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Gallery: Marley (2)

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Name: Marley (2)
Location: Melbourne, AU


Payment for services rendered isn't the same as burglary. I earn money for being so AWESOME.

Marley came to live with us when he was a tiny ginger beige kitten. Now he is not tiny. He is mean because he

– Ruthlessy stalks and attacks Harry, who is 4 times bigger (Norwegians are one of the biggest breed of cats) and makes Harry cry.
– He plays violent games in his cat scratching post tunnel ( we call it Ultraviolence) where he likes to be patted whilst he is savaging your hands and drawing blood.
– Insisits on being carried around LIKE A BIG BABY until he is in the TUNNEL OF DEATH and then purrs hysterically whilst mutilating any of your available body parts (while you are patting him).
– will only use the cat box to go to the loo, he runs in from outside to go in the catbox.
-lets you know when one of his toys is under a couch/divan etc. and then waits for you to retrieve it and then ignores you.
-wakes me up half an hour before my 5.50 am alarm goes off EVERY DAY
-steals paper money if it is left lying around, my daughter was wondering what happened to 20 bucks for a whole week, when I saw him run off with a 10 dollar note!! Sure enough, the 20 from the week before was under a couch!! CAT BURGLER!!!!!!
-has sharp fangs and knows how to use them
-knocks over drinks on the coffee table at random
-looks extremely cute and innocent, which is mind games!!!
Beautiful, Naughty Orange Kitteh!!!!

Photo submitted by: Jemima and Veronica


Gallery: Marley

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Name: Marley
Location: Elmo’s Loving Embrace

Marley Kitty

To Whom It May Concern: This shot was totally posed. They paid me in tuna and belly rubbins.

What makes Marley so mean?

If she can’t have her Elmo, she doesn’t want any part of you. Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled! Never wake this cat up from a nap or she will go for your throat.

Photo submitted by: Danielle


Gallery: Glenn

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Name: Glenn
Location: Unknown

Glenn the 1

I'm not mean, I'm an armchair antimacatser!

What makes Glenn so mean?

Seeing your site convinced me our ultramean Glenn deserves a special place on it. See for yourself, that look on his face… Actually, he’s a complete coward, but always trying to hide it by looking tough and dangerous. And by using claws and teeth at most unexpected moments of course.

Photo submitted by: Myriam


Gallery: Sabrina (2)

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Name: Sabrina aka Bad Kitty
Location: WA State

Sabrina is mean

I earned my degree in Advanced Skin Shredding at the SOHC Institute for Meankitties.

What makes Sabrina so mean?

My human slave had to write this for me, since I don’t have opposable thumbs and my midnight typing forays do not always result in something that can be read. If we had opposable thumbs we could do away with humans and work the can opener by ourselves.

But I digress. I am Sabrina, aka “Bad Kitty”. I don’t know that I would say that I’m “mean”; I just rule my house with an iron paw. I might occasionally snuggle and purr, but that’s when I want attention. Refusal to do my bidding, playing with me incorrectly, or ignoring me will result in a severe shredding of the skin on your ankles as I leap out at you from the darkened recesses of the living room. NO HUMAN IS SAFE .

Photo submitted by: Lisa


Gallery: Glenn (2)

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Name: Glenn (2)
Location: NJ

Glenn the Houdini Cat

Mmmmm! Tastes like chicken poop!

What makes Glenn so mean?

Glenn, a Russian Blue, was a gift to me from my husband when I moved to Israel to be with him, but we’ve since come back to the U.S. and currently reside in New Jersey. When Glenn was a baby in Israel, he used to sneak out and terrorize our neighbor’s chickens. He’d come back covered in chicken poop and I’d have to give him a bath. If we left the house and didn’t separate him and our dog, Punto, we’d come back to find little streaks of blood all over the wall because Glenn had attacked the poor dog’s tail until it bled.

When we decided to come back to the States, of course we weren’t going to leave our animals behind, so we got their papers in order, and we were instructed by the vet to give them sedatives for the 9 hour flight from Israel to Newark, New Jersey. Well, a mere cat carrier is no match for our meankitty, and somehow he escaped enroute to the airplane! When we were on the tarmak, boarding the plane with the rest of the passengers, we asked one of the officials about our animals and they said, “Are you the ones with the cat? He escaped and ran over that way, they’re looking for him now.” Then she pointed about a mile down the way to some hangars. Long story short, we wouldn’t get on the plane without Glenn, and they wouldnt take our luggage off because in Israel that’s against regulations, so my husband went off with some airport workers and searched for Glenn. Eventually he found him hiding under some crates. We got him back in his carrier, which by then the airport workers had taped all up and down, and onto the plane and we boarded. We delayed a plane full of people for 2 hours. Oh, the glares we got when we finally got on the plane.

