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Gallery: Amadeus

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Name: Amadeus
Location: Unknown

Amadeus is a meankitty

Dog: "WHINE! That's not what I meant by Rock Me Amadeus!"

What makes Amadeus so mean?

This is Amadeus, she’s the ultimate mean kitty. She lives with two 70 pound Huskies who are afraid to walk past her. They will whine until I remove her from their path.

She is also the disciplinarian for the foster dogs that come into the household. Here she is teaching the new foster dog Memphis the rules of the household. There’s only one rule that matters – don’t cross Amadeus!

Submitted by: Some human


Gallery: Alicia

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Name: Alicia (street name Whitey)
Location: Unknown

Alicia is a meankitty

Is that

What makes Alicia so mean?

I have a meankitty named Alicia, but she prefers to be called Al. Her street name is Whitey and she can kick anybody’s tail that she wants to.

She walked in the front door of the restaurant that I used to work at 6 years ago,. Because it was such a busy night in town there were lots of cars on the streets, so the other hostess put her in my car for safekeeping. The chefs fed her salmon and prime rib all night, and she decided to stick around and grace us with her presence.

She prefers to have the house to herself, but I have recently gotten a new kitten who is fascinated by her. She would prefer if he were fascinated with car tires, or coyotes, but she has a good time trying to scratch his nose.

Alicia likes the camera

You simply must get a close-up of my gorgeous white whiskers.

Here’s some pictures of her from my backyard, she is irritated that I’m getting in her face- although I think she likes the attention because she never walks AWAY when I’m taking pics, only TOWARDS the camera.

The only person in the whole world that she really likes is my boyfriend. Anyone else she could take or leave, although sometimes I get kudos for bringing her good food.

I am currently on the litterbox list due to the new kitten situation and she is not speaking to me.

Photo submitted by: Jessica T.


Gallery: Auroro

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Name: Auroro
Location: Massachusetts

Auroro is a meankitty

Humans don’t need to be drinking that coffee stuff anyway. What’s wrong with licking the moisture off plastic bags when you’re thirsty? Or the occasional toilet cuppa?

What makes Auroro so mean?

Between her morning pouncing on my counter, spilling coffee and who knows what everywhere, and her sleeping on my table when it’s laundry day, I don’t know what’s sweeter. Auroro or sugar. She’ll love you to death!

Seriously, she comes up to me all the time to snuggle, but when she does I can feel her clawing at my throat. Lovely, right?

Submitted by: BJ


Gallery: Avada

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Name: Avada
Location: Mesa, AZ

Avada is a meankitty

Does this look like a hissy face to you? Humans get so bent out of shape about the littlest things.

What makes Avada so mean?

This is Avada, my son Devan’s cat. He looks adorable right? NOT! This cat is the Devil incarnate!

Avada is about 2 years old now. My son got him when he was a kitten although he was born feral. He has always been mean even as a kitten. He would jump on you and attack you (not playing–his intentions were to cause pain). I ended up with him when my son moved from where we live in AZ back to CA.

Avada was getting better about his meanness, but then I got him neutered when he was about a year old. After that he just got worse and worse. You can’t even look at him without him hissing and growling at you. My son went to pick him up last week and Avada just clawed him right in face and almost got his eye.

Avada is a mean kitty

Hold still, you’ve got something in your eye…I think it’s an eyelash. Oops, my bad! It’s a claw.

I got a new calico kitty I named Zareena (“Z” for short). She was about 8 weeks old when I got her and I was petrified how Azada was going to react. At first he ignored Z. He eventually would play with her (a little too roughly at times) and had to be sprayed with water and told not to bite. That was about 2 months ago and they are best buds now; however, he hates everyone else in he house. I bought some Soft Paws for his nails so at least he can’t claw us to death (just wish they had them for his teeth as well). Yup, looks can definitely be deceiving. He is just lucky he is so darn cute!

Submitted by: Desiree


Gallery: Admiral Oreo

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Name: Admiral Oreo
Location: Indiana

Admiral Oreo is a meankitty

And I'll have fun, fun, fun till the humans take the TP away.....

What makes Oreo so mean?

Admiral Oreo is so mean because any chance he gets, he runs into the bathroom and unrolls the toilet paper for fun. He also hides in the shower EVERY MORNING and waits for me to come and use the restroom, at which point he jumps through the shower curtain and attacks me while I am half asleep just trying to pee. He steals all the food from the other cats and is constantly attacking them to the point where they will sit on my lap just so he will leave them alone. Also when you play with him and then quit but he’s not ready to be done, he chases you down and tackles your legs, biting and clawing before he runs away again.

Submitted by: Judy


Gallery: Alfie (2)

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Name: Alfie
Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK


Now you see you don't. Oh, wait, you probably do see me, but your eyes are blurred by tears of pain.

What makes Alfie so mean?

Alfie the Bengal came into our lives 2 years ago as an 8 month old because his previous human could not cope with his behavioural problems. Thinking she was exaggerating (although the fact that she gave her pedigreed kitten away complete with food, cat bed and toys should have been a clue) we took him back to our home.

It has never been the same since. He has destroyed calendars, ornaments, books, maps, plants, and a cooker guarantee. He likes to pull the wicks out of candles. He often attempts to break in to the fridge and the microwave, sometimes by pulling the kick boards out from under the kitchen units, other times by just clawing the appliances. I have had to buy 7 (count ’em) new white bath mats because he seems to prefer to use these than a litter tray. Even though he goes outside too.

