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Gallery: Loki (2)

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Name: Loki (2)
Location: Adso’s house

Loki is a meankitten

Cattitude--I've got it in spades! Um. What are spades, anyway?

Why is Loki so mean?

Hi!! My name is Loki and I am so happy to meet you. My story of how I got here is kind of fun, or so says Karrin, my new slave.

See, there have been rumours going around with the animals near where I used to be, that if you crossed the busy zoom concrete, there was a human who would fall in love with you and take you home. I thought, “WOW! I am cute and little, bet I could win that lotto!!” So one day I braved the zoom and went into the big dark place with all the zoomers (slave here, that’s cars to us). Ok slave, go away I got this…so anyways – I wandered about and saw lots of humans but I knew they weren’t the magickal one, so I stayed away. I knew who I was looking for, and sorry 2 legs, you ain’t it.

Then………there she was! She had a ‘SUCKER’ tattoo only animals and kids selling cookies can see. I called to her – very quietly so no one else heard. I saw her turn around and look!! It WAS her, OMGs!!! It’s TRUE! Only she could hear me! I watched her look all OVER then turn back around and say, “Did you hear that?!”

The other human (not a magickal one, just one of those ordinary ones) said, “It was a mockingbird.”

Loki is a meankitten

Do I look like a mockingbird to you? I EAT mockingbirds for lunch. Um. what are mockingbirds?

I decided to be a bit more aggressive in getting her attention. I meowed a wee louder and decided to show myself, wandering between two zoomers. She heard me, looked in disbelief (it was funny, that look), and ran over going, “OOOO! Look at YOU! How cute are YOU! Oh crap, Jeff is gonna kill me!!” I let her pick me up and I threw in some purrs and biscuit-making to show how adorable I was. She cuddled me and took me inside to her office. There she played with me and everyone came to see my handsome self.

Her boss said, “I think you like animals more than people.”

“Well DUH,” I thought. “Look at ME, look at YOU – no contest! Pfft, please.”

Loki is sleeping

All I had to do was break out the belly of cute and the humans were goners!

Then then then (this is the BEST part), she took me to this GINORMOUS castle!! She fed me and showed me around and I met these 3 IG’s: Tor, Reno and Grayson, whom I promptly made my subjects with some hiss and swipe and awesome kitty ninja moves (HEEYAH!). Tor (he’s a GIANT!) cowered and looked sad, so I let him be my friend. I met this Jeff person whom I ensnared with my cuteness, since I’d heard Karrin say, “If Jeff doesn’t like you what will I do with you?” Please – no prob, I mean LOOK at me! Yeah say it – awwwww!!! That’s right.

Then I met the famous Adso, who was the inspiration for the tale of the magick human. WOW! My hero! He told me it was all true and I had just inherited the kingdom, like he did and Adair after him (I like Adair, she cuddles with me). And that all of us – the 3 Ruling Class (what? We ARE!) and our subjects: the 3 IG’s, and a Bearded Dragon named Shinki – heard the tale passed around far and wide and found our forever home. Adso says I have to learn SOHC rules and I am not quite sure what those are, but they sound FUN!

So watch out world. I am Loki, the IBTK (itty bitty Trouble kitty), with ninja moves and I WILL be a meankitty to fear (after my food and a nap).

Photos submitted by: Karrin

Gallery: Miss Treat

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Name: Miss Treat
Location: Bremerton, WA

Miss Treat Scares Burglars

One can only IMAGINE what Miss Treat is saying here, but it's not very nice.

What makes Miss Treat so mean?

We call her that because that’s what she does to everybody. Her people. The other cats. The very air vibrating across the air and into your ear.

Treat is one rotten screaming bitch cat. Pick her up, and she tears window-glass apart with her howling. Leave her alone, and she tears into the other cats. Don’t give her her way — to be let out of the house, to be fed, to get her place on the rug — and the air-raid siren starts. She could scare Stukas away. Pray she won’t decide that the Mean Screaming isn’t working and try the Seductive Screaming. Artificial sweetness was never meant to be at this volume.

Miss Treat is mean

In the door...out the the door...out the door...etc.

She is a big fake, or so she would have you believe. Pick her up and ignore the screaming, and she gets all sweet and gooey, all purry and kissy. But let your fingers get near her mouth — and you’ll have a reason for screaming.

This cat can scare burglars.

Photos submitted by: Donna B.

Gallery: Zelda

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Name: Zelda
Location: Unknown

Zelda is mean

This thing about me attacking "without reason". It's a DOG, you palooka. That's reason enough.

What makes Zelda so mean?

Zelda, the Queen Kitty, and everyone, especially our boxer Norman, knows it. When he attempted to overthrow her as ruler of the house, she made sure his face bore the scars of his failed attempt. Now both our dogs live in fear. Zelda is so mean she harasses them endlessly, sneaking up on them and attacking without reason. Not to mention the suffering of the poor birds and rabbits in our neighborhood whose parts I have found everywhere, including in my van. She is definitely one mean kitty!

