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Gallery: Casper

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Name: Casper
Location: Munson, OH


I think there's a bunny under here. And you're next.

What makes Casper so mean?

She is an extremely bossy meankitty. Whether it’s destroying our wood paneling to ripping every stuffed catnip toy to eat the goods inside, she’s nuts! Also, Casper needs to have the faucet dripping at a certain rate to drink from my bathroom sink.


I can't miss a single episode of my shows, dude.

She even knows how to turn the channel to the Animal Planet due to her bad intentions of jumping at the screen at the cats on the TV (SEE PIC).


Dancin, dancin, dancin....she's a dancin machine!

What even makes her a MEANKITTY with a vengeance is, my brother, whom she does not like at all, was walking past the porch doorway one day. He noticed this innocent white mean kitty sitting happily beside a rabbit’s head–yes, just the head, no body. If that wasn’t mean enough, the cat moved the rabbit’s head so its eyes pointed towards him to suggest perhaps that he will be next. He’s taken to wearing body armor at my house.

Photo submitted by: Jeremy