Gallery: Adso

Name: Adso
Location: Formerly Allen, TX. Now, Cat Heaven, with all the toes and kitten chow he wants!

Adso is tired

I am tired from hitching a ride in an engine compartment en route to stopping a bomb across country, pardon the yawn!

What makes Adso so mean?

I, Adso, showed up in the parking garage at my new human slave’s work, having hitched a ride in someone’s engine compartment. I was tiny and brave. My new human slave {the one with the invisible ‘SUCKER’ tattoo on her forehead only animals and little girls selling cookies can see}, brought a big bag kitten chow the next day and set about trying to tame me. She thought: ‘He’s a kitten, no prob’.


Little did she know. This process took about 4 months of daily visits Monday thru Friday during her breaks and lunch [I’m stubborn]. But with well thought out treats for me like rare grilled salmon, bison burger bits, bison steak [rare, of course], and yummy kitty bonkers, I finally decided she was the right sucker to come home with.

Having grown up in the wild, I have a habit of bringing new friends home. Small ones to be sure, but fuzzy things like baby bunnies and sparrows. It’s extremely fun to watch her react to the “present” I have waiting. As I barrel past her into my castle, I hear ‘ADSO!’. With a huge sigh, she picks up the offering and does what ever she does with it. I don’t care what she does with it since I have had my fun. She calls me a thrill killer — how insensitive. I am just being NICE and sharing. Humans. When will they learn?

Adso the meankitty

They…are…getting…me! So I will get them back.

I am also a fierce toe attacker. No toes are safe when I am about………those naked digits just get me.

Photo submitted by: Karrin


6 Responses to “Gallery: Adso”

  1. Adso says:

    I was wondering when you would post my magnificent tale. The silly human has been adopted YET again by one of us at her work 10 days ago. That makes 3 of us now to pester the IG’s! (sighthounds my tail!!) I am sure after I teach Loki SOHC rules, his tale will be sent in as well.

    Keepin’ it mean and cranky!


  2. admin says:

    Slowly but surely we’ll get everyone posted! Got any other favorites who need to move to the top of the list?

  3. skootzkitty says:

    Ummmmm Alister aka Adair…but she is enthralled with Loki right now, so she won’t notice ; )

  4. admin says:

    Got AlisterAdair set up for the 10th….

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