Photo submitted by: Tamia H.

Gallery: AC

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

Name: AC
Location: Unknown

AC the Meankitty

See this tan stain all over my white tuxedo front? It's old blood stains, human fool...what do you think happened to the last human who crossed me?

What makes AC so mean?

Picked up this widdle wascal about a week ago. His name is AC aka Alleycat aka Energizer Kitty

Don’t let his handsome mug shots fool ya…he is as mean and rotten as they come. He has drawn blood 4 time from me while getting too playful and had made countless attacks at ankle level. The other night at dinner he stole 2 hotdogs, and all this at less than a year old. I am beginning to wonder what happened to his last owner!

Photo submitted by: GW

Gallery: Yngwie

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

Name: Yngwie
Location: Earth

Yngwie is a Meankitty

Superiors? Ha. There's nothing superior to me!

What makes Yngwie so mean?

From as early as Yngwie’s third month on this planet, she has had a problem with uncontrollable anger. Maybe it’s because she’s not FROM this planet and resents being deserted here by her superiors.

Photo submitted by: Phillip

Gallery: Cairo (2)

Thursday, January 21st, 2016
Cairo the biter

Well, you ARE a piece of meat.

Name: Cairo (2)
Location: Unknown

What makes Cairo so mean?

She’s my baby but she can be VERY mean. She gets too excited and goes nuts and starts attacking you like you’re a piece of meat. And she doesn’t just attack your legs or something, she goes for exposed skin. Her favorite spot to bite is the back of your arm where the flesh is nice and tender. She also regularly bites my face. She’s bitten every person who’s ever come into our house, including my 2 year old nephew.

Photo submitted by: Melanie

Gallery: Zea

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Name: Zea
Location: Unknown

zea the Meankitty

I want in your lap. NOW!!!!!

What makes Zea so mean?

Zea’s favorite sport is to get my attention. I cannot type without her on my lap, I cannot go to the bathroom alone, and my sleeping nights are now her on my pillow and me without it. Jealousy is also part of the game…my hubby cannot kiss me without her hissing between us. A constant loud purring is now part of any of our discussions.

The funny part is, besides that, people don’t believe me when I tell them there is a cat in the house. She hates people so much she hides until they leave, so she doesn’t have to deal with them. Few people actually meet my cat. Hopefully this page will prove to them I am owned by one.

Zea the Meankitty with flowers

Flowers destroyed shortly after photo. Also, human.

About the pictures. The pic with the flowers was a deal a made with her. If I took the pic, she could destroy the flowers after, which is exactly what she did 5 seconds after the flash. After I took the pic on the desk (below), I got claws in my face.

Zea in a Santa Hat

You are so dead...again, as I already killed you once.

You would think I would have learned my lesson after that, but no, I had to try a pic with that santa hat. Boy I really made a mistake with that one. Let’s just say it’s a good thing the sight of blood doesn’t make me faint

Photo submitted by: Jewel

Gallery: Dutchess

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Name: Dutchess
Location: Unknown

Dutchess the Meankitty

Don't mind me, I'm masquerading as a dust mop.

What makes Dutchess so mean?

Dutchess is mean because, well there is no real reason. She just is. She gets everything a kitty needs–love, food, toys, you name it, she has got it. But she will only show her appreciation when she wants something else. The rest of the time she either ignores us or makes faces like this.

Photo submitted by: Nathan

Gallery: Rafikki

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Name: Rafikki
Location: Dunno

Rafikki the Meankitty

Secretly, at night, the dog and I are BFF but I maintain my ferocity to stay in the SOHC.

What makes Raf so mean?

I have a cat. His name is Rafikki, He is fine with other animals EXCEPT THE DOG!!!

Rafikki does not back down. He will run up to the dog and attack him for no reason. He gets the dog good because the dog is now afraid of the cat. This is no joke. The cat will not back down–he has even got me a couple times, and I have the battle scars to prove it The scars are usually from when I try to get him away from the dog so I can take the dog out!

Photo submitted by: Jessica

Gallery: Sabrina

Sunday, January 17th, 2016

Name: Sabrina
Location: NYC

Sabrina is a Meankitty

What, me a kitten? I can do SO MUCH more damage.

What makes Sabrina so mean?

Sabrina is a mean little kitty. When she isn’t walking around the house giving dirty looks to people, she’s starting trouble somewhere. She loves to sit on the kitchen table when she knows she isn’t supposed to. The reason she does this, is to keep her eyes on the parakeets in the cage on top of the refrigerator.

When I’m sleeping, she enjoys attacking my feet. I wake up at all hours of the night with her claws in my ankles. Sometimes I wake up and she’s just sitting next to my head staring at me…..which I find a little odd.

Actually, Sabrina is still a kitten and I get a kick out of her playfulness. She’s worse than a child at times!

Photo submitted by: Rene Cina