Gallery: Rafikki

January 18th, 2016  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Rafikki
Location: Dunno

Rafikki the Meankitty

Secretly, at night, the dog and I are BFF but I maintain my ferocity to stay in the SOHC.

What makes Raf so mean?

I have a cat. His name is Rafikki, He is fine with other animals EXCEPT THE DOG!!!

Rafikki does not back down. He will run up to the dog and attack him for no reason. He gets the dog good because the dog is now afraid of the cat. This is no joke. The cat will not back down–he has even got me a couple times, and I have the battle scars to prove it The scars are usually from when I try to get him away from the dog so I can take the dog out!

Photo submitted by: Jessica

Gallery: Sabrina

January 17th, 2016  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Sabrina
Location: NYC

Sabrina is a Meankitty

What, me a kitten? I can do SO MUCH more damage.

What makes Sabrina so mean?

Sabrina is a mean little kitty. When she isn’t walking around the house giving dirty looks to people, she’s starting trouble somewhere. She loves to sit on the kitchen table when she knows she isn’t supposed to. The reason she does this, is to keep her eyes on the parakeets in the cage on top of the refrigerator.

When I’m sleeping, she enjoys attacking my feet. I wake up at all hours of the night with her claws in my ankles. Sometimes I wake up and she’s just sitting next to my head staring at me…..which I find a little odd.

Actually, Sabrina is still a kitten and I get a kick out of her playfulness. She’s worse than a child at times!

Photo submitted by: Rene Cina

Gallery: Dactyl

January 15th, 2016  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Dactyl

Dactyl the Meankitty

Sometimes my dinner is crunchy and delicious.

What makes Dactyl so mean?

He’s a bug eater. Which wouldn’t be so bad if he weren’t also a bug puker upper.

Dactyl the Meankitty

Sometimes my dinner bites back!

Photo submitted by: Jeanette

Gallery: Haley

January 14th, 2016  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Haley
Location: Houston, TX

Haley in a bag

Come on, take me shopping with you!

What makes Haley so mean?

This is Haley, our demon spawn. We got her from a neighbor whose cat is a breeding machine. Ever since she figured out she could get out of her basket, she has come to love me — as her chew toy. When I open the door after a shower, she’s waiting to ambush my foot. When I go to bed, I feel something crawling under the covers, then I feel little pricks on my legs and feet.

Haley eats a foot

If you won't carry me in the bag, I'll have to embed myself in your foot.

Also, when I’m lying on the couch and Haley usually decides she wants to sit on the front window sill. My stomach makes a great springboard.

Photo submitted by: Jason

Advice: Bad Fashion

January 12th, 2016  / Author: Meankitty

Dear Meankitty,

My human keeps wearing these pathetic emo loser droopy yarn caps, but she’s, like, a billion years old and a grouchy Mom and has teenage kids and shit like that. Can you give me any advice that will help my human dress her age?

The Coolest Cat Ever


Dear Cool Cat,

I can just tell how cool you are by how much you despise humans “of a certain age” who try to adopt the fashions of the young. Frankly, certain fashions in general should be relegated to cat beds, such as fuzzy warm hats and scarves and that spotted vest. So my advice is to frequently mock your human and maybe puke on the hat.



Dear Meankitty,

You’re talking about me, aren’t you?

Your Human


Dear Human,

The hats are dumb. Stop it. You’re not a teenager anymore.



Gallery: Vera Louise

January 12th, 2016  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Vera Louise
Location: Unknown

Vera is a Meankitty

This is what Lisa sees when she opens her eyes every morning! Heehee!

What makes Vera so mean?

My name is Vera and I am as rotten as they come. I was found on a dirt road at the tender age of 3 weeks. I was nursed back to health by some girl. That’s what I call my human slave. I own a 12 yr old girl and my Drandma. Dram is the one who does all the pampering and such at my behest. I bite and scratch and hate almost all others. My boyfriend’s name is Teddy, and I even smack him around. What’s funny is he always comes back for seconds.

Lisa’s Note: Barney…or Vera….Barney….or Vera. Hard to decide who’s worse!

Photo submitted by: Lisa “Drandma” Book Worm

Gallery: Steven Gustaf

December 4th, 2015  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Steven Gustaf
Location: Syracuse, NY

Steven is so mean

I'm not in the mood to lure you in by being faux-cuddly. Get lost!

What makes Steven so mean?

