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Gallery: Fat & Lazy

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Name: Fat & Lazy
Location: Next door to Stupid

Fat & Lazy the Meankitty

I might be a cat, and I might be a stylishly matching couch cushion, but don't sit on me or I'll bite your butt.

What makes Fat and Lazy so mean?

Meankitty likes F&L’s photo, but his or her person did not see fit to include a story. So Meankitty will tell you a little story of her own.

One day Meankitty was sitting on the top of her cat tree staring down at her housemate D. D wanted to be up on top of the cat tree, but Meankitty got there first. So Meankitty made sure no humans were watching and gave D the kitty flip-off to rub in the fact that she was on top of the cat tree and not him. But she still wouldn’t get down and let D have a turn on the top of the cat tree, not even when it was tuna time, because she knew her Human Tuna Slave would bring her tasty tidbit of tuna and put it on the cat tree for her. The End.

And let this boring story be a lesson to future hopefuls in Meankitty’s Gallery: tell your own story or Meankitty will bore you to tears!

Photo submitted by: Jerel, possibly