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Letters: So Disappointed

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Dear Meankitty,

I enjoy your site a great deal and the entire feline population here thinks you rock. But I read with dismay your failure to inform the human who amputated the cat’s toes at the first joint by declawing that the painful and medically unnecessary procedure may have everything to do with why he ran away. It is the ultimate betrayal! He was rendered defenseless and mutilated and put in chronic pain. You did not tell them that because it is so painful to a cat, it has been outlawed in many European countries and more and more well-informed and compassionate American vets are refusing to do it. A declawed cat outdoors is at the mercy of dogs and many other dangers. With sticky tape, training posts, logs, catnip, carpet trees, nail covers and nail clippers there is no reason to declaw. As a staunch proponent of cat’s rights, I would have thought that you, Meankitty, would have no trouble telling humans they have no right to mutilate cats. Help me understand your position, Meankitty.

Confused in Houston,
Muffin the Cranky Kitty


Dear Cranky Muffin,

My current position is lurking on the windowsill beside my Human Typing Slave watching the stupid Pink Thing beat on the computer printer. Pink Thing is making a lot of noise and drooling, so I am staying away. [[Note: This was originally written a long time ago when Pink Thing was small.]]

As far as declawing is concerned, I think it sucks dog bones. There’s no furniture in MY house that’s more important than me! Or people, though I’m not much of a people scratcher. But why should I go on a rant that makes me look like a hanky crankster when I have you to do it for me? Thanks, by the way!