If we do not give him attention when he demands it, he mooches around until he finds something to do which he knows is naughty. Clawing the furniture, biting a plant and crawling up the chimney are all part of his repertoire.


Did you get me a new white fuzzy litter box at the store today? Hm? Why you insist on calling it a "bath mat" I have no idea.

He is a fighter – if there is any cat fight in the street, it is a certainty that he is involved. He hones his skills with regular surprise attacks on his human. On top of these utterly charming behaviours, he also has flatulence. But Alfie “Mini the Mooch Pepe the Poo” (to give him his full name) WE LOVE YOU!!

Photo submitted by: Chris and Jo


Gallery: Ava

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Name: Ava
Location: Redcliff, Alberta

Ava is a meankitty

If those kids would quit watching so much TV and bring me home venison and bear to eat, like the good ole days, we wouldn't have these issues. They need to toughen up!

What makes Ava so mean?

For 15 years my 25-lb. white longhaired cat, Ava, terrorized every neighborhood in which we lived. She loved to lie in wait at the end of the hall, snagging unwitting visitors by the ankle. If I went away, the neighbors’ boys had to put on hockey pads in order to feed her.

When we lived in Ashcroft, British Columbia, teenaged boys used to bring their friends to my home and say, “I dare you to walk past that cat.” One young man, awaiting entry into the Canadian Armed Forces, called to me, “Help, Kay, help!! Ava won’t let me out of your bathroom!!”

Submitted by: Kay


Gallery: Ayane

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Name: Ayane
Location: Unknown

Ayane is a meankitty

Can't scratch, too busy sleeping.

What makes Ayane so mean?

This is Ayane, my meankitty. She has a split personality. She is ok with me, though she doesn’t care to be held. If anyone other than myself enters the bedroom, she immediately starts growling. She growls and hisses up a storm. If my 11 year old brother comes in the room she is louder than normal. She has even gone so far as to come out from under the bed and attack my brother. She has lunged for him several times, grabbing onto his ankles.

Ayane is mean

I've got the boy-child cornered in there...heh heh heh.

She can only be pet and paid attention to, short of holding, when she is in her “happy place”. She is always nicer and calmer when she is in a regular bathroom. Her behavior has led her 20 lb brother cat to also chase after my brother. His name is Amano. He has a tendency to be a meankitty, but not compared to Ayane.

Submitted by: Michelle


Gallery: Ash

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Name: Ash
Location: Monterey, CA

Ash is a meankitty

Jolly Roger is my microchippy friend.

What makes Ash so mean?

Ash is not only a meankitty, but he is a very expensive kitty. He offends everyone, even my husband, with his dirty looks and evil glares. You see, Ash only likes me. He tolerates my husband and occasionally will allow him to pet him, but most of the time he sits and glares at anyone who is taking my attention away from him.

Ash came to me at about 4 months old. He was found outside the Salvation Army by a neighbor of mine. Skinny, limping and covered with bloody scabs, I accepted him into my home and took him to the vet the very next day. These bloody scabs turned out to be fleas. Ash was so infested with fleas that he scratched himself bloody. Next, x-rays determined that Ash’s femur joint and bone had been broken. The vet assumed the poor little guy had been hit by a car. After a flea bath, an Advantage treatment, shots, a surgical operation, and a neutering, Ash was better and I was broke.

Ash is expensive

Max out your credit card for me, human slave! It is my will.

Several emergency room visits and a maxed out credit card later, I decided that Ash would be an indoor-only kitty so I could get out of debt. He seemed satisfied with this but only for a while. Bad me, I did not collar Ash. Desperate to be outside, he learned how to open the screen door and disappeared for four days straight, making me a frantic wreck. I fixed that problem by locking the screen door, or so I thought. Ash proceeded to rip a huge hole through the screen door and took off again. So I gave in. Ash was collared and micro-chipped. Once home, I plopped him in front of the screen door and I opened it. Now he refuses to leave.

Submitted by: Unknown


Gallery: Athena

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Name: Athena
Location: Rockford, IL (and you thought it was Olympus!)

Athena is a meankitty

When I said "Worship Me!" this is not what I had in mind!

What makes Athena so mean?

The one smart thing my slave did was aptly name me after the Greek goddess of wisdom. I might equally have been named after the Greek goddess of putting slaves in their place.

I am forced to live with another kitty who is content to lay around and not wreak any havoc and a 170 lb. dog. The first time I met this slobbering mess, I gave him a bloody nose with one sweet swipe of my trusty claws. I refuse to let him think he has any right to touch me.

Athena the Goddess of Cat

Do you like my goddessy pedastal?

I only tolerate my female slave because she treats me like the princess I am. All else beware! I hiss, spit, and swipe when I even hear another human enter my domain. How dare my slaves let other humans enter without my consent!!! I spend my days threatening squirrels and birds from the windows, shredding any paper products, and destroying anything that my slaves would never think I would have any interest in and therefore leave out in the open.

My favorite trick is to remove their puffy cleaning sponges from their shower and deposit them all over the house and watch them look for it when they are ready to take a shower!!!

Athena in a shirty

In this photo, my awesomeness is adorned by holy green rainments and a wreath of catnip... Oh wait. I ate the wreath.

Hahaha! I will not be controlled!!!!!!

Submitted by: Rhema & Kent