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Gallery: Butterball

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Name: Butterball
Location: New Orleans

Butterball is mean

Aren't you glad I bit you in the OLD apartment instead of the NEW one with the white carpet?? No, the white carpet gets the hairball and weewee special.

What makes Butterball so mean?

This is Butterball, my mean kitty. He never learned to trust humans, but is a part of the family, anyway. Butty is glued to the hip of his mommy, Peaches, every day. He loves getting treats and might even take it from my hand if he’s feeling especially brave. The only way I can pet him is if he’s in a spot where he feels safe, and even then, I can just stroke him gently and carefully. He could change his mind at any second, tho he’s never bitten me for petting him yet…

But forget moving day! We’re talking strong fishing net (have had to replace it twice already) and long oven mitts for safety. I made the mistake of not wearing any. Luckily, my friend had some on. My friend got the net over Butty and I helped slide him over to the cage. During the process, Butty twisted around and bit my wrist thru the net….right thru from top to bottom! It wasn’t until he was finally secured in the cage that I dealt with my injury, dripping blood everywhere. Thank goodness he’s an inside cat and doesn’t have rabies.

Photo submitted by: Wendy


Gallery: Baby Cat

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Name: Baby Cat
Location: Unknown

Baby Cat is mean

If I were a movie star, do you think I'd bother attacking anyone? I'd have my agent do it!

What makes Baby Cat so mean?

This is Baby Cat. She is a Black and White tuxedo type, with the “movie star” attitude to match. She likes to jump out at people, dogs, shadows, or just wind. She is always trying to attack something.

She is rotten to the core! I might need protection from another cat down the road.

Photo submitted by: Gena


Gallery: Bunky

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Name: Bunky
Location: San Francisco

Bunky is a meankitty

Feed me or you're kissing the floor, Food Slave.

What makes Bunky so mean?

Bunky can be nice kitty and he can be a mean, snotty kitty when he’s in a bad mood. For instance, he loves to sleep right next to me. If I move and wake him up, he’ll hiss and scratch! He’s very demanding about dinner and will nearly trip me if I don’t feed him right away when I get home from work.

Photo submitted by: Martha


Gallery: Baby (4)

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Name: Baby (4)
Location: Richmond, VA

Baby is a Meankitty

Nope. Not moving'.

What makes Baby so mean?

This lazy fatty won’t move off the couch. My husband and I got Baby from my parents, who are moving, a while ago. She has lived outdoors all of her 12 years and is adjusting like a queen to indoor life.

Among her new hobbies are the following activities: claiming the entire couch as her personal throne, attempting to run the household from her throne, defending her throne from the other four cats with almighty swats of her paws, not allowing her slaves to sit on the couch (or if they do they must contort around her because SHE cannot be bothered), trying to sleep on her slaves’ faces during the night, shedding all over the couch, meowing pitifully and alarming everyone as though she were dying, putting herself first under threat of Death when snacks are given out, giving everyone the Death Stare if they offend her sensibilities in any way, and finally, lolling around on her back looking as cute as possible in an effort to convince her slaves that she really ISN’T the most Satanic cat in this household.

Baby is a meankitty

It's hard work hogging the whole couch. How about you get me some snackage? You can choose that or Death.

No one is convinced.

Submitted by: Emily & Wesley


Gallery: Barney

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Name: Barney
Location: Unknown

Barney the Meankitty face

Can I have your attention? Can I, huh huh huh?

What makes Barney so mean?

My name is Barney. I am the proud owner of Lisa. I am very attached to Lisa and have known the sound of her voice since the day I was born. I picked her, not the other way around. I was born in a cattle barn with 4 others and Lisa found us the day we were born.

She thought she was going to take home 2 other cats from my group…so much for her giving that much thought. I live and breathe for all of Lisa’s attention, and if one of the other cats comes near her, they get it. I am on them quick and without sympathy or care. I sleep with her each night next to her side and if she rolls over, I hop over her and snuggle her face again. To warn the other kitties to steer clear, I snort very loudly when I see one, and if that doesn’t deter them, I bring out the teeth and claws

Lisa’s Note: Barney is very nasty and jealous of my other cats. Also other humans–if anyone, male or female, tries to sit next to me or cuddle, he sits between us or on us till he’s between us. He is a brat.

Photo submitted by: Lisa Book Worm


Gallery: Biter

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Name: Biter
Location: Unknown

Biter is a meankitty

Touch my head and I'll bite ya. Ah, heck, I'll bite ya anyway!

