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Gallery: Mr. Man

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Name: Mr. Man
Location: Unknown

Mr. Man is a meankitty

Excuse me, I have to go eat Tokyo now and you're in my way.

What makes Mr. Man so mean?

This is my girlfriend’s cat Mr. Man. While he was sitting on the headrest of my recliner once, he got his leg caught between the recliner and the wall. He proceeded to attack the back of my head.

My girlfriend, in an effort to assist me in my great pain during the attack, decided to help by covering her own head with a pillow while she screamed. Once I was able to get out of my reclined and vulnerable position, I managed to stop the scalp bleeding and recover my hearing loss caused by a combination of the cat’s screech and my girlfriend’s scream. In her great sensitivity to my pain and suffering, she made sure to tell everyone that she told the story to that I had been KITTY whipped. (child-friendly version)

Submitted by: Scott