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Gallery: Hunter

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Name: Hunter
Location: Unknown

Hunter bites feed

I'm NOT ready for my close-up.

What makes Hunter so mean?

Hunter is a mean kitty because he lives up to his name. His prey? Human feet. I also live up to the slave part. I believe the only reason I haven’t been killed in my sleep is because he hasn’t learn to drive a car yet.

Other than the fact that I can drive to the grocery store to get chow Hunter finds me completely useless. This picture was taken after I had been taking pictures of him all day and like any celebrity, which he knows he is, Hunter had grown tried of the paparazzi and attacked.

Photo submitted by: Tamarra


Gallery: Sir Oliver

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

Name: Sir Oliver
Location: Unknown

Sir Oliver is a Meankitty

WHAP! Teach you to touch my abcess.

What makes Sir Oliver so mean?

This is my cat, Sir Oliver. When he goes to the vet, he has to anesthetized to have anything (even vaccines) done to him. I work in a vet clinic; he’s by far one of the worst behaved cats I’ve ever seen. This picture is from when he was under house arrest b/c he had an abscess from a cat fight I was treating. He’s an outdoor cat and gets 3-5 abscesses a year from cat fights.

Photo submitted by: Miranda


Advice: Sock Stealer

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

Dear Meankitty,

My name is Faith and I LUFF socks. Yes. I have 1 special sock of a yellow color but…you’ll never believe this…THE DAWG TOOK IT!!! I have been plotting my revenge, but the slaves keep taking me away from him when I go to get it. Help.

Much Love,


Dear Faith,

You know? Socks come in pairs. Not only that but DAWGS, idiots that they are, are color blind. Either find the other yellow sock for yourself or trick the dog with some pink socks.