What makes Biter so mean?

This is such a mean kitty. When you wake up, first thing she does is attack your leg and bite it. She refuses to ‘fetch’. She bites your hand if you try to pet her while she is sleeping, and sometimes when you walk around a corner, she’s waiting for you (very patiently) then jumps on your leg like a magnet and starts biting and biting. That’s why her name is what it is. If she loses her ball, she makes ME get it! As if she can’t get it herself. She would make a terrible goalie.

Submitted by: Aaron


Gallery: Bandit and Kitters

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Name: Bandit & Kitters
Location: Elkhart, IN

Bandit and Kitters

Can't have a social life with stupid humans around. Play with the dog, don't consort with strays...sheesh!

What makes B & K so mean?

Bandit is the Snowshoe Siamese and Kitters is the black & white cat. What makes them so mean…..Laddy Dog. Laddy loves to play with the kitties. Bandit doesn’t like Laddy, and Kitters, like most cats, wants to play on his own time.

Kitters will attack anything that moves under a blanket, not to mention Crouching Tiger under the bed. He hides under the bed and attacks any and all unsuspecting feet and legs.

Bandit is usually a lover, except for when she’s in heat and sneaks outdoors. One time while in heat she snuck out and hid in the bushes with two boyz. When I tried to get her she growled like a ferocious jungle cat. She would like to have bit my fingers off, so she got sprayed with the garden hose. And that’s what makes my kitties so mean!

Photo submitted by: Pam


Gallery: Bandit (3)

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Name: Bandit (3)
Location: Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Bandit is not that mean

I smell dead people.

What makes Bandit so mean?

Bandit is quite an exceptional cat. He comes to you when you whistle, is not afraid of water, and loves to perform tricks in front of people. I sometimes wonder if he even thinks he’s a cat at all!

[Meankitty’s note: Man, this cat is so obviously not “mean” or otherwise deserving of Gallery status, but it’s a great pic, huh? I was feeling generous today.]

Photo submitted by: Tony


Gallery: Bandit (2)

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Name: Bandit
Location: Wisconsin

Bandit is Dracula Kitty

I was a termite in my former life before I achieved the highest pinnacle one can hope for. That would be CAT.

What makes Bandit so mean?

“His eyes were positively blazing. The red light in them was lurid, as if the flames of hellfire blazed behind them….” -Dracula, by Bram Stoker.

This is Bandit. He, as you can see, is possessed. Some say by a French demon (hence the goatee). The adorable, chuckle-inducing exterior of this cat hides an inner master of destruction and chaos. The first signs of it were when he was a wee little thing. In the dark of the night, he would scrape my face raw with his tongue, waking me from a sound sleep. I would turn my face away and he would go around and keep scraping. So I would push him away with my hand, which he chewed on. Enthusiastically. This would happen over and over and over every night.

I believe this behavior is tied to one of his others: he eats fabric. Bandit’s favorite dietary delicacies are wool, cotton, fleece and OAK!!!! Yes, he actually chewed on a piece of solid oak furniture and the marks are there to this day. One time, I was wearing a pair of Alpaca socks at home and he started chewing on them….while I was still wearing them! This possessed feline is the most destructive creature known to man – he has destroyed towels, blankets, sheets, countless socks, shirts, shorts, jeans. For fun, he shreds corrugated cardboard boxes. It is my lot in life to provide a shelter complete with chew toys for this creature, but on occasion, the demon will be quiescent and the sweet lovey baby will snuggle with me and (almost) make me forget I want to file his teeth.

Photo submitted by: Barb


Gallery: Bandit

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

Name: Bandit
Location: Unknown

Bandit is a giant kitty

Everything I ask for? Are you kidding? I ask to be left alone, and look what pictures they take!

What makes Bandit so mean?

Bandit is a very evil kitty. Even though My boyfriend and I give him everything he asks for and love on him all the time, Bandit still feels the need to chew up my make up brushes, knock my books and papers off my desk, and use the carpet as a scratching post. Bandit’s favorite playtime activities include placing his paw in my drinking glass, pulling it over, and spilling liquid all over the table and floor, and pouncing as hard as he can in my boyfriend’s lap. At night Bandit waits for me to fall asleep then paws at my eyes. Every morning he starts meowing and pawing at my face approximately an hour before the alarm goes off.

Photo submitted by: Sarah