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Gallery: Baby (3)

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Name: Baby (3)
Location: High Up

Baby is a meankitty

You know, my tail is better than a dryer sheet for removing static. Ha ha ha! Not really, it just makes things worse. But it sure is funny.

What makes Baby so mean?

My mean kitty is named Baby. She is two years old.

When I get on the computer she will jump up on it and hang her tail down across the screen. When I ask her to move it she just wags it back and forth. When I move it she turns around and scratches my hand, or grabs my hand and bites it, then she puts her paw down across the screen.

Baby sleeps in my bathroom sink and bites me when I try to get her out. When I turn on the water she bites at it but stays in the sink.

When I walk across the floor she runs in front of me, jumps up, flips, and lunges at me when I pass her.

Photo submitted by: Della