Gallery: Felix (2)

Name: Felix (2)
Location: NJ

Felix is a meankitty.

I believe from this picture it's quite obvious why I had to punish the so-called groomers.

What makes Felix so mean?

I got Felix as a sick and neglected stray kitten. I cleaned him up, fed him and gave him a home. His picture is very misleading because for once his teeth are not out and trying to sink into my leg, or the couch, or the toilet paper roll. He is happiest when biting something.

He wakes me for food at 5am, knocks his water dish over, and delights in kicking his litter in a 4 ft radius around the box. This love is not only given to me, but others as well. He made quite an impression on the groomers and I am no longer allowed to return with him ( there was a lot of cursing and something about stiches.) He has endeared himself to my boyfriend by peeing in his leather shoes.

All of this activity still leaves time for the complete destruction of all my plants as well as chewing up and spitting out pieces of my bath mat.

He is a meankitty, but every once in a while Felix will hop on the bed, snuggle right up to my chest…and bite me on the chin!

Photo submitted by: Monika


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