We love submissions! We need submissions! We wouldn’t be here without them. We’re looking for good quality photos and mean stories to go with them. We need the cat’s name, location and human name as well.

To submit, old style because we are old:

Send photo(s) and story via email to submissions (at) Title the email “Submission: [cat’s name]” so we don’t think it’s spam. Please include cat’s name, location, story, photo and human name (first name is all we need). If the story isn’t good enough (or isn’t there) or the picture too small/blurry, Meankitty might not post it. It’s not possible to notify everyone of our decisions regarding submissions, so feel free to sign up for the YahooGroup, where you’ll be notified of all site updates. (This group generates minimal email, never fear.)

Note: Submissions that are merely links to places where cats are already posted on other blogs or whatnot have a higher likelihood of not passing the Meankitty test and being deleted.

Note the second: Spelling will be corrected and text edited for content. This site is PG-ish for all audiences. Except dogs. We can’t dumb things down THAT much.

Note the third: Please read the legal stuffs.

Legal stuffs: If you submit to us, please understand that by submitting you grant us the right to use (or assign others to use) any text and images in any Meankitty endeavors without compensation to you, including but not limited to websites, posties, books, calendars, mugs, dvds, t-shirts, etc. (Technically the royalty free, non-exclusive, perpetual license to use, reproduce, modify, translate, transmit, distribute and sub-license.) We also reserve the right to edit text and images without your approval and assign all rights herein to others. By submitting to us, you verify you are the copyright holder of the text and photo or photos (i.e. you didn’t swipe them from anyone else). If this is not acceptable, please don’t submit.

Why we gots to go legal on you? Half the time when we email someone from our archives to check up on the cat, to ask for more details, etc, the email address is defunct. If you send something to us, you basically grant us the license (permission) for “whatever”, “whenever” and “to whomever”, even if we can’t track you down when we decide to act on it. Just so you know. You can subscribe to the Meankitty YahooGroup to keep the communication lines open even when you change emails.

That being said, you and you and all the other yous do NOT have the right to swipe our stuff just because it’s here. Online does not equal free. If you want to share the site with friends, give credit and linkies. That’s, like, the law. Seriously. Don’t steal, jerks.