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Gallery: Cody (2)

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Name: CODY

Cody is a meankitty

Pardon me, I'm busy thinking of some revenge and how to serve it cold.

What makes Cody so mean?

Several years ago, when one of my two cats died, the other started showing definite signs of depression. He barely touched his food, didn’t want to play, etc. I consulted my vet, and he suggested getting another cat immediately. In fact, he just happened to have one!

The adorable little tuxedo kitty they brought out was six months old. He was cradled in the receptionist’s arms and blinked at me with bright green eyes, as innocent as he could be.

“Oh, isn’t he cute?” I said, leaning in for a closer inspection.

At which point the adorable little tuxedo kitty reared back for leverage and took a swipe at me that would’ve taken my face off if I hadn’t moved. Quickly.

“Don’t worry.” The vet smiled. “He’ll be fine once he gets used to you.”

I’ve always loved a challenge.

I named him Cody—after Cody Jarrett, the psychotic killer in Cagney’s film “White Heat”. Trust me. It fit. What the vet DIDN’T tell me was that Cody had been returned to his mini-shelter three times by others, and his file permanently labeled “anti-social”. Uh-huh.

Never mind the fact that he never did get along with the other cat, who loved EVERYBODY. Or that he refused to be petted or accept any show of affection.

Cody is a meankitty

Don't tell me that you're innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and it makes me very angry.

There’ve been incidents over the years. He’s earned his gansta rep. One example is the Godfather Goldfish Caper he led, somehow snaring one of my poor goldfish from the depths of a twenty-gallon tank sitting five feet off the ground. I came home to find the remains laid out at the threshold of my door, not unlike the horse’s head in the film.

Or when I went to pick him up at the vet’s after a blood test and had the receptionist look at me with horror, saying, “Oh, that’s YOUR cat.” Apparently, Cody took umbrage at having his cage set on top of a dog’s, and somehow managed to contort his body enough to claw the poor sick creature’s nose.

And there is the fact that he believes in serving his revenge cold. Yes, revenge. Chastise Cody with a loud, harsh word or squirt from the water bottle? He’ll freeze. Give you that cold, green psycho stare. And walk away. But there will be retribution. Wait for it. For my first lesson, he bided his time for nearly two hours, so I’d nearly forgotten the incident, to hide around the corner of the stairs and reach out at just the right moment to claw and trip me.

I survived. I learned. Law of the jungle.

And did I mention how much I love the little monster?

Photo submitted by: Raine Weaver
(Raine is an author:  and she and Cody got interviewed by Meankitty at the blog.)

ETA: Cody is no longer with us but his meanness lives on, says Raine. RIP Cody!


Gallery: Cairo (2)

Thursday, January 21st, 2016
Cairo the biter

Well, you ARE a piece of meat.

Name: Cairo (2)
Location: Unknown

What makes Cairo so mean?

She’s my baby but she can be VERY mean. She gets too excited and goes nuts and starts attacking you like you’re a piece of meat. And she doesn’t just attack your legs or something, she goes for exposed skin. Her favorite spot to bite is the back of your arm where the flesh is nice and tender. She also regularly bites my face. She’s bitten every person who’s ever come into our house, including my 2 year old nephew.

Photo submitted by: Melanie


Gallery: Casper

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Name: Casper
Location: Munson, OH


I think there's a bunny under here. And you're next.

What makes Casper so mean?

She is an extremely bossy meankitty. Whether it’s destroying our wood paneling to ripping every stuffed catnip toy to eat the goods inside, she’s nuts! Also, Casper needs to have the faucet dripping at a certain rate to drink from my bathroom sink.


I can't miss a single episode of my shows, dude.

She even knows how to turn the channel to the Animal Planet due to her bad intentions of jumping at the screen at the cats on the TV (SEE PIC).


Dancin, dancin, dancin....she's a dancin machine!

What even makes her a MEANKITTY with a vengeance is, my brother, whom she does not like at all, was walking past the porch doorway one day. He noticed this innocent white mean kitty sitting happily beside a rabbit’s head–yes, just the head, no body. If that wasn’t mean enough, the cat moved the rabbit’s head so its eyes pointed towards him to suggest perhaps that he will be next. He’s taken to wearing body armor at my house.

Photo submitted by: Jeremy


Gallery: Cooter

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Name: Cooter
Location: Tampa, FL

Cooter is a meankitty

This is me waiting to scratch you till I'm satisfied.

What makes Cooter so mean?

Cooter, who was found on the street at probably only a month or two of life, was a scavenger who loved to draw blood for fun. He would follow you around waiting for you to stop and then go for the kill. If you weren’t wearing pants or sleeves he would scratch and bite until he was satisfied or you chase him off. The stairs were his favorite, nipping at your feet the whole way up and down. So the bathroom became his home until slowly he gave up his predator-like behavior.

