Gallery: Baggy

November 16th, 2015  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Baggy
Location: Casper, WY


I'd rather eat the hand feeding me than what the hand is feeding me!

What makes Baggy so mean?

We got Baggy and her brother Samwise (who is very mellow) from our local no kill shelter 7 years ago. They had a normal upbringing and seemed to get on well. However, Baggins, the little female who weighs in at 7 pounds, is a real terror. She growls, she spits, she terrorizes the local mouse, vole, and sparrow populations. She regularly growls and hisses at her brother trying to whack him all the while.

She has been known to whack, growl and hiss at the hand that feeds her too. If she gets mad at you look out! You’ll lose some skin if you are not careful. At times she has to be doused with the squirt bottle to get her to stop but, she still will stalk off growling all the while. Then after all the theatrics she will come and make up with you by laying in your lap purring with a few growls mixed in if you don’t pet her right. She’s our mean kitty and I’ve never had a cat like her; pray to God you never will either.

PS: Lives with Ghost 2.

Photo submitted by: Sue

Gallery: Frijole

November 15th, 2015  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Scary Frijole
Location: Cambria, NY


Do you think this pumpkin makes me look like a cat?

What makes Frijole so mean?

Frijole instructed me to put his likeness into the pumpkin or suffer the consequences!! To threaten me he ate the pumpkin’s guts! He never lets me watch television either.

Photos submitted by: Lisa B.

Gallery: Felonious

November 14th, 2015  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Felonious
Location: CA


Racing across the prairie, the rare albino panther see his human prey and...

What makes Felonious so mean?

Here is our meankitty. His name is Felonious. He’s always on the move. A loner. We were lucky to get a snapshot of him this clear, since he will not stand still. Here, you can barely see the damage he did to the water hose he just thrashed and is now walking away from.

Also, he is always filthy! He rolls around in dirt so his white fur does not stand out so much. This is a BAD CAT. Still, we love him.

Photo submitted by: Craig

Gallery: Spike (2)

November 13th, 2015  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Spike
Location: Smyrna, GA. Also, the Buffyverse.


Spike as a youngster just developing his taste for blood.

What makes Spike so mean?

My name is Spike, the Vampire Kitty, frequently called Monster. It is an appropriate nick-name, so do not think that I am offended in any way. My human workers rescued me and my brother Spot from the shelter. I easily put them under my spell and have them wrapped around my tail. HA HA!

But let me get back to explaining my mean kitty ways. As a young vampire I would claw and bite my humans any chance I could get. I love the taste of blood and so I would bite them hard! As I got older I started to show them my other talents. I attack their fingers when they are sleeping–they are vulnerable then and I can really sink my teeth in to their soft fleshy digits. I now know, as an older kitty, that I must give some love and attention to truly hold them under my spell. Little do the foolish humans know, it is all a ploy! I do not speak unless they are taking too long with my wet food, and then I must scold them. I attack all food left unattended…well it really doesn’t have to be unattended, because I will take it right from under their noses.


Spike as an adult sleeping off a wild binge of running, jumping and bloodletting.

I love to tackle my housemates to establish my command. However, there are some other mean kitties that have been here longer than me and so there is competition amongst us. There are three in particular that have special mean kitty powers. Ipo is the King; he is a very large Maine Coon who has lived with the humans the longest. He allows me to train with him. I attack his head and pounce on his back. Kahlua has a wild streak in him that matches my own. He and I race through the house and over everyone and everything tackling each other like linebackers. Tissy is the evil little female cat. She will attack me for no reason. I have scratches on my head almost every day from Tissy and her mean little self, but I do have to say, that as one mean kitty to another, I secretly admire her spiteful ways.

Photo submitted by: Kiva

Gallery: Casper

November 12th, 2015  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Casper
Location: Munson, OH


I think there's a bunny under here. And you're next.

What makes Casper so mean?

She is an extremely bossy meankitty. Whether it’s destroying our wood paneling to ripping every stuffed catnip toy to eat the goods inside, she’s nuts! Also, Casper needs to have the faucet dripping at a certain rate to drink from my bathroom sink.


