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Gallery: Loki

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Name: Loki
Location: Unknown

Loki is a meankitty

Luggage Theft Defense Device, Feline style

What makes Loki so mean?

We named our kitten “Loki” after the Norse god of mischief, fun, and tricks. Loki has certainly lived up to his name because anything that moves is fair game for his version of tricks!

In this first picture he has purposefully packed himself into my daughter’s luggage to await unsuspecting passersby.

Loki has lots of toes

They keep hiding my treats...but I'm getting better at finding them!

In the second picture he is getting a fix on a concealed hand inside the blue sweatshirt. He is gentle with his claws—good thing as there are 22 of them since he is polydactyl on all 4 feet—but what he lacks in meanness claw-wise, he more than makes up for it by using his teeth on everyone and everything!

Photo submitted by: Gail


Advice: Biter

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Dear Meankitty,

I love your website! I thought we were the only ones with a mean kitty! I will send photo/information about her soon. Can you tell me what to do to keep her from biting? We have tried everything from spraying her with a water bottle to actually biting her back!



Dear Diane,

Biting, schmiting. You could try rubbing tobasco sauce or minced garlic all over and maybe your kitty won’t like the taste. Of course, you might not like it either, but your comfort isn’t a real goal here.



Gallery: Ursula

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Name: Ursula
Location: NC

Ursula is tricky

I actually roll on their dark colored carpets after my chimney adventures, but they just don't notice, heh heh heh. You should see their nasty socks!

What makes Ursula so mean?

Ursula is a mean kitty for many reasons. She grew up at the Vet Clinic where her mom-slave works. When she was a little baby kitten we called her the firestarter because she was so evil. We would say that bread on her chin was full of goblins.

Eventually her hypnotic suggestions worked and Ursula came to live with the slaves in question. Ursula worked part time at the clinic to keep her benefits until getting fired for biting her boss.


Hey, it's comfy!

Why did she bite her? Because she’s Ursula and she can. She went home and celebrated being fired by chasing her sister until the poor cat dropped. Aside from biting people and cheese, Ursula enjoys chimneys and dirty underwear. She loves to get in the fireplace and get ash all over the carpet because it’s white! And she loves to roll and around and sleep in dirty underwear.

Ursula is still currently unemployed and looking, so if you need a chimney sweep or dirty underwear chewer, she’s your girl!

Ursula lives with Picasso.

Photo submitted by: Chris and Callie


Gallery: Ipo

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Name: Ipo
Location: Smyrna, GA

Ipo bites

You look good enough to eat!

What makes Ipo so mean?

By: Ipo.

My Monster in training Spike wrote in and told me about the site, so I had to submit some information about myself. I am the eldest in my house of cats at 7 years old, and the largest, at over 20 lbs because I am a Maine Coon. I started with my female human as a kitten and terrorized her and any one she brought over with scratches and bites until it drove them away. I was a monstrous kitten as all mean kitties should be. Funny that my name is Hawaiian for sweetheart, humans can be so foolish, ha ha ha (and it is pronounced Ee-p-oh!). As I got older I could not fit into the small corners and places that I used to, but that has never stopped me from going where I want. If there is something in my way, like books or glasses of water, I just push it to the floor.

King Ipo

I hate it when blood mars the beauty of my fur.

My female human brought a male human into the house about 4 years ago. Now he is my punching bag too! At night, I wait until they are almost asleep, jump on the bed as hard as I can, meow once to announce my arrival and stand and stare at them (this is a part of the power all mean kitties possess to psych their humans out). After the staring, I walk up the blankets and proceed to pull them away from their necks and arm pits. I then flop back and forth getting the right spot, which is on top of their bodies, and stick my head on their chest so my drool will wet them just right and punch them in the arm pit for as long as I feel is appropriate. They may try to dissuade me but I have already stared them down (as mentioned before) and they always give in. Eventually the humans brought home a female Maine Coon kitty for me, and she was a mean kitty right from the moment we met. She would hiss, spit and scratch at me; needless to say I fell in love with her instantly.

When they started bringing all these other rescue cats home (Spike told you my humans are animal rescuers that foster animals until they are adopted), I have accepted my role as the King of the House of Cats and see it as my duty to train them. My permanent cat household consists of 7 cats so far, including myself, not including all the fosters that come and go out of the other rooms. I have quite a Kingdom here, as I should!

Photo submitted by: Kiva


Gallery: Kahlua (2)

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Name: Kahlua
Location: Smyrna, GA

Kahlua the meankitty

Who, me mean? Nahhhhhh!

What makes Kahlua so mean?

By: Kahlua

I had my humans under my spell the second I saw the male one. I was captured as a stray by animal control and taken to the shelter where the male works and buttered him up right away. When he would hold me upside down in his arms, I would just lay there and act calm and mellow. Tricky, huh? Sure enough a few days later I was taken home to the House of Cats (more to come on the house of cats in future posts).

I run after and chase ALL the other cats, I don’t care who they say they are. I will jump on their backs and bite their necks until they scream for mercy. Only Spike can handle it so we train together. I hate it when another cat hisses so I pounce on them the second I hear a noise like it.

Kahlua is annoyed

Do I hear hissing? That hated sound can pull me away from anywhere, even the food bowl.

My humans thought I wasn’t a meankitty until one day they opened the door and I ran out, straight across the hall to the neighbor’s door just as their dog came out, and I jumped right on his head! HA HA HA! Normally we don’t get to go outside–we have a big sunroom with sliding glass doors and windows so that we can make sure all is right in the world. The humans got a harness and a leash for me, but that’s not gonna happen. I’m not a DOG.

A few weeks ago I started using some of the tactics Ipo taught me. I have been attacking the females head of fur when she is asleep. I jump on it and attempt to shred it as if it were a nest of birds.

Photo submitted by: Kiva


Gallery: Kahlua

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Name: Kahlua
Location: Unknown

Kahlua is a meankitty

Cat? Table leg? Cat? Table leg? You decide.

What makes Kahlua so mean?

Since I got Kahlua at 6 weeks old, she has never hesitated to bite the hand that feeds her, at any time and for any reason.

Kahlua also does not play well with others, be they human, plant or the 2 cats I’ve adopted over the last last 2 years.

Photo submitted by: Cathy


Gallery: Minu

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

Name: Minu
Location: Upstairs


Don't look! I'm ripping up an item at the bottom of the laundry.

What makes Minu so mean?

Hello, my name is Minu. I know I look angelic in these pictures, but I assure you this is all an act I put on to make my slaves love me!

One of my favourite things to do is to rip up toilet paper on the roll and scatter it all around the house. I then sit and watch (with my angelic face on) while my slave picks it up! Generally, I think ripping things is great all round fun. I have ripped lots of things in the house including sheets, blankets, couches, carpet rugs, and my favourite, my human’s legs.


You know, "Don't look," also means go away. You'll pay for this nosy outrage!

I live in a 2nd floor unit and the other night (in the middle of the night) I decided I wanted to escape! I leapt nearly two stories down and then freaked out and ran across a car park and under a car. My slave was trying to get me out from under the car, so I climbed into the engine. Eventually, she got me out, and when back in the unit I acted like nothing had happened. Good times, good times.

Photo submitted by: Zara