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Gallery: Yin

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Name: Yin
Location: Santa Clara, CA

Yin the Impaler Meankitty

Heeeeeeeeey, sit on it!

What makes Yin so mean?

This is Yin, the Impaler. Yin is the despot in a house of many cats. He stays combat-ready by daily bouts with his “enforcer,” Yang. Those are Yang’s actual claws embedded in Yin’s nose—not some Photoshop baloney.

Yin doesn’t ask for attention, he demands it. If you’re not giving him enough, he puts his lower fangs inside your nose and chomps down in a split-second. But there is a softer side to Yin-o. When stray cats or kittens are brought inside, he is the one cat who will play with them and show them attention—after eating their food, of course. Kittens can immediately see that Yin is The Fonz.

Older cats fear him, young cats want to be him.

Photo submitted by: Eric


Gallery: Foo Foo

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Name: Foo Foo
Location: Unknown

Foo Foo is a meankitty

Human! Oh, Human! Your presence and your opposable thumbs are required.

What makes Foo Foo so mean?

Foo Foo and her brother Puss are rescues.

[[Meankitty’s note: This means the cats rescued the humans from an otherwise humdrum life.]

Sitting at the door, she looks so demure and sweet like she can’t do anything for herself. But this is one smart cat! She steals the stoppers out of the bathroom sinks and has lost two earrings each from a different set down the drain. The other day I found a plastic cap from a hairspray bottle down there. Lucky for me I could get it out with tweezers.

In the summer I open my windows. Well, Foo Foo stands on the towel bar uses her claws to pull the screen in towards her and lets herself out.

Why she is sitting at the door? I don’t know, because she pushes that same bathroom screen in to let herself in.

Foo Foo

Ha! My humans only *thinks* I lost the earrings down the sink. In reality I've been swapping them for catnip with this tom I met on the street. Sometimes it's a bit hard to transport them without opposable thumbs, but there's always more earrings where those came from.

She is also a biter, but not hard. I think the biting is a form of affection. At night when I am lying in bed reading, Foo Foo lays on my chest and rubs and bites my hands.

Submitted by: Incenselady and her brood


Gallery: Jupiter

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Name: Jupiter
Location: Unknown

Jupiter the Meankitty

I'm this black and shiny because I use Gee Your Tongue Smells Terrific.

What makes Jupiter so mean?

This is Jupiter. He may look like a sweet, fluffy, perfect specimen of felinity, but he is not. Jupiter is a mean kitty. Back in the heyday of his evil, he would jump up on the kitchen table as we were eating and lay down, flexing the claws in his right paw threateningly. In 1998, he attacked a door to door salesman, cornered a friend in the bathroom, and had a showdown with another friend on the kitchen table on a three day rampage. He was diagnosed by the veterinarian with “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” syndrome. The vet prescribed him Paxil, but it was to no avail.

Jupiter refused to take the medicine. If we hid it in a plate of tuna, he ate around the pill. If we tried to shove it down his throat, we ended up with scabs on our throats. When we did give him the medicine, he seemed calmer and sweet and stopped coming up to you purring, inviting you to pet him, then attacking when you let your guard down. But it was a thirty minute ordeal getting him his medicine every day. And I was losing a lot of blood. We took him back to the vet, who offered to put him to sleep. (Apparently during his last visit Jup had made an enemy of Dr. Stevens.) We said HELL NO — after all, we love our mean kitty.

Once after being at the vet, Jupiter would not come out of his cage. He stayed in the back and yowled like a lion, biting fiercely and kicking with his back legs against anyone or anything that came this way. Eventually my husband got him out of the cage but Jup tore through the leather gloves he was wearing, tearing a huge hole in my husband’s hands. And still, once a week or so, when the stars are misaligned, he goes on a rampage — may the other household cats and plants forgive him.

Photo submitted by: Mary