I can't miss a single episode of my shows, dude.

She even knows how to turn the channel to the Animal Planet due to her bad intentions of jumping at the screen at the cats on the TV (SEE PIC).


Dancin, dancin, dancin....she's a dancin machine!

What even makes her a MEANKITTY with a vengeance is, my brother, whom she does not like at all, was walking past the porch doorway one day. He noticed this innocent white mean kitty sitting happily beside a rabbit’s head–yes, just the head, no body. If that wasn’t mean enough, the cat moved the rabbit’s head so its eyes pointed towards him to suggest perhaps that he will be next. He’s taken to wearing body armor at my house.

Photo submitted by: Jeremy

Gallery: Echo

October 31st, 2015  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Echo
Location: Dallas, TX

Echo the Meankitty

C'mere, Blondie, I need to sharpen my claws.

What makes Echo so mean?

Echo (the grey) is the world’s worst kitty guest! She came to our house to be cat-sat and ended up ruling the roost. She tormented our other cats ceaselessly, chasing them to and fro and back and forth until they all went outside to hide.  

When they did that, Echo, who had been an inside cat all her life, decided she must go outside to torment them more. This was on the day that her owners were due to fetch her. Wily as a cat, she slipped out the front door and was gone, searching for those local kitties, before we could say “Hey, come back here!”

It was raining that day, a miserable soaking drizzle, and the weather was cold. We tramped around outside, calling and calling for that d*mn cat. We found our cats, hiding out in the shed, but no sign of the Houdini Echo.  

Her owner was not best pleased when he arrived to pick up his beloved bed buddy. Sweet butterball Echo (that’s what HE thought of her) was lost in the rainy wilderness. However, with one call of the owner’s voice, we all heard a piteous mewing commence. Following it to its source, there crouched Echo, 30 feet up an oak tree shivering miserably on a branch. Coaxing her to come down was now the owner’s job, thank goodness, and we never cat-sat for her again, not that we were asked to. 

Photo submitted by: Matt-Matt-Matt
Note: RIP Echo

Gallery: Lyle

October 30th, 2015  / Author: Meankitty
Name: Lyle
Location: Unknown

Lyle the Meankitty

I only fetch when there's tuna in it for me.

What makes Lyle so mean?

This is really mean Lyle. He’s a biter, kicker, clawer, and he fetches. All crinkle balls must die!

Photo submitted by: Rebecca

Gallery: Baby (2)

October 29th, 2015  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Baby (2)
Location: TX

Baby the Meankitty

Take that! And don't call me Baby!

What makes Baby so mean?

Two things: she jumps on her owner’s lap (me) and then bites me when I pet her. Then she waits for her owner (me) to walk around corners and viciously attacks her ankles.

Photo submitted by: Anna

Gallery: Baby

October 29th, 2015  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Baby
Location: Houston, TX

Baby the Meankitty

Human nose flesh is nummy to my tummy!

What makes Baby so mean?

Baby is very sweet, will fetch anything, eat my hair, and will love anyone to death (keyword: death). I taught him this cute trick of running away with the toilet paper, and I am quite sorry. 

But how is a sweet, cute kitty so mean? If you are not giving him enough attention, then you’re in trouble. Look out for flying black cat that can launch himself anywhere at any time at anything. He is the alpha male in the house and used to getting what he wants. The others cats just bow down to him. I have a v-shaped split on the top and bottom of my right nostril from not waking up early enough to give him enough attention. Right now, he’s ripping through my hubby’s computer stuff. But he’s my baby. I wouldn’t give him up (or the others) for the world.

Photo submitted by: Amy

Gallery: Nell

June 17th, 2015  / Author: Meankitty

Name: Nell
Location: House of Antique Video Games

Nell is mean

I hate that stupid dog on there! He's such a norp.

What makes Nell so mean?

Nell isn’t mean so much as she is feisty. She likes to be in the middle of anything I am doing even when it really messes up what I am doing. Here I am in my room trying to play old-style Nintendo — does anybody remember Duck Hunt? — and Nell is blocking my view. But I think she’s having more fun than I am. Stupid game.

Photo submitted by: Oliver