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Gallery: Bogart

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Name: Bogart
Location: Unknown

Bogart aka Bogie is a meankitty

Did you know that cats can regenerate several rows of teeth like sharks? Okay, not really.

What makes Bogie so mean?

This is Bogie, short for Bogart. He was a hellacious mean kitty when he was little. This pic kind of says it all! He is a lump of love now though.

Bogie's teeth are scary

But it's a great close up of my teenaged double fang action, huh?

Meankitty’s note: Bogey as an adult has turned into a “lump of love” (direct quote) and has been kicked out of the SOHC for overt niceness. But we respect the good work he did while in his youth.

Submitted by: Diana


Gallery: Berlin

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Name: Berlin
Location: Unknown

Berlin is a meankitty

The sleeping Jesse day... What a pleasant memory! Thanks for reminding me.

What makes Berlin so mean?

This is my mean kitty Berlin. If you cross him, he doesn’t forget about it. My fiance’s cousins, Jesse & Cody, played tug of war with him once when he was a kitten. He’s 12 now and he still hisses and growls at them. He sat on Jesse’s face while he was sleeping and Jesse had to go to the hospital (he’s allergic to cats). His face was swollen up like an over-ripe watermelon.¬†Berlin has¬†actually tried to kill guests he doesn’t like who come into his home by grabbing their legs and shoving them down the stairs. Mean Kitty!

Submitted by: Catherine


Gallery: Wally Moto

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Name: Wally Moto
Location: Texas

Wally is mean

This is me at 3 days, after clawing through the siding. Man, that was hard work.

What makes Wally so mean?

My name is Wally Moto and I am the meanest kitty in the State/Republic of Texas. When I was two days old my Biological Mom dropped me between the walls of my Dad’s shop (something about my constant whining). I meowed for a day and a half until my dad heard me and removed the siding from the outside of the building. Yeah, that siding and insulation would have been history if I’d stayed in there any longer. He dubbed me Wally and mom added the Moto because she said I looked Siamese.

He SHOULD have pulled me out sooner–I’ve been retaliating ever since. My favorite target is my slave Mom. I let her know in no uncertain terms where she may go in the house and yard. She sure looks silly with all those band-aids on her legs and arms. If Dad catches me, he makes me leave Mom alone. I usually just freeze on her leg and hope he won’t notice me.

Wallly is mean

This is me laughing at Mom running from the possibly rabid chipmunk I loosed in her vicinity.

I demand daily treats and yowl constantly (when I’m not hissing). I take daily inventory of the house, garage, and yard to see if anything has changed. When I’m patrolling Dad calls me the “Little General”. I love to shower daily affection on my dad. He rules! I let my Mom hold me for a few minutes each morning–I HAVE to do this because she buys my food, feeds me, opens the door when I want in or out, de-fleas me, takes me to the vet, pays my vet bills and defends me when Dad says I’m worthless. So I figure I can tolerate fifteen minutes a week from her. Besides, she trainable.

I enjoy killing birds, mice/rats, and lizards. I leave them on the back step so Dad can see them and Mom can dispose of them. I attack dogs if they come in the front yard, cats if they even look in my yard, and the mailman and I have had a few rounds. At just under twenty pounds, it’s my way or blood will be let. Go ahead and squirt me with the water hose–I love water.

Wally is mean

This is me about to pounce Mom's face. That camera is NO protection!

Mom wrote this ballad for me when she realized my biological Mom dropped me down the wall on purpose. If you hum “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” in your head, you’ll be able to sing the ballad.

The Ballad of Wally Moto

My name is Wally Moto and I’m a little cat!
My mama she was Siamese and my daddy he was black.
I am an evil kitty,
I have been since my spawn.
My mama didn’t want me so she dropped me down the wall!
But I don’t look back,
I’m a cat.
I like to claw and I like to scratch.
I don’t look back,
I’m just a cat.
I like to paw and I like to claw.

Photo submitted by: Wally’s humans


Gallery: Oliver LaPaws

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Name: Oliver LaPaws
Location: Alabama

Oliver LaPaws is a meankitty

Shew, I'm tired after all that boxing.

What makes Oliver so mean?

My best friend and I really, really wanted a cat when we got our first apartment, so we got Oliver. A man who owned a mechanic shop found Oliver one day outside his business’ door and kept him there until he could find him a new home with some very forgiving and tolerant owners…us.

When we picked him up, he had very little hair and was in really bad shape, but one thing that he didn’t lack was an attitude. He would be so sweet and crawl up in your lap and purr and love on you, but heaven forbid you get up before he wanted to or he would turn into “boxing kitty”!!! He would stand up on his hind legs, meow really loudly and just start boxing at your face with both paws…not just once, but over and over until you lay back down.

We are honestly always scared to get up if he’s laying on us. And, if he’s hungry and you get up and walk to the kitchen, he slaps at your legs and bites your ankles until you feed him. My life would definitely be more boring without Mr. Oliver LaPaws. I am happy to say that after 3 years of living with me, he is now fat, furry, and happy…that is, if you DON’T get up!

