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Gallery: Yin

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Name: Yin
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Yin the Impaler Meankitty

Heeeeeeeeey, sit on it!

What makes Yin so mean?

This is Yin, the Impaler. Yin is the despot in a house of many cats. He stays combat-ready by daily bouts with his “enforcer,” Yang. Those are Yang’s actual claws embedded in Yin’s nose—not some Photoshop baloney.

Yin doesn’t ask for attention, he demands it. If you’re not giving him enough, he puts his lower fangs inside your nose and chomps down in a split-second. But there is a softer side to Yin-o. When stray cats or kittens are brought inside, he is the one cat who will play with them and show them attention—after eating their food, of course. Kittens can immediately see that Yin is The Fonz.

Older cats fear him, young cats want to be him.

Photo submitted by: Eric


Advice: Screen Ripper

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

My cat won’t stop scratching or hanging on the door. She keeps pulling the screen off and I get in trouble for it. What should I do?

Door Killer’s Owner


Dear Killer,

Meankitties like screens because they know they can make holes in them. You should see the work I’ve done on the screen beside *MY* favorite window! It looks like some stupid human shot buckshot through it, but it’s all my doing. However, we don’t want meankitty’s slaves to get in trouble and have to give the meankitties away, so I’ll offer you a bit of advice. Duct tape will hold just about anything in place, so you can put it all over the edges of the screen to keep it in the door. Plus, it looks great and comes in many colors.

And as for keeping your cat’s claws out of the screen? There are many cat-centered catalogues and sites which make products you can use to protect your screens. Some are like giant pieces of tape and some are more substantial. There is screen that is supposedly pet claw proof at hardware stores. Lastly, there is also a product called Sticky Paws at your local PetSmart. But then, duct tape might work for this, too.