin Hood). He’s 2 years old and weighs in at 9kg (almost 20 lbs!), and he’s a big softy.

Loxley in the act

This is me fonging you.

But then there’s the times he wants what we call “a fonging”– to wrestle, bite, claw, rake, chew, gnaw on us. With that weight behind him, he packs a serious punch.

Photo submitted by: Andrew

Loxley is mean.

I am worn out from all the fonging.


Gallery: Nikka

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Name: Nikka
Location: Independence, KY

Nikka is a meankitty

Check out my uni-fang! I can still fong the crap out of you with it.

What makes Nikka so mean?

Nikka has had a tough life. As a kitten, she was rescued from a busy road by a well-meaning cat lover (me). When I grabbed her from the asphalt and saved her life, she promptly urinated all over me…what an introduction! Nikka doesn’t trust many people (including me) and doesn’t get along with her kitty sisters either.

She despises: people, other cats, all dogs, rules, closed doors, having her bath interrupted, when the treats run out, and when her tuna is late in getting on its plate and getting in front of her twice a day. On one of her nightly escapades she had a brush with a car and we figured that was the end of her, but after a six-week recuperation period and extensive dental work, her shoulder healed nicely and she started to sneer again to show us her Uni-Fang. She’s 12 years old and nothing can keep her down. She inspired me to write the following ditty that is known around our house as “The Nikka Rap”!

My name’s Nikka and I’m too mean to die
Touch me once and you’ll find out why
I’ll fuss and fuss and give you a swat
Scratch you good with nary a thought.
Now get my tuna out and get it on a plate!

Hit me with a car? Come on now.
I’ll bounce right back with a big MEEOWW!
I’ll snuggle up at night when the lights are low
But deny it in the morning, don’t you know.
Now quit making noise there, I’m tryin’ to sleep late!

Submitted by: Jennifer