Submitted by: Valerie


Gallery: Onxy

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Name: Onyx
Location: S Florida

Onyx is a meankitty

In a houseful of cats, I am the Meanest! And Thor is the wussiest.

What makes Onyx so mean?

My name is Onyx. Mom and Dad came to get my adopted brother, Horus, from a website they saw. They were told that if they paid for one cat, that they could get another. So I went home with Mom and Dad and realized that along with Horus, I would have three other brothers, Odin, Loki and Thor.

Dad considered me to be a foo foo cat, as I have long hair and everyone kept calling me “her” including the vet that Mom and Dad took me to. They thought I was a girl. I wanted to play with everyone after the first week, but I knew that Mom was my property. I don’t pay much attention to Dad. But to Mom, I would crawl up her leg meowing like a kitten and act sweet and purr and nuzzle her ears. But that darn Thor always wanted to be with Mom too and was always trying to be sweet. When Mom isn’t looking, I chase Thor around, batting at him and upsetting him, until he bats back and becomes nervous, hiding in corners like some kind of freak. Yeah–not too sweet then, is he?

When Mom DOES catch me being mean to Thor, she squirts me with the squirt bottle. Dad calls me a bully.

Submitted by: Tamara


Gallery: Sage

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Name: Sage
Location: Oregon

Sage is a meankitty

Don’t you know? We ding people who dislike cats. And they totally deserve it!

What makes Sage so mean?

Sage was a stray kitten that got into our house under false pretences. Our then 14 year old daughter made up a sob story so we would adopt her.

Unfortunately, Sage has bonded with my wife…who doesn’t really like her that much!! Sage is a needy little brat of a cat that isn’t happy unless she is sitting on my wife’s chest, with her head buried in her reluctant momma’s long hair.

Submitted by: John


Gallery: Patch

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Name: Patch
Location: Nottingham, UK

Patch is a meankitty and Minky is not

I am going to leave something very mean in the laundry basket, ha ha!

What makes Patch so mean?

Patch who is 5 months old in these photos is an extremely active cat. His favorite thing is attacking people’s hands. You can’t rub his belly without him gifting you with a scar.

He also likes bringing in live frogs and torturing them to death. He isn’t like Minky (the other cat pictured above), who sleeps all day. Patch only sleeps half the day and leaves something very mean in the litter tray.

Patch is a meankitty

I actually prefer to torture fairies, but frogs are easier to catch.

Patch nibbles at people’s faces during the night, pulls their hair with his claws, and deliberately runs around in wet mud and then jumps on their clothes.

His favorite drink is blood.

Submitted by: John


Gallery: Spoink

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Name: Spoink
Location: Unknown

Spoink the meankitty

I growl at cameras, too. Can you tell I'm growling?

What makes Spoink so mean?

This meankitty’s name is Spoink, after the pokemon, because of his short curly tail. He hates everyone except for me. He will growl at all the kids, every stranger who attempts to pet him, and every animal who is not eatable. Though since I feed him, he gives me uber rubs and will ride on my shoulder and swat anyone who comes near. >:D Best cat EVER!

Photo Submitted By: Michelle


Gallery: Bellatrix

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Name: Bellatrix
Location: Florida

Bellatrix is a meankitty

No, no, no, that sammitch is MINE, I tell you! MINE!

What makes Bellatrix so mean?

I’d like to introduce you to my new Persian kitten, Bellatrix. We call her Bella for short.

Bella’s life consists of bossing my older cat, Nigel, around. From the first day we got her, Bella realized that Nigel’s already skittish nature would allow her to dominate the house. Every time Nigel settles into one of his regular perches, Bella pounces on him and chases him out of his spot. And she doesn’t take the perch for herself–she just doesn’t want him there. She also rushes at Nigel like a lineman for no apparent reason; when he gets upset, she goes and rubs against him to make nice.

Bella takes liberties on anybody and everybody’s food. If someone’s eating a sandwich and puts it on the coffee table, Bella attempts to take the whole sandwich in her mouth and drag it to the couch. This has happened multiple times. She does this with any type of food in her reach, whether you’re sitting right in front of it or not.

Bellatrix's other mean picture

This is me "not" scratching the furniture. Heh.

I can say one good thing for Bella–she doesn’t scratch the furniture (often). However, she likes using people’s arms, especially if they’re hairy, as her personal scratching post. She squeezes herself under the coffee table when she doesn’t want to be caught and scratches your hand if you place it under there.

Submitted by: GSW


Gallery: Bender

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Name: Bender
Location: Unknown

Bender is a meankitty

Oh, NICE! Foot for lunch!

What makes Bender so mean?

Bender is my cat’s name. I have had been owned by him less then a year. Got him from the pound when my dear cat AJ died.

Bender and the toilet

After a hearty lunch of foot, I like a cool drink to top off.

Bender may look sweet to you, but believe me, he can be mean. In fact, he IS mean.

The pictures speak for themselves, I guess.

Submitted by: Charlene