Gallery: Sterling & Silver

Names: Sterling & Silver
Location: Land of Bast

Sterling and Silver Perry

We've been practicing our tag team slams and headlocks. Wanna wrestle?

What makes Sterling and Silver so mean?

Years ago in the land of Bast, a human slave lost Beowulf, a cranky and reclusive Siamese mix. The girl human slave cried and cried, every day for a YEAR, a lifetime. The boy human slave begged her to find new mistresses (this is where the story gets good), so enter US, Silver Belle Beaute on the left and Sterling Versailles on the right – meankitty queens of all, and baby, it is GOOD to be queen!

The slaves took this picture of us when we first moved to our Perrydom kingdom from the Siamese Rescue at 4 months. Yes, we are gorgeous. Yes we are soft as the finest silk. Yes our eyes are bluer than bluebells (thanks Bast we didn’t get stuck w that name, right?). They thought us sweet and adorable, but we soon showed them whose boss, with our adorable, shy baby kitty aka meankitty ways.

Our preferred activity is Wrestle mania. One of us waits from a secret ledge atop the tallest couch, and we FLY through the air, to surprise land on each other like a SUMO wrestler, and then roll around and around and around in a blur of grey and white…oh, I’m dizzy, stop you little P*&)(*&^^$&%(^^(!

Back to Wrestle mania. Sometimes, when we grudgingly give the 2 slaves time for bleary eyed coffee, we circle each other, ears pinned back, posturing to show who is the biggest fluffiest bad ass of Perrydom, where we reside, and BAM! One of leaps on the other like a SUMO wrestler…wait, I told this part.

The other fun things we do, simple because we are meankitties: we love to dive bomb Sophie the black mix calico and Indigo, the British short hair. Chasing the other 3 up and down the stairs like a herd of elephants and back down. Sitting on our back legs like meerkat and boxing each other like a kangaroo.

We also like to dive bomb the slaves too, since they always squeak with such surprise and outrage. Particularly from the tall chest behind the bed, where we lurk until 2 am and then drop down on unsuspecting, sleeping slaves around 3 am. This never falls to highly entertain, since there is always much squawking, arm waving, gesturing and lights on, so then we can really play on the bed with them.

We enjoy seeing our domain from new heights, like last week when I got stuck on top of the kitchen cabinets and couldn’t get down – they are Himalaya high. Girl slave had to get a ladder to retrieve me, funny!

Also entertainment: treat time, when our Royalness gets soft squishy treats, oh my! Flying fish toy with the pole, though we have managed to mangle them into Hades and beyond. We are on the 5th one this year, so far. Anything with feathers, including Girl Slaves beautiful hat from Cat land of Ireland with feathers – now a mangled sopping heap when she went downstairs and left it upstairs alone – for our feast. I have never seen such hopping and arm waving as that day.

We’ll share more of the trials and travails of Perrydom when we have time to do so again, adieu for now, meankitty audience.

Photos submitted by: Starr and Mike Perry


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