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Gallery: Donnie

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

Name: Donnie
Location: Secret Hideout

Donnie is a meankitty

Squeeze me and I scream like freedom!

What makes Donnie so mean?

Donnie is a terrorist. Because I talk about him all the time in emails, he has gotten me in trouble with the NSA. But what else am I supposed to do? I think he’s building bombs in the litterbox. Sure smells like death.

Submitted by: Anonymous

Gallery: Felix (2)

Saturday, November 28th, 2015

Name: Felix (2)
Location: NJ

Felix is a meankitty.

I believe from this picture it's quite obvious why I had to punish the so-called groomers.

What makes Felix so mean?

I got Felix as a sick and neglected stray kitten. I cleaned him up, fed him and gave him a home. His picture is very misleading because for once his teeth are not out and trying to sink into my leg, or the couch, or the toilet paper roll. He is happiest when biting something.

He wakes me for food at 5am, knocks his water dish over, and delights in kicking his litter in a 4 ft radius around the box. This love is not only given to me, but others as well. He made quite an impression on the groomers and I am no longer allowed to return with him ( there was a lot of cursing and something about stiches.) He has endeared himself to my boyfriend by peeing in his leather shoes.

All of this activity still leaves time for the complete destruction of all my plants as well as chewing up and spitting out pieces of my bath mat.

He is a meankitty, but every once in a while Felix will hop on the bed, snuggle right up to my chest…and bite me on the chin!

Photo submitted by: Monika

Gallery: Portia

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Name: Portia
Location: Dad’s House

Portia is a meankitty

Aw, I didn't scratch the kitten on purpose. There was a bee on it, cat's honor!

What makes Portia so mean?

My father’s cat is so mean she circles the neighborhood looking for cats to beat up. She used to know exactly where to wait before the neighbor’s cat got let out for the day so she could leap on it. She even scratched a kitten in the eye once! Don’t be fooled by the cute white nose and paws…she’s a meany!

Photo submitted by: Anon

Gallery: Gato

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

Name: Gato
Location: PA

Gato is a meankitty

Hello, last time I went to the vet you cut off my no-no's, and you're confused as to why I hate vets now?

What makes Gato so mean?

Don’t let the sweet exterior fool you. True, Gato was a very sweet little stray kitten who came our way. That is, until we got him neutered.

I don’t know what went awry during the procedure, but since then he’s become a terror. He bites anyone who he’s not in the mood to deal with. He’s caused two people to get tetanus shots and been kicked out of one animal boarding house.

When it comes to veterinarian visits, he needs to be sedated for the doctors to get a handle on him (though he only weighs 8 pounds). Even then he screams, spits, and requires physical restraint in order to get his shots. His first vet was so spooked that he didn’t attempt to get near him, but he did gently recommend that we put Gato to sleep. We’ve since switched doctors.

Gato can be a good kitty, when he wants to be. I guess that’s why we’ve kept him for seven years.

Photo submitted by: Robyn

Gallery: EK

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Name: EK, or Evil Kitties
Location: Unknown

EK is a meankitty

Just call me diet kitty! You'll lose weight running and hiding if you live with me.

What makes EK so mean?

This is E.K (Evil Kitties). We found her on the road. We took her into our house and took care of her. Now she is evilly insane. She killed all of our pet hamsters and fish. She hates everyone and will only be nice when she’s hungry. She scratches the dogs whenever they come too close. In fact, she hurt one of our dog’s eyes, and now the dog can’t see out of that eye. She doesn’t even get along with our other cat. EK chases the other cat away every time she tries to eat. Now the cat is very skinny, and this cat used to be obese.

I have several scars from her on my arms, just from being to close to her. EK spends her days in the back of the closet where no one can get her. She comes out to eat, then she escapes into the garage through the hole she chewed in the door. She spends about 22 hours of her day hiding, then the rest eating.

Photo submitted by: Lauren

Gallery: Honey

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

Name: Honey
Location: West Yorkshire, England,
where he starred in A Rather Small Werewolf in Yorkshire

Honey isn't a honey

I am NOT constantly annoyed. I'm quite mellow when there's no humans there to see it.

What makes Honey so mean?

