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Friday, July 16th, 2010

The SOHC is the Society of House Cats, to which Meankitty and other meankitties belong…even some ONS’s (Outdoor Near Stray). To belong to the SOHC, a cat must hit certain required benchmarks in mean and earn points for tricks, scratches, annoyances, rodent murders, attacks, yowlings, household renovations, litterbox desecrations, eccentric starts, pesterings and other feline activities that humans, dogs and so on don’t seem to care for.

In return, members earn the support of a trust community of other meankitties who can personally recommend tactics for achieving feline greatness, household mastery and tuna. It is no simple matter to maintain a proper level of kitty cleverness. Arbitrars of SOHC membership upkeep are both observant and swift. Infractions from the code are met with warnings, probation, even cessation of benefits and ignominious dismissal from the ranks. Surges in a meankitty’s human-baiting behavior can often be attributed to such warnings or to the cat’s attempt to improve his or her standing in the hierarchy of the organization. Surges also happen because it’s a jolly good time.

There has been talk of establishing a training program for aspiring members with classes like Biting 101, Catological Manipulation and Litterbox Etiquitte. As far as humans are concerned that program never got off the ground.

So who is in SOHC? It’s not usually a secret. Many cats like Meankitty are up front about their membership status, though others prefer to play it on the down low, like they’re members of the Illuminati or something. They have their reasons. Nonmembers are often nicekitties, a pejorative term for meankitties who have any sense of pride in their accomplishments. Nicekitties do serve their purpose and are not automatically castigated but if we were all nicekitties, the world would be a boring place.

In the world of mean, there’s room at the top for every cat–but that doesn’t make it easy to claw up the ladder.

And no, we can’t share membership requirements with humans. If we did, we’d have to maul you into silence. Permanent silence.

To attempt to find out more about the SOHC, you can click here or on the SOHC tag at the right to see where the society has been mentioned in passing. From these gleanings perhaps you can divine something about the organization. But since this is a public venue and you are not a cat, that’s all you get.

How do we know you’re not a cat? Because if you were a cat, you’d be able to interpret the secret coded message about how to join the SOHC in this very text.


What is this place?

Friday, July 16th, 2010

While simplicity and spelling errors have their place on the feline internet, if you long for something more substantial… If you know in your heart of hearts that kitties are not sweet or kind or cuddly…

This is the place for an in-depth revelation of kitty antics that are *not* so cute, the place where the real face of kitty is revealed. This is… We’re happy to flea you. I mean, see you. Kitties do like their fresh meat.


Grand Opening

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Today is the first day our new site design has been live at the proper address, . We plan to have daily, or even more frequent, updates as we slowly convert current gallery cats to the new framework. We tried to keep the look and feel of the site as streamlined and familiar as possible while adding the ability for visitors to leave comments, get the RSS feed, share pages via social media, and be otherwise modern and savvy. Needless to say we’re probably 3 years behind the modern and savvy curve, but it works for now, right?

Feel free to leave comments on this post or back at the commentary blog, that Meankitty shares with Typing Slave. At least, we hope there are still people visiting after the long, dry spell. Please let us know if you stuck with us! We’re going to make it worth your while as old cats you know and new cats you will come to know traipse across the front page of the blog, shedding fur as they go.





Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Meankitty loves to answer her fans’ emails and give hints and advice on dealing with your own meankitties! Send a letter to: badadvice (at) Please note that Meankitty’s human typing slave does not take any responsibility for any advice given out by the cat or what the cat chooses to do with emails that cross her path. If you want to be notified when new helpful hints or nutty emails get added, join the Meankitty Mailing List at For other Meankitty commentary, vist her blog at

(Disclaimer: Neither Meankitty nor her slave is a vet. If you are expecting these responses to be vet-quality or even consistently polite, well, you’ve been warned.)

To see all the advice that has been posted on the site, click the Advice Category here or to the right. If read oldest to newest, the advice offered by Meankitty will develop some narrative properties as the same people or kitties continue to contact her. We are working on a way to make it display in that order.



Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Links to all Gallery cat posts, in handy alphabetical order, will appear on this page when the humans figure out the easiest way to do it. Until then you can click here for a chronological stream of Gallery postings, newest to oldest, or check out the letter tags below for cats whose names start with that letter. On that note, we need a cat whose name starts with X! Anybody got a meankitty named Xander or Xmarksthespot?

For cats whose names start with:
X (??)



Thursday, March 4th, 2010

We love submissions! We need submissions! We wouldn’t be here without them. We’re looking for good quality photos and mean stories to go with them. We need the cat’s name, location and human name as well.

To submit, old style because we are old:

Send photo(s) and story via email to submissions (at) Title the email “Submission: [cat’s name]” so we don’t think it’s spam. Please include cat’s name, location, story, photo and human name (first name is all we need). If the story isn’t good enough (or isn’t there) or the picture too small/blurry, Meankitty might not post it. It’s not possible to notify everyone of our decisions regarding submissions, so feel free to sign up for the YahooGroup, where you’ll be notified of all site updates. (This group generates minimal email, never fear.)

Note: Submissions that are merely links to places where cats are already posted on other blogs or whatnot have a higher likelihood of not passing the Meankitty test and being deleted.

Note the second: Spelling will be corrected and text edited for content. This site is PG-ish for all audiences. Except dogs. We can’t dumb things down THAT much.

Note the third: Please read the legal stuffs.

Legal stuffs: If you submit to us, please understand that by submitting you grant us the right to use (or assign others to use) any text and images in any Meankitty endeavors without compensation to you, including but not limited to websites, posties, books, calendars, mugs, dvds, t-shirts, etc. (Technically the royalty free, non-exclusive, perpetual license to use, reproduce, modify, translate, transmit, distribute and sub-license.) We also reserve the right to edit text and images without your approval and assign all rights herein to others. By submitting to us, you verify you are the copyright holder of the text and photo or photos (i.e. you didn’t swipe them from anyone else). If this is not acceptable, please don’t submit.

Why we gots to go legal on you? Half the time when we email someone from our archives to check up on the cat, to ask for more details, etc, the email address is defunct. If you send something to us, you basically grant us the license (permission) for “whatever”, “whenever” and “to whomever”, even if we can’t track you down when we decide to act on it. Just so you know. You can subscribe to the Meankitty YahooGroup to keep the communication lines open even when you change emails.

That being said, you and you and all the other yous do NOT have the right to swipe our stuff just because it’s here. Online does not equal free. If you want to share the site with friends, give credit and linkies. That’s, like, the law. Seriously. Don’t steal, jerks.



Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Meankitty ( has been online since 1999. She is currently in her third incarnation. Typing Slave, aka Jody Wallace, (, is her obedient human servant.

* For submissions go to the submissions page.

* To contact Meankitty and Typing Slave, email typingslave (at)

* To ask Meankitty’s advice, email badadvice (at)

* Meankitty on Facebook:  (make sure you choose “get notifications”

* To subscribe to Meankitty’s mailing list, use the form below, which also allows you to subscribe to the human’s mailing list. We have no idea how often this newsletter will go out since we don’t have many subscribers yet (March 2014) but it definitely won’t be every day. Maybe twice a month. We dunno. What do YOU want?

Oh, and this is separate from the “Subscribe to the Blog” option in the sidebar. That will email you our new posts. The newsletter — well, we aren’t sure yet. Probably it will have random diatribes against dogs, poems about birds, photos, catku, tips for cats to annoy their humans, advice letters and so on.