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Gallery: Fat & Lazy

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Name: Fat & Lazy
Location: Next door to Stupid

Fat & Lazy the Meankitty

I might be a cat, and I might be a stylishly matching couch cushion, but don't sit on me or I'll bite your butt.

What makes Fat and Lazy so mean?

Meankitty likes F&L’s photo, but his or her person did not see fit to include a story. So Meankitty will tell you a little story of her own.

One day Meankitty was sitting on the top of her cat tree staring down at her housemate D. D wanted to be up on top of the cat tree, but Meankitty got there first. So Meankitty made sure no humans were watching and gave D the kitty flip-off to rub in the fact that she was on top of the cat tree and not him. But she still wouldn’t get down and let D have a turn on the top of the cat tree, not even when it was tuna time, because she knew her Human Tuna Slave would bring her tasty tidbit of tuna and put it on the cat tree for her. The End.

And let this boring story be a lesson to future hopefuls in Meankitty’s Gallery: tell your own story or Meankitty will bore you to tears!

Photo submitted by: Jerel, possibly


Gallery: Harrison Fjord

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Name: Harrison Fjord
Location: Minnesota

Harrison Fjord the Meankitty

I'm not young anymore, ya whippersnapper. I need my fiber.

What makes Harrison so mean?

He’s got it in for newsprint in the worst way. He doesn’t play with mice. He doesn’t scratch the couch. He pretty much leaves books and magazines alone. But if he gets anywhere near a newspaper, Harrison Fjord goes mad for the ripping.

Here is a recent photo of Harrison in action. I like to think he was showing his American Pride in a feline way by ripping up an article about the terrorist attacks of September 2001. Only I think that’s the help wanted section. Either way he sure made a mess!

Photos submitted by: Gretchen
Note: This was one of the earlier cats submitted to the Meankitty Gallery, close to 9/11.


Advice: Flea Infestation

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

Dear Meankitty,

My human’s house is infested with fleas, and they are driving me crazy! I can hardly sleep for being bitten, and since there is only one of me, the fleas are even biting the humans. How can my human make the fleas go away? I’d go buy myself some Advantage One Spot, but the last time I tried to use the credit card, it was a disaster.

Itchy & Scratchy


Dear Itchy,

I personally have always had a human who took care of that whole flea thing before it became an annoyance (except for one episode when she had a roommate who owned DOGS, of all hideous things), but here are a few words of advice from a fellow reader of the site:

“Nick and his dad lived in an upstairs apartment in California with a stray cat they had taken in. Big Leon was an indoor cat but nevertheless fleas began turning up on him and also in the carpet. Little by little, these insects from hell, some of the most aggravating pests on earth, began taking over the household. FLEAS WERE EATING LEON AND NICK ALIVE (although, strangely, they left Dad alone…) The fleas invaded Nick’s room, the living room, the whole house.

Anyhow, Big Leon was being eaten, Nick was being tortured and even attempted moving out of his room for a while to sleep on the couch in long pants and socks. Flea powders were useless. Nick even rubbed garlic, yes garlic, mixed with water on his body before he went to bed at night. The long pants, the socks and the garlic did not work. Additionally, the bites hurt at times, making Nick a little ill one occasion, not to mention Big Leon, who is the one that really matters (hey, this is the MeanKITTY site!)

Finally, Nick bought a spray for Leon’s bed and the carpet, donned a protective mask, put Leon on the balcony, and sprayed EVERYWHERE. The fleas did not go away instantly, but after a few days it was better. Keep in mind that this poison was not sprayed on Big Leon, but the fleas on him eventually jumped off and died when they got into the carpet. Flea home spray is the way to go.”

Nick and Big Leon via Meankitty


Gallery: Numnum

Saturday, December 28th, 2013

Name: Numnum
Location: Leicester, UK

NumNum the Meankitty

I'm actually a Chihuahua dog in disguise. Si! Es verdad! I have snucked onto Meankitty!

What makes Numnum so mean?

My brothers have cats. My sister has cats. I didn’t until one night when I discovered him hanging out alone since his mate had disappeared in the dryer. I luckily had a digital camera available to catch his wooly visage before he left, seldom to be seen again. How was he mean? He made me eat dust bunnies, taught me bad words, and smelled awful…like a cross between well-aged cheese and dank fen scum. I am sure he is still somewhere in the neighborhood, though I never see him, exactly.

Photo submitted by: Weird Rory


Gallery: Occhi

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Name: Occhi
Location: Australia

Occhi is a Meankitty

This is stage zero, the Lazy Cat.

What makes Occhi so mean?

My cat’s name is Occhi. The photo shows him in his favourite position – just waiting to bite the hand that pats the belly. He loves getting into the kitchen cupboards, and sliding doors present no barrier to his progress. However, his really mean nature is to make sure no human can sleep for more than two hours. At the two hour mark, he will use whatever means available to wake them.

Stage one is a gentle cry, stage two is sitting next to their heads, stage three is gently touching their faces or hair with his claws. Sometimes in summer when he really feels needy, he develops a stage four — a full assault on your feet while you try to sleep.

Photo submitted by: Andrew