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Gallery: Curious

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Name: Curious?
Location: Indiana

Curious is a meankitty

The slave is nothing but a heating pad with skin to me...oh, and opposable thumbs for the can opener.

What makes Curious? so mean?

Her first act of meanness was walking into my apartment one night and adopting me. I suddenly had to come up with a $150 pet deposit so I could keep her. She lulled me by acting sweet and cuddly, but all she really wanted to do was take naps on my chest (or my side or back, whichever was facing up).

She likes to randomly bite my ankles and arms. I can just be sitting at my desk and she will come across the room to attack me. She also likes to hide underneath anything on the floor and gets mad when she gets stepped on. She blends into the carpet and lies in wait to trip me up when I go to the bathroom in middle of the night.

She also insists on helping me take my baths by sitting on the edge of the tub and licking my arms and legs.

Photo submitted by: Michael


Gallery: Calabash

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Name: Mrs. Calabash
Location: New York City

Mrs. Calabash the meankitty

I'm going to have to teach you a little lesson, human...

What makes Mrs. Calabash so mean?

I’d like to submit two photos — a before’n'after, if you will, of my kitty, Mrs. Calabash.

File Under “The Price of Fame”:

First came the photo shoot. She was sexy and curvy, yet wholesome, with big clear eyes and a sweet face, just the kind of girl you’d take home to Mother. After that first screen test came fame, and along with fame came the inevitable decadence… the parties, the drugs, the all-night Tender Vittles orgies. Now, out of her skull on catnip and Pounce Hairball Treats, incandescent with rage, Mrs. Calabash claws out the eyeballs of the paparazzi, snarling: “I said put the camera AWAY, monkeyboy! And I mean NOW.”

Mrs Calabash is mad

Never ever ever try to photograph me until I've washed my whiskers!

Photo submitted by: Hanne Blank


Gallery: Cybil

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Name: Cybil
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Cybil the Meankitty

If you don't play with me...I'll cry!

What makes Cybil so mean?

Well, her human slave is so loving and thoughtful, buying only her favourite food, getting her all the latest craze in cat toys, always makes sure there is fresh water, a clean litter tray, and a soft blankie within reach. The slave also plays, and hugs and kisses her all the time.

Cybil in a box

Quit staring at me. Can't a cat have a moment alone in a box without some big light flashing overhead?

But this mean kitty will never display affection and only wants to bite, scratch and tease her human slave. Cybil plays noisy bat-lid-around-tiles games at 5am when human slave is trying to get the last hour of sleep (the most important part), and wakes her every morning with a ‘so called’ caring scratch to the face – demanding the food bowl be refilled with Red Snapper and Flaked Tuna. Then it’s time for hours full of the ‘string game’, but don’t stop playing human slave, or Cybil shall trick you into playing more by CRYING and making it seem as if she is so upset unless you are playing with her.

Photo submitted by: Jenni


Gallery: Cali

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Name: Cali
Location: Unknown

Cali is a meankitty

Kiss my grits, human!

What makes Cali so mean?

What makes Cali the meanest kitty on the net? Apathy. Here’s how she acts when I summon her, yell at her, call her for dinner, plead with her to come inside, or shoe her away. In case you’re not familiar with it, this is the kitty equivalent to ‘flipping the bird’.

Photo submitted by: Scott


Gallery: Cho

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Name: Cho
Location: Alabama

Cho is a meankitty

He started it. You should have heard what he said before you come downstairs!

What makes Cho so mean?

Cho is a very mean kitty who we adopted from a pet store three years ago. She’s bitten me about 180 times and counting. She seems to enjoy the taste of human blood.

Once, my guy friend came over before school (we usually carpool together). I was upstairs brushing my hair. Cho was sitting royally on “her” soft recliner while my friend was waiting for me on the nearby couch. They got to staring at each other.

Right as I came downstairs, I watched in horror as Cho, seemingly in slow motion, flew at my unsuspecting friend and tackled his leg. After being promptly shaken off, she shot us a look that could kill and sauntered away.

Submitted by: Jennie


Gallery: Crighton

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

Name: Crichton
Location: NJ

Crichton is a weird kitty

Up, up and away after the red dot!

What makes Crichton so mean?

Not mean, weird. I sometimes think he’s actually an alien life-form posing as a cat. His favorite food is tomato sauce. He likes to sit in the sink. Are these normal cat behaviors?

Submitted by: Pauline


Gallery: Crabapple

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Name: Crabapple
Location: Newfoundland

Crabapple is a meankitty

I’ve got the humans right where I want them.

What makes Crabapple so mean?

My cat Crabapple is nasty. As you can see from this picture, he’s got a crooked ear and a mean look in his eye. He refuses to let us pick him up and sleeps in an old cardboard box in our closet. He’s the terror of the neighborhood and once killed a raccoon!!

So why do we feed him and let him sleep in our house? Because we’re afraid to make him crankier than he is!

Submitted by: David


Gallery: Cotton

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Name: Cotton
Location: The natural fabrics aisle

Cotton is a meankitty

Well, they’re going on vacation to Dogsville, OH. Like I’d wanna go there.

What makes Cotton so mean?

This is Cotton. He is my bi-colored Persian. Cotton thinks he owns this family. (Meankitty’s note: DUH!) He chooses when he’wants to be petted and never lets us pet him when we want to. Cotton is determined to destroy my computer monitor. He weighs 15 pounds and lays right on top of it. The result, now it wobbles.

Once, we took a vacation and left Cotton home for three days alone. He had toys, food, water, and the whole house to run in. My neighbor checked on him once a day. He was so mad, he scattered all my paper files to the floor, scratched up my new leather desk chair, peed all through the house, knocked over ceramic what-knots, and pulled the drapes down. I was so mad when I got home, I wanted to toss him out the door!! Of course, I didn’t. Next trip, he will have to board since he refuses to ride in the car with us.

Submitted by: Cheryl


Gallery: Cosmo

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Name: Cosmo
Location: Dog Obedience School, MI

Cosmo is a meankitty

Come on, fight back, ya sissy cat!

What makes Cosmo so mean?

Poor Cosmo was thrown out of a car by his past owners, so I suspect that his psychosis is in part due to his abuse. However, we adopted him at 6 weeks old, and he has been shown nothing but love ever since. This does not deter him from being a mean kitty – he constantly torments his sister Haley, who is could easily put him in his place but her loving nature tells her not to. He refuses to let her play with any of her toys, and he especially likes biting her and any human that comes in his way. At times, Cosmo1 is loving and just wants to sit near you and purr, but then this gleam of light shines in his eyes and you know he is turning into Cosmo2.

Cosmo hates dogs

Come on, pee on the carpet, ya sissy dog!

He also hates dogs, particularly ones that look like rats.

Submitted by: Marie & Family


Gallery: Cora

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Name: Cora
Location: NYC

Cora is a meankitty

Like you’d rather I let the mouse eat your toilet paper and poop in your cereal bowl. Whatever!

What makes Cora so mean?

This is Cora. She may look sweet and innocent, but behind those green and amber eyes lies a vile, bloodlusting monster. At night this wild freak of nature will roam the apartment looking for prey to feast upon. She once caught a mouse and ripped his poor little body to shreds. She then left the mousy remains at the foot of her master’s bed so that when he awoke, her master stepped right into the bloody pulpy mound of mouse flesh. Disgusting.

Cora means business…New York style.

Submitted by: NG