Glenn Again

I could have delayed that plane for 4 hours, but I got bored of the hangar.

He pees on things when he’s mad, is grumpy and reclusive and the only human he semi-tolerates is me. Recently we got a new kitten and it’s gone pretty well, but Glenn loves to make sure little Remmy knows exactly who’s boss of this mob.

Photos submitted by: Elizabeth B.


Gallery: Leah

Sunday, March 5th, 2017

Name: Leah
Location: San Diego, CA

Leah is mean

My belly clock says "tuna treats, ding ding ding ding ding!"

What makes Leah so mean?

Leah is a sweet girl when it comes to food and pets. Sadly, when you stop petting her, all hell breaks loose. Leah (or Nonny, her nickname) will lash out with her superpower teeth and cause superb pain in your hand.

She can meow for hours on end for food, and she will eat it, of course, but then her stomach says no and she hacks the dinner back up. Leah has her belly time clock. Strictly at 6:00am, 2:00pm, and 8:00pm, she needs to be fed. If not, if you’re laying in bed, she will chew on your hair, bite your toes, and or sit on your stomach. Leah is a beautiful fatling, but her attitude makes up for the smarts.

Photo submitted by: Sara F.


Gallery: Lucy (3)

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

Name: Lucy (3)
Location: Levering, MI

Lucy is mean

These claws are registered weapons and I'm not afraid to use them. On your eyeball.

What makes Lucy so mean?

Lucy is about 11 years old and has been grumpy since the day we got her. Why is she a mean cat? That question probably could be answered with the fact that she is and always has been a full blown princess. Our family got her when I was about 7. Her very first act of meanness was when she got her claw stuck in my eye when I was playing with her. Since then she has dominated the household.

She had a best friend named Bo-bo who passed away. Shortly after get received a new kitty and named him Petey. Lucy likes to boss Petey around. Whenever he comes close to her, she swats him on the head.

Lucy has a tendency to be nice to you only if you give her food. She has swatted my friends and myself in the face with full claws before. The only human being Lucy is completely in love with is my mom. And that will remain this way for the rest of her life. She is the ruler of the roost and even has a jeweled yellow collar to show her dominance. She’s a loving cat only when you don’t touch the tip of her tail. If you do, good luck!

Photo submitted by: Caitie


Gallery: Tiger & Luna

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Name: Tiger & Luna
Location: Unknown

Tiger & Luna are mean

In between attacking the TV and the humans, we like to get our beauty rest.

What makes Tiger and Luna so mean?

Tiger and Luna both came to us via Petco when other awful humans would just ditch the kittens there and expect the Petco people to figure out what to do with them. Luckily the Petco people also know which of their customers are suckers so Tiger and then Luna came to rule our roost.

What is mean about them? They like each other better than people and love to attack the TV. Sometimes they like to pretend we’re akin to the awful humans who abandoned them and seek their revenge for the mistreatment.

Photo submitted by: XML


Gallery: Harry

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Name: Harry
Location: Melbourne, AU


Nothing can get free from my giant Teddy Bear paws! Least of all a small, tasty inanimate object.

Meet Harry. Harry is a Norwegian Forest cat who is more civilised than Marley, who also lives with us.

Harry is naughty because he
-likes to go to sleep by using your finger as a dummy and pinching it between his small teeth–not his fangs–this hurts and he likes to do this for half an hour at a time!!
-holds your arm with his huge “teddy bear” paws when he wants a cuddle!!
-is a garbage guts
-his walk is like a stately progress and he can take ages to come inside!!
-who gives naughty Marley as good as he gets!!!

Photos submitted by: Jemima and Veronica


Gallery: Mary Jane Lulabelle

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Name: Mary Jane Lulabelle, aka Monkeybutt
Location: Raleigh, NC

Mary Jane Lulabelle

The game is actually called

What makes MJ so mean?

Mary Jane Lulabelle is earning her status as a mean kitty by using her human’s belly as spring board for leaping over the back of the couch, cornering and biting her feline housemate for no apparent reason, meowing incessantly for cat nip or treats, sharpening her claws on any important papers her human is dumb enough to leave out and waiting to yak up hairballs until her human has guests.


If it weren't for my fur, this would be the perfect disguise!

She earned her alias, Monkey Butt, by leaping around the room, using light fixtures and furniture to play rousing games of “the floor is lava” while her human is trying to sleep.

Photo submitted by: Holly