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A Celebration of Pink Thing

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Hello, fans.

This week is roughly around the time the tiny human Pink Thing came into our home for the first time. Loud, squalling and lap-hoggy, the small two-legger quickly became a staple element in the lives of me and Big D. Since her lump-like days, she has become a source of petting, food, and games and her lap is almost big enough to be acceptable. It’s also big fun to race into her room fifteen minutes before she has to get up for school and howl frantically. Not because anything frantic is going on, but because she tends to sleep through regular meows.

Good times.

Anyway, today we’re sharing a few shots of what used to be for your amusement…

Big D and Pink Thing

Big D and Pink Thing — apparently Big D used to come running whenever Pink Thing had colic. Suckah.

At first Big D was quite a bit larger than Pink Thing. And very curious. I eyeballed the squaller from the sidelines and kept my distance. Considering how often icky stuff came out of her mouth, honestly, I think that was the wisest choice.

Meankitty tamer. No cats or babies were harmed in the taking of this photo.

After Pink Thing mastered the use of her hands, it was still some time before she could share food or give GOOD pets. Not to mention open cans.


This is NOT a good pet. Well, the humans think Big D is a good pet, what with his endless patience and all.

Mom, the floor feels so soft!

This is also a “bad pet”. You’ll notice *I* do not appear in any of these photos. Unlike Big D, I have a brain and a highly developed sense of self-preservation.

Pink Thing, as stated, is a lot bigger than that now. Big D and I sit on HER instead of the above travesty of cat justice. To all you cats out there who have had to suffer the long wait for a pink thing to grow into a can-opening human, I salute you!


Meankitty & Big D