Cooter is a mean sink kitty

This is me daring you to turn on the sink...

Now he has settled into a nice fat spoiled house cat.

Photo submitted by: Jared


Gallery: Cairo

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Name: Cairo
Location: Not Egypt (Australia)

Cairo the Meankitty

I hate it when they let my food dish go empty...I get desperate enough to eat anything!

What makes Cairo so mean?

Cairo my gorgeous, 7 year old fluffmonkey will eat just about anything. He has been known to chew on 10c coins, tin foil, and snarkle into the odd pizza, raw cabbage and carrot, any type of meat or cream by-product, and of course, human hair. He’s fat and greedy, and while he makes a sublime pillow, sometimes he can get a little rowdy.

The pictures are him attacking and subduing an evil, strawberry chuppachup candy lollie, and trying to suck the sugar out of the wrapper. Oh, he’s mean.

Cairo’s nickname is ChickenCat, so named because I obtained him when he was so young, he hadn’t learned to meow properly. He ended up learning to make noises and meow from the chickens I had living next door to me. So now he sort of warbles and clucks like a chicken. He also beeps.

Cairo the Meankitty

I pray they feed me soon or I'm going to have to eat human flesh.

Cairo takes great pleasure in beating up his brother Fox, and I will send you photos of their fights later!

Photo submitted by: Jennifer


Gallery: Candy

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

Name: Candy
Location: CA

Candy is a meankitty

See what you've driven me to? Following me around, taking pictures, until I have to hide in the sink.

What makes Candy so mean?

Candy is such a brat! I should have named her Sassy. The only time she will let you pet her is when SHE wants to be petted.

If you pick her up she starts crying like a baby…and that is if you can even catch her.

I’ve had her for a year, and the only time she will even show some kind of interest in me is when I’m asleep. Then she wants to attack my feet. Oh and the looks she gives!

Submitted by: Raeny


Gallery: Charles Chicken

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Name: Charles Chicken
Location: Unknown

Charles Chicken is a meankitty

By the way, I hate you.

What makes Charles so mean?

This is Charles Chicken. He hates everybody and everything. If you try to pet him he well turn your hands into chop suey. If you don’t let him out, he will attack your legs with his nails and teeth as you walk by. The only person he lets get close to him is me. And he mostly growls instead of purrs. He likes to watch people but doesn’t like to be bothered by anybody. He entertains the neighborhood by fighting all the cats and screaming off the top of his lungs around 3 in the morning. He is full of scars and is proud to show it.

Submitted by: Michael


Gallery: Chucky Strauss

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Name: Chucky Strauss
Location: Utah

Chucky Strauss may not be a meankitty

Chucky would like everyone to know that he absolutely does NOT like dogs.

What makes Chucky so mean?

I’m sure you will agree that Chucky is one of the meanest looking kitties you’ve seen. You should hear his pathetic meow too. It’s so pathetic that it comes off as being mean, like he’s making a “mercy meow”.

Meankitty’s Note: Just because they sound mean doesn’t indicate true wickedness. I bet that Chucky is a human lover. I bet he cuddles and purrs and likes to have his belly rubbed. Or worse, I bet he loves dogs.

Submitted by: Jennifer


Gallery: Carter

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Name: Carter
Location: Doggy’s Nightmare

Carter is a meankitty and hates dogs

I warned you not to say "Ruh-roh!" again, didn't I?

What makes Carter so mean?

Carter is very mean to the other occupants of our house, like the dog. Our dog (half Staffordshire bull terrier half pit bull terrier) never ever bites or in any way hurts the cat–luckily for Carter! He just takes it on the chin and jumps about. If the cat wants the dog’s food, the dog will step back and let him eat it because he knows what’s good for him. Carter is the boss in this house.

Submitted by: Jim


Gallery: Curious

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Name: Curious?
Location: Indiana

Curious is a meankitty

The slave is nothing but a heating pad with skin to me...oh, and opposable thumbs for the can opener.

What makes Curious? so mean?

Her first act of meanness was walking into my apartment one night and adopting me. I suddenly had to come up with a $150 pet deposit so I could keep her. She lulled me by acting sweet and cuddly, but all she really wanted to do was take naps on my chest (or my side or back, whichever was facing up).

She likes to randomly bite my ankles and arms. I can just be sitting at my desk and she will come across the room to attack me. She also likes to hide underneath anything on the floor and gets mad when she gets stepped on. She blends into the carpet and lies in wait to trip me up when I go to the bathroom in middle of the night.

She also insists on helping me take my baths by sitting on the edge of the tub and licking my arms and legs.

Photo submitted by: Michael