My name is Steven and I am a mean kitty! My human found your site and immediately thought I should enter, since she is always telling me I am the meanest kitty ever. I am a year and a half old “buff” tiger cat that my mom rescued from some people who said I “played too rough” with their dog. Mom thought they were being silly and that the dog was wimpy, but then she got to know me and understood. My favorite things to do are, in no particular order:

-Beat up my sister kitties, including my 16 yr old sister who is so much fun to attack because she hates me SOOOO much!
-Beat up the stupid doggies, though they kind of like it. They are a lot bigger than me but I’m tougher and make them bleed a lot.
-Breaking all of mom’s stuff, like expensive jewelry and vases and curtains. I also like to knock pictures off the walls and hide mom’s favorite clothes under the bed.
-Biting and scratching people. All the time. Without warning. Especially when they think I’m in a good mood and being cuddly and cute. That’s just how I lure them in. I give myself extra points for scratching babies and the elderly.
-Eating everything I can, whether it’s edible or not. Mom doesn’t understand that all the food is mine, and her lack of understanding often gets her scratched and bitten.
-Other miscellaneous activities like tipping over the dog’s water dish, unraveling the toilet paper, stealing the bathtub drain cover, yowling loudly at all hours of the day and night, etc.

Steven is a meankitty

This is how I punish the dogs for being dogs. I punish humans and cats for other reasons.

My mom says that I’ll be a nice kitty eventually, once I’m all grown up, but I don’t think she should get her hopes up, since being mean is too much fun!

Submitted by: Rachel

Gallery: Grendel

December 3rd, 2015  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Grendel
Location: Near Heorot, at least for awhile

Grendel the Meankitty

Transformation to terror in 3...2...1...

What makes Grendel so mean?

Though “Grendel” is a very fitting name, I decided maybe Mr. Hyde was a better one. One moment he’s purring like a motorboat in your ear, the next he’s knocking the mirror off of the wall. You’ll know when the episodes are about to come because his previously twinkling eyes turn into cold, black slits. He becomes unresponsive to your cooing and calling and immediately goes into Search and Destroy mode. Anything that can be pulled, smashed or ripped apart is quickly disemboweled in his tornado of sudden fury.

There are two poses he assumes before scaling the velvet curtains or peeing on the bed: 1) Gargoyle (pictured above): comes in handy when he is in higher places, scaling the room for something to sink his teeth into (i.e. the skulls of my friends) and 2) Gremlin: specific to covered areas of the house (such as drawers or trashcans) where he can lurk in the darkness until some unsuspecting victim strolls by, blind to the impending doom that awaits his/her Achilles tendon. Did I mention he sharpens his claws on bare legs, drinks out of the toilet, shreds the toilet paper and digs in the trashcan for used *ahem* unmentionables, which he then hides for people as presents?

Nonetheless, he is incredibly intelligent and sweet half of the time. You just have to know when to duck.

Submitted by: Hanna

Gallery: Zhenya

November 30th, 2015  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Zhenya
Location: Helsinki, Finland

Zhenya is a meankitty

Mmmmmmm, sick leave!

What makes Zhenya so mean?

Don’t get me wrong: Zhenya is the most beautiful, intelligent and affectionate cat, but he is also very possessive and at times possessed! I still have a prominent scar on my left hand as a souvenir from the morning Zhenya had a fit because I was going to work and leaving him on his own for a whole day! Were it in his power I would never leave the house. I usually have to trick him by throwing a toy to the other side of the room and sneak out…

Zhenya is a meankitty

You go to work, you suffer the consequences. Actually, I want you to go because I got me a hot little tabby coming over for catnip later.

He really loves it when I’m on sick leave and in bed all day, but on the other hand he has no problem with waking me up in the middle of the night if he wants service. He drops the alarm clock to the floor, then he tries to switch the light on (he can push the switch down with his paw but can’t push it to the bottom so it only flickers irritatingly). If that doesn’t work, he pulls down the curtains by hanging from them! He is the most stubborn feline I’ve ever met and NEVER gives up.

Zhenya is a street urchin. I found him on the sidewalk during my lunch hour. He was a cute little ball of fur and when I stopped by, he climbed on my knee and started to purr so I didn’t stand a chance. I took him with me and next day went to see the vet to have him vaccinated. Though Zhenya weighed only 2 kg, it took two vets to hold him still! He’s also a bit of a daredevil.

Outside his acrobatic stunts Zhenya’s favourite activity is to drop things to the floor and he also loves to harass and torture the other cat, Hermine, who is ten years his senior. Eating is quite complicated when Zhenya’s around (and he usually is!) because he tries to steal food from eveyone’s plate!

Photo submitted by: Susanna

Gallery: Donnie

November 29th, 2015  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Donnie
Location: Secret Hideout

Donnie is a meankitty

Squeeze me and I scream like freedom!

What makes Donnie so mean?

Donnie is a terrorist. Because I talk about him all the time in emails, he has gotten me in trouble with the NSA. But what else am I supposed to do? I think he’s building bombs in the litterbox. Sure smells like death.

Submitted by: Anonymous