Gallery: Harrison Fjord

Name: Harrison Fjord
Location: Minnesota

Harrison Fjord the Meankitty

I'm not young anymore, ya whippersnapper. I need my fiber.

What makes Harrison so mean?

He’s got it in for newsprint in the worst way. He doesn’t play with mice. He doesn’t scratch the couch. He pretty much leaves books and magazines alone. But if he gets anywhere near a newspaper, Harrison Fjord goes mad for the ripping.

Here is a recent photo of Harrison in action. I like to think he was showing his American Pride in a feline way by ripping up an article about the terrorist attacks of September 2001. Only I think that’s the help wanted section. Either way he sure made a mess!

Photos submitted by: Gretchen
Note: This was one of the earlier cats submitted to the Meankitty Gallery, close to 9/11.


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