Don’t let the name ‘Honey’ deceive you into thinking he’s all sweet and innocent. Honey’s a 5 year old ginger tom that we bought from our local pet shop. He’s constantly annoyed with everyone and anything. He’s attacked the milk man, he’s chased a Great Dane away, he’s bit anyone who’s shadow was unfortunate enough to go near him.

Honey Wolf

This shot is me doing my awesome Lon Chaney impression. You like?

But, apart from his flaws, he can be quite ‘sweet’ every blue moon and I wouldn’t change him for the world.

Photo submitted by: Saara

Name: Morris (2)

Friday, November 20th, 2015

Name: Morris (2)
Location: San Antonio, TX. Maybe.

Morris is a meankitty

Oh, Meankitty...gaze into my eyes of gold. I am handsome and you should love me instead of Tom. See how mean I am to my staff? You can respect a hunky man like me.

What makes Morris so mean?

This is Morris, my meankitty. He first arrived at my door in the flood of 1998. He knocked on the door with his front paws, and when I opened the door he strolled in like he owned the place. He never left.

He’s not the smartest cat in the world, but he makes up for it by being extra mean. He only lets you pet him if he knows you are going to give him food, otherwise he is likely to bite you. He has sent me to the emergency room on at least one occasion with deep puncture wounds! We have seen him stare down a German Shepherd and win. He terrorizes the other cats in the house, and the only cat he is friendly with is the cat who can smack him down. His generally sour disposition extends to children. The only person in the house he tolerates is my husband, whose disposition often matches Morris’s.

Photo submitted by: Tina

Meankitty’s Note: We aren’t sure if this is “the” Morris who’s been writing letters or not. What do you think?

Gallery: Morris

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Name: Morris
Location: Superstardom

Morris is mean and hoggy.

I should really order a wider bed.

What makes Morris so mean?

Morris is not a cat, he’s a big ole pig. Not only has he got a big head from all the money he gets from the TV commercials, but he thinks he’s the boss of the world and everything is his. Anytime we give the other kitties (Fluffy and Booboo) toys or scratching posts, he won’t let them use them. He hogs them for himself. This kind of cat scratcher where you put it on the ground, he didn’t even want to scratch it anymore, but he didn’t want Fluffy and Booboo to have it, either. So he just went to sleep on it. That’s one mean kitty!

Photo submitted by: Toby

Meankitty’s Note: Could this be the Morris who’s been writing letters to Meankitty…Morris, friend of Tom?

Gallery: Roland

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Name: Roland
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Roland is a Meankitty

Don't be touchin my fry.

What makes Roland so mean?

Roland is for the most part nice. Except when the world doesn’t revolve around him in which case he turns into a little bastid. Examples of evilness:

1. He hides when I’m walking down the hallway and at the last second attacks my legs, biting and scratching me.

2. He jumps on the table and attacks my fork when I have food on it.

3. He knocks over the garbage can when there is something good and drags everything around the house.

4. He sweats brown gunk all over my bed (yes, sweats because he has no fur).

5. He loves French Fries and will do anything, and I mean anything, to get his teeth on them.

Photo submitted by: Stephanie

Gallery Elvis (2)

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

Name: Elvis (2)
Location: New Hampshire

Elvis is in New Hampshire

Is that a kitten masquerading as a camera I see? I think I'll wrassle it!

What makes Elvis so mean?

This is Elvis, my sweet-natured Fluff-Daddy. He is affectionate, friendly and loves to snuggle. He loves people and his feline sisters. Why is he a meankitty? You’ll need to ask Ozzie, my dwarf dutch bunny. Elvis is under the impression that Ozzie is a kitten. He tries very hard to engage Ozzie in kitty-play by straddling him and trying to flip him over onto his back, all the while biting and digging his claws into Ozzie’s little face and ears. Elvis is also under the impression that while I’m sleeping, my bare forearm is a kitten, as are my stocking feet. Elvis is also a meankitty because he steals my cat Tinky’s favorite catbed – shaped like an alligator. Tinky was the “baby” until Elvis weaseled his way into the household.

Super flying meankitty but not Elvis

Elvis is thinking about leaving the building--to chase the flying bunny!

If Elvis is awake, nothing else exists. I can’t do any of my hobbies like needlepoint or scrapbooking because he steals all my stuff and chews it up.

In the blurred photo you will see Elvis in the lower right side watching a black streak leap across the room. The black streak is Ozzie.

Photo submitted by: Shannon