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Gallery: Echo

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

Name: Echo
Location: Dallas, TX

Echo the Meankitty

C'mere, Blondie, I need to sharpen my claws.

What makes Echo so mean?

Echo (the grey) is the world’s worst kitty guest! She came to our house to be cat-sat and ended up ruling the roost. She tormented our other cats ceaselessly, chasing them to and fro and back and forth until they all went outside to hide.  

When they did that, Echo, who had been an inside cat all her life, decided she must go outside to torment them more. This was on the day that her owners were due to fetch her. Wily as a cat, she slipped out the front door and was gone, searching for those local kitties, before we could say “Hey, come back here!”

It was raining that day, a miserable soaking drizzle, and the weather was cold. We tramped around outside, calling and calling for that d*mn cat. We found our cats, hiding out in the shed, but no sign of the Houdini Echo.  

Her owner was not best pleased when he arrived to pick up his beloved bed buddy. Sweet butterball Echo (that’s what HE thought of her) was lost in the rainy wilderness. However, with one call of the owner’s voice, we all heard a piteous mewing commence. Following it to its source, there crouched Echo, 30 feet up an oak tree shivering miserably on a branch. Coaxing her to come down was now the owner’s job, thank goodness, and we never cat-sat for her again, not that we were asked to. 

Photo submitted by: Matt-Matt-Matt
